Folding Geometric Floor Mat Enables Semi-Private Napping

RESMO Floor Mat 1

Anyone who has ever been stuck at an airport overnight has likely wished for a private, comfortable space to catch some shut-eye in the midst of all the chaos. A mat that folds up entirely flat but can be manipulated into all sorts of different shapes offers just that. The RESMO by Chien-Hui Ko is a piece of portable folding furniture designed specifically for ‘camping involuntarily at the airport.’

RESMO Floor Mat 2

RESMO Floor Mat 6

RESMO Floor Mat 3

Envisioned as a versatile, low-cost option that airport operators can offer to sleepy delayed passengers, the RESMO is easy to use, transport and store. A series of tabs and straps can transform it from a flat surface to a recliner in seconds, and a built-in head shield helps create some privacy in busy open spaces.

RESMO Floor Mat 4

Multiple units can be hooked together into benches or larger beds to create family zones in open areas designated by the airport. Made of a heavy-duty felt, it has soundproofing capabilities to help reduce background noise. The design won a Red Dot Award for Design Concept 2014.

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