Charming Campfire Table Lamp Brings the Outdoors Indoors



Back when humans were little more than hairy newborns trying to figure out the world around them, fire was both a comfort and an essential life-giving force. As we as a species have matured, we’ve developed the convenience of electric lights but moved away from the warmth and familiarity of the fire.

iri campfire lamp

The Iri lamp from Notwaste, a design company in Mexico, brings the campfire feeling indoors. Its shape is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the shape of a bonfire, with supporting sticks below and a flame-shaped top. wooden and rubber iri lamp

The black rubber cords that run around three sides of the lamp dampen the light a bit to create a gentle, textured illumination not unlike that of a flickering fire.

indoor campfire lamp

The natural materials used in the lamp’s construction give it a lovely traditional appeal. The modern construction method and single light bulb let the little lamp blend in with any decor, bringing just a bit of the outdoors in.

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