Decorative Puzzle-Piece Table Joints Put the Joy in Joinery

We get so used to seeing the same patterns over and over again, it becomes easy to forget how flexible the idea of a joint really is – particularly with new computer-driven cutting technologies.

This work by Ontwerp Duo is all about connections – while well-crafted and nicely-proportioned, the joints are what set it apart and strike the viewer from a distance, pushing the potential of new modes of construction to re-address old bespoke conventions.

“Wood joinery is functional. In the past the joinery was all made by hand. For this it was kept relatively simple. With the present day machines it is possible to make these joints faster and more accurate. Joinery made in this way is decorative as well as functional.”

“The result is a desk completely made with a CNC Router. With the joints as the decorative element in it. The desk is designed to show the joinery and give it prominent place, it is an example of how this idea of joinery can be implemented in many different ways.”

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