ChitChat Multiplex: Roly-Poly Public Bench & Planter Hybrid

You could call it an experiment in social engineering, or simply a good excuse to talk to a cute stranger – either way, the entire thing is somewhat far-fetched but so playfully imaginative you can’t help but want to try sitting at one.

Its Dutch designer, Teun, pictures these in both private and public settings as sort of three-dimensional teeter-totters dependent on multiple people to make them ‘work’ as intended.

“Waiting in public spaces always could be more fun. With that goal I designed the CHITCHAT … If you take a seat, you bring the furniture and everyone who is sitting on it in motion … The ice breaks, the atmosphere improves and the waiting is less boring. The ‘rocking trees’ in the middle provide a playful effect, especially with more CHITCHATS in one space.”

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