Cocoon Chair: Duvet + Lounger Combo Looks Cozy & Warm

Somewhere between seat and sleeping bag, this might be the most comfortable chair ever created – or at least a cozy one for those of us who periodically like to fall asleep while sitting or lounging.

Les M took the form of a lounge chair, added the soft warmth of a duvet and completed the design with a simple zipper. There is nothing fundamentally new about any of these elements, but together they make for a powerfully relaxing piece of furniture.

With an eye toward practicality, the design team also made the duvet portion detachable so that it can be washed as needed (with an extra bonus being that the seat can be sat in without it).

A simple black exterior and white interior offsets the informal look and feel of the piece, making it suitable for contemporary contexts despite having the advantages of your favorite vintage broken-in lounger or antique modern recliner.

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