Boat House or House Boat? Futuristic Home on the Water


Most houseboats seem to be designed with one of two primary purposes in mind: they are either constructed as accommodations for semi-permanent living (more house than boat) or they are made to be mobile (more boat than house). This unique but yet unbuilt idea balances both sides, possibly better than anything else built to date. The outer spiraling shell structure provides stability and mobility, guarding and moving the home within.


The form, spatial layouts and spacious accommodations all suggest a home on the water at the center of this design – a box-like structure with amble amenities to be quite comfortably livable.


Traveling below the surface, one finds a gathering space – an underwater observatory that would make a wonderful space to stay in during the day while idling or traveling.


The outer, circular shape is set to glide cleanly on the water but also provides a physical and psychological insulating barrier for the house portion nestled in the center of it – a transport-ready boat on the outside and comfortable home on the inside.

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