Collapsible Origami Chairs are Compact, Foldable & Portable

Standard metal folding chairs tend to be dull and creaky affairs we associate with crowded and cramped events – the aesthetics of these alternatives alone is enough to put the whole idea of foldaway furniture in a new, more colorful and contemporary light.

Weighing in at just 10 pounds and less than an inch thick when folded flat, these seats have easy-to-use built-in handles for transporting but flip out to become fully-formed, solid-looking furnishings rather than temporary and skeletal last-minute seating.

Made of plastic composites, they do not face the same issues with rust and weathering outdoors either (but could look about as good in a living or conference room as on a deck or porch). Cushions can be added, too, for longer-term, stay-put uses.

A series of bright colors (red, yellow, orange and blue) and crisp blacks, wides and grays also separates them from the boring and easily chipped beiges of the typical varieties of folding chair. At around 200 dollars a piece, these Flux chairs are not, however, a cheap option – but perhaps affordable if they can last longer and pack smaller.


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