Built-In Wood Boxes Make a 269-ft Apartment Comfy for Three

Wooden Box Apartment 1

Built-in additions that subdivide a tiny room, taking advantage of every square inch, can make all the difference in comfort and a feeling of spaciousness. A 269-square-foot apartment would normally seem far too small for a family of three, but Beriot Bernardini Arquitectos found a solution that gives the space focus and function.

Wooden Box Apartment 2

Wooden Box Apartment 5

Two wooden boxes were installed within the apartment – one for the living space, and one for the sleeping space. The first box is situated beside a wide window that frames views of the mountains of Madrid, with a long built-in sofa offering a place to sit and relax.

Wooden Box Apartment 4

The second box features a double bed on the bottom and a single bed on top. This volume can be closed off with curtains to give it a more private feel and keep it warmer at night. A table folds down into the space between the two boxes for working and dining.

Wooden Box Apartment 3

A bathroom is tucked behind the sleeping volume, while white curtains help a small kitchen virtually disappear when not in use. The black linoleum floor and vivid red accents make the wooden additions stand out against the black surfaces of the room.

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