EDC Pocket Tool Kit: Great Gift for Industrial Design Fans

EDC stands for Every Day Carry – for desk jockeys that may mean a combination of USB drive, smartphone  and laser pointer, but even we computer-sitters sometimes need a slightly more rugged set of essentials like this little collection provides.

The components are surprisingly small and simple to describe: “Tiny, multiuse tools. Comes with a pry bar, screwdriver keys, precision tweezers & waterproof lighter. All tools attach to your keychain and weigh less than 2 ounces combined. Made in USA.”

A return to well-crafted, high-quality design ideals using top-of-the-line stainless steel, elements of this set are employed by “U.S. Military, local police forces, firemen and serious survivalists” and made to last without regular maintenance.

Per the kit’s creators at Kaufmann Mercantile: “The idea is to keep it streamlined with an eye towards self-reliance — you want items that do the most while taking up as little pocket space as possible.” At just $42 total (coincidence, or are they Douglass Adams fans?) and available piecemeal as well on the cheap, this has certainly just made my Christmas list.

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