Cork-Operated Lamp Emulates the Moon’s Cratered Surface

moon inspired lamp

The moon’s craters give it a mysterious, rather romantic look to those who love gazing at its surface. Designer Constantin Bolimond has recreated this unique landscape with his Armstrong Light Trap lamp.

armstrong orb lamp

The Armstrong lamp is an orb with a series of holes all around its surface. The holes are plugged with corks that make the whole assembly look a little like a satellite.

moon orb lamp

To activate the white LEDs inside, you just pull out a cork. The more corks you remove, the brighter the light shines through the holes. Replace the corks and the light turns off.

armstrong moon-like lamp

The energy-efficient Armstrong can operate on battery power or it can be plugged into your house’s main power. No matter how you power it, the Armstrong Light Trap is a beautiful indoor homage to the powerfully beautiful Luna.

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