Cloaking Chair: LED Lights Hide Inside Mirrored Camouflage

Alone in a dark room, this mirror-surfaced seat reflects its surroundings and blends into its background. When approached, however, it comes awake and alive, animated by lights than turn the reflective surfaces into a series of transparent voids, filled with a simple set of infinite-depth optical illusions.

Definitely designed as a concept piece, this would still be amazing as a household furniture object should it ever go into full production. A combination of acrylic, mirror film, ultrasonic sensors, LED lights, custom electronics and code make this odd little marvel a working reality.

As the video illustrates, the chair pulses with increased urgency – like a racing heartbeat – when someone walks toward it, and finally settles on a full-throttle, all-on setting as the person gets close enough.

As its creator Ben Alun-Jones describes the experience: the “Affinity Chair explores our relationship with light and space … reminding us that even though it wants to escape, it is firmly and almost painfully stuck in front of us.”

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