Cat Climbing Advances to Eco-Friendly Heights

eco cat furniture

Let’s face it. Cats don’t have much respect for people furniture. They’ll happily claw away at your comfy couch, pulling out stuffing or just leaving horror-movie shred marks down the side, all while wearing an expression of “Who, me?!” innocence.

Cue Brock Delinski and his Eco Cat Furniture. He started the socially conscious company to provide safe and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional cat furniture.

eco cat furniture

While Delinski is thinking “safe” as in no toxic materials or treatments involved, we are already appreciating how the cat perches will help to keep our beloved human furniture safe… from claws.

As you can see, the furniture in question is sturdy as well as unique. It’s all handmade from reclaimed or sustainably harvested wood, so both you and your cat can  enjoy the one-of-a-kind creations. In fact, you could say the pieces are really a paws-on sculpture park for cats.

eco cat furniture

“At Eco Cat Furniture, we are on a mission to save cats, people and the planet from dangerous toxic chemicals and provide kitties everywhere with a unique, safe space to call their own,” explains Delinski.

Eco Cat does not use carpets, plywood, glues, paints, stains or dyes, so you won’t be bringing those indoor pollutants into your house.

The company uses American steel bolts to make the pieces sturdy, and leaves them visible to add more character. “For design purposes, we wanted to have big, bold industrial-looking brackets to accent the rustic feel of the wood itself,” says Delinski. And of course the wall-mounting frees up more of your precious floor space.

eco cat furniture

If you own a cat, you’ll know how much they love to survey their servants from up on high, and the Eco Cat pieces allow them to do just that. You’ll be watching TV, minding your own business, and suddenly feel as if you’re being studied. Welcome to Kitty Stalking 101.

eco cat furniture

Climbing is good for cats, and not just for easier spying on their humans. “If you have more than one cat, it’s especially important to have enough climbing space,”  Delinski says. “If you have a multi-cat household, having ample vertical territory can be the difference between cats loving each other or the next furmageddon.

“When indoor kitties have tall, vertical spaces to explore, they will almost instantly become more confident. And when kitty is more confident, many of those unwanted bad behaviors tend to disappear.”

eco cat furniture

Eco Cat Furniture is currently on Kickstarter and hopes to raise funding to expand into a larger facility in Delinski’s home town of Sedona, Arizona. The company has pledged to stay local:

“Making everything in-house affords us the flexibility to create, innovate and generally improve upon our products and their designs. Our furniture isn’t going to be produced in a factory somewhere off-site, so we will always be fully involved in its creation.”

eco cat furniture

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