Darwin Sect Brings the Wonder of Nature Indoors Yet Again

You always love trips to the aquarium… until you actually get there. Then you remember how hot and crowded it is as you look at the animals behind smudged glass, wishing you could have the place to yourself. The Darwin Sect, a Belgium-based design company, has now made it possible for you to have the aquarium experience you’ve always wanted, taking one of the most exotic sea creatures—the admirable, yet feared jellyfish—and putting it right in your own living room.

The Darwin Sect

Starting as a project on Kickstarter, The Darwin Tank is not your ordinary fish tank. The continuous filtration keeps jellyfish (who are apparently not that strong of swimmers) moving and happy as they float along in the tank that was specifically designed for them by The Darwin Sect’s Florence Samain and Dave Monfort.

The filter is hidden in the tank’s base, which gives the jellyfish tank a clean, streamlined appearance. The transparent globe where the jellies live is lit with controllable RGB LED lights, which can diffuse three spectrums of red, green and blue. This intricate lighting system can be controlled to create warm or soft light, which enables the tank to be a work of art as well as an aquarium. The globe is especially luminescent at night, when the light from the tank and the movement from the jellyfish creates moving shadows on the wall.

The Darwin Sect

As for the creatures that live inside the tank, Darwin Sect sells Moon Jellyfish to go in your Darwin Tank, but also recommends other varieties such as the Spotted Jelly, the Mediterranean Jelly, or the Flame Jelly. You can purchase other types of jellyfish from one of their recommended jellyfish breeders.

And don’t worry about not having any experience as an aquarium employee—all that’s needed to feed your jellyfish is to take some water out of the tank with a syringe, put the water in a glass, place the food (either frozen, dry or alive) in the glass, and put the food mix back in the water via syringe.

The Darwin Sect

The Darwin Sect

The price tag on a Darwin Tank will set you back a pretty penny—about $2,000 US dollars—but it’ll be a guaranteed score for the friend who has everything. For those who don’t quite want to make that big of a commitment, the Darwin Tank is also available to rent in case you want to make a really big impression at your next family gathering or party.

The Darwin Tank is a product of the same company who brought us the insect dome, where nature’s creepiest crawlers and busiest bees are carefully preserved and displayed under an antique dome, which is a glamorous version of the science fair available for your own home. The insects are preserved using a combination of essential oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus, genuine lavender and citronella.

Samain and Monfort describe their creation as, “intelligent decoration, scientific aesthetic, ornamental insects… a chamber of hidden wonders, an invitation for a voyage of discovery and exoticism, a source of inspiration, a profound addiction to nature, unadulterated emotion, and the essential element; sharing of passions and knowledge, chance encounters of humans, life, flora, minerals and lots of love…”

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