Epic Stargazing from Geodesic Dome Tents at Chile Hotel

The only astronomic hotel in the Southern Hemisphere, Elqui Domos takes advantage of prime stargazing in Chile’s Andes Mountains with dome-shaped tents, wooden observatories, astronomic tours and nighttime horseback riding. Mild temperatures, crisp, clear skies and lack of light pollution provide ideal conditions to take in the beauty of the atmosphere.

Located about 500km (311 miles) north of Santiago, Elqui Domos offers seven 4-person geodesic domes with large skylights placed on wooden decks, as well as four new cabins with angled windows pointing at the sky. While the domes provide a camping experience of lying beneath the stars, the cabins attempt to recreate that feeling with additional luxury.

Set on a hillside, the cabins offer views of both the valley and the mountains as well as the wide open skies. Designed by Santiago-based RDM Arquitectura, these ‘observatory’ cabins have three levels. Each has a roof terrace that functions as the main living space, fitted with telescopes to encourage stargazing.

Astronomy materials are available in each cabin, and guests are also invited to meditate or even get tarot readings. Lodging starts at $150 per night.

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