Illuminating Reading Material: Lamp Disguised as a Book

lamp that looks like a book

Books are certainly illuminating for the mind, but this one can also illuminate your surroundings. Known as the Lumio, this clever little lamp looks just like a book until you open it up.


Its accordion-folded Tyvek “pages” act as a shade for the LEDs concealed inside. As you open the cover, the shade expands until the covers meet, creating a round lamp that can be set down on what would be the edge of the “book.”

book lamp

The Lumio can also be used as a wall lamp by opening it only halfway and hanging it on a wall. It provides a gentle, diffused light so it would be perfect for any room, but would look particularly sharp in a library or office.

lumio lamp book

The design is kept simple by the lack of a cord. The lamp contains a rechargeable battery that will give up to eight solid hours of illumination on a single charge.

lumio book lamp

One of the best features of the Lumio is its simple portability. It looks just like a book (with a fancy wooden cover) and can be carried around like one until you need a little extra light.

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