Flat-Pack Folding Shelves: Colorful Sheet-Metal Wall Storage

Wall-suspended from a pair of screws or nails, installation is a snap – the rest of the hardware is built in. Then flip them up and out of the way, then fold them down when you need a bit more storage space – you can even take them easily off the wall entirely and stick them in a closet where their skinny profile puts them out of sight and mind.

Industrial designer Matthias Ries continues to expand his series of simple flat-pack shelf sheets made of perforated metal and finished with a matte coat of white, black or color. The remaining, yet-unused shapes set flush against the walls become somewhat iconic, too – a passive element of decor.

Minimalist as can be, each sliced void serves a functional purpose – either as a surface, side brace or underlying support for whatever you put on the shelves. Some models build vertically on the basic configuration, while others add elements like white-(or black-)boards to the mix.

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