Home Remodeling Website Kukun Launches ‘La Boutique’ French Interior Designer Shop

‘Kukun‘ is a fun variation of the word ‘cocoon,’ based on the sense of coziness and security we derive from being happy in our own personal spaces. It’s also a digital home renovation platform that brings together service providers with householders keen to transform their homes. ‘Kukun’ CEO and founder Raf Howery felt the need to set up an online site that would cut through the opacity of the whole process of home improvement, both financially and practically.

“Why do we all dread the entire process of home renovation? Who among us hasn’t heard a renovation horror story? Who knows ANYONE who was able to renovate their homes and stay on time and budget? I certainly don’t,” Howery said.


And why is this? Howery puts it down to the opacity of pricing, the fact we tend to go with the recommendations of friends and neighbors and because we are largely ignorant about construction techniques. So, he has put together an online system that connects the customer with a wider network of industry professionals and that demystifies the whole process, while offering transparency and choice.

‘Kukun’ provides estimates as to what a home renovation should cost in a particular market, and it allows professionals to bid on the job based on those estimates. They have 80,000 contractors across 15 metropolitan areas waiting to be connected up with household remodelers.


French artisan Gerald Vatrin creates his ‘Coulisse’ hand-blown creation

With a further nod to innovation, ‘Kukun’ has now partnered with French home design boutique ‘Fine Signature.’ Providing access to their online shop ‘La Boutique‘ gives home interior enthusiasts across the US access to exclusive design products from celebrated French and European artisans.


“Building a home is creating a unique personal nest,” said Howery. “We all want to feel at home in a space that represents our individuality, needs and taste. ‘Kukun’ is proud to launch a one-of-a-kind store with custom products from artisans that cater to people who want to make their home uniquely their own — these aren’t shelf products. They’re meant to be a centerpiece, a theme and a soul to a home.”


‘The Subduction Desk’ by Parisienne artist Paul Venaille is hand-constructed in sycamore and lacquer. Each item in ‘La Boutique’ has the story of the designer and also of the product, thus personalizing the whole process. Prices range from $600 to around $20k, with special offers and discounts for interior designers and architects.


‘Elephant’ Sculptural Wall Light by Lin-Lin and Pierres-Yves Jacques



‘Deer’ Sculptural Wall Light by Lin-Lin and Pierres-Yves Jacques)

“Kukun’s tools help home renovators manage the entire process from beginning to end, so they can control the time and money involved along the way. Homeowners use our tools to automatically get answers to the majority of their questions so they can embark on their renovation projects with confidence. In addition, Kukun caters to industries that provide services to homeowners, such as construction professionals, banks, retailers, interior designers and real estate agents,” according to the Kukun website.

The addition of La Boutique to the Kukun online stable adds one more level to their online process for home improvement, allowing you firstly to transform, then to dress up your space. With a keen eye to the budget all through the process, the Kukun platform may just save you the money needed to invest your home with a little French elan.

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