Electrochef: All-in-One Vintage Kitchen Appliance Set


The Electrochef is a classic. To us, it looks ungainly and its whopping 500-pound weight is anything but manageable but at the time it looked sleek, stylish and modern – a curved, smooth white-and-metal all-in-one kitchen appliance table complete with an accessible-heightoven, a 4-spiral stove and storage space set down below. Originally designed in the 1920s this is the kind of pastiche design some of us are repulsed by but others absolutely wish we owned.


“A symphony of graceful, flowing lines, gleaming porcelain, sparkling metal! Completely divorced from every tradition of old-fashioned range design, Electrochef is so genuinely modern, so thoroughly in good taste as to become “show-piece” in even the most pretentious kitchen! Electrochef is more than worthy of its position as ‘America’s most beautiful appliance!’” -= Excerpted from ‘I Adore my Electrochef’

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