Hot Solar DIY: Make LED Lamps from Used Water Bottles

This ingenious design idea takes a typical plastic bottle – probably the single most common item recycled daily in households around the world – and makes into a host for do-it-yourself outdoor LED lights that simply screw on in place of their old plastic cap.

The bottles themselves can be filled with water to weigh them down and change the filtration of light projected from the solar unit at their top. In turn, the solar cells in the added gadget are adjustable and can be aligned to receive as much sunlight as possible.

The stored daylight is converted to power the bulb at the top of the bottle at night, automatically activated by a built-in light sensor. Resistant to weather and water damage, these can be left out at all times and during all seasons to add an eco-friendly glow to a porch, patio or entryway. Designed by Miniwiz, though not yet available on the open market, these will come in a variety of colors and with long-lasting replaceable LED bulbs.

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