Green Architecture: Hydrotech Garden Roofs Lead the Way to a Sustainable Future

Garden Roof at Ballard Library in Seattle, WA

For there to be a future, it must be sustainable, from agriculture to design, manufacturing to human settlements – including your roof! How about embracing living architecture and adding a green roof? American Hydrotech, Inc. leads the way in waterproof and vegetated roofs for terraces, decks, plazas and more with Monolithic Membrane 6125, a rubberized asphalt membrane, which over the past 50 years has led to two billion square feet of MM6125 on projects in more than 36 countries. This thick and tough waterproofing membrane is self-healing and employed by architects for walls, plazas, roofs, tunnels, bridges and more. This type of roof is energy efficient and better equipped than conventional roofing to withstand UV, freeze-thaw cycling and ozone.

Hydrotech Garden Roof example at 901 Cherry Avenue (The Gap) in San Bruno, CA

Hydrotech Garden Roof example at 901 Cherry Avenue (The Gap) in San Bruno, CA

World Wide Fund for Nature Headquarters Washington, District Of Columbia

World Wide Fund for Nature Headquarters Washington, District Of Columbia

For homes, a green roof makes most sense. Hydrotech’s Hydrotech’s Garden Roof Assemblies features the above-mentioned Monolithic Membrane 6125 in combo with lightweight green technology that can handle sturdy plants without necessary irrigation (in most climates). These can be flat or sloped and can be built deep enough to handle trees, perennials, lawns and recreational use. They retain 50 to 90 percent of storm water (aka rainfall), clean the air of pollutants and address the “urban heat island” issue – the phenomenon where temperature can rise 3-10°F in urban areas devoid of much plant life.

Zlote Tarasy in Warsaw, Poland - an example of Hydrotech waterproof roofing

Living architecture, green roof examples include the Chicago Bulls Practice Facility’s Hydrotech Vegetated Roof; the Garden Roof Assembly project at World Wide Fund for Nature Headquarters in Washington, DC; a The Gap office building in San Bruno, CA; and Ballard Library in Seattle. When it comes to waterproofing, Hydrotech’s portfolio features Walt Disney Concert Hall in L.A., the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Québec, and the Pentagon (!), just to name a few.

Garden Roof Assembly by Hydrotech: Ballard Library in Seattle, WA

The company has a Garden Roof department you can reach at Also, they now have an interactive Garden Roof Planning Guide app that allows users to conceptualize and plan garden roofs and learn about all aspects of the idea, from environmental to economic benefits. You can download the third edition of the app from the Apple Store, Google Play, or Windows Store.

Hydrotech Garden Roof Assembly

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