Ethereal Acrylic Dandelion Lamps Give Off a Delicate Light

OLED dandelion lamp

The dandelion is an invasive weed to some and a beautiful flower to others. To Japanese cinematographer Takao Inoue, the dandelion is a delicate work of art.

glowing dandelion lamps

The Tampopo – Japanese for dandelion – is immortalized in this ethereal lamp, OLED Tampopo. An actual white-headed dandelion, carefully picked in the Spring, is captured and permanently preserved within an acrylic block.

oled tampopo lamps

A tiny OLED light is embedded within the stem of each flower, illuminating both the flower and the acrylic block from the inside with a mysterious light.

tampopo lamps

The lamps are a simple but striking representation of the fragility of nature. They cause us to recall the wondrous days of youth when we made a wish and blew away the seeds of the dandelion head. Inoue says of his project “The mysterious light gives us a moment to release ourselves.”

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