Belgian Designer Sheds Light on Geometry

Nicolas Brevers

Nicolas Brevers took an unusual route to a successful career in design, working first in IT, as a bike messenger, and in a herbalist’s store before turning his hand to design. No matter. Luckily for us, he got there in the end, and it’s paid off–the Belgian recently won an A’ Design Award for his Vector Equilibrium Light.

The V.E., as Brevers calls his creation, is “a pendant and modular lighting with a pulley system.” Okay, that sounds straightforward. But trust us, it’s not.

“You can play with its shape, modulate the luminosity and dress up the space with shadows….The game keeps on through the counterbalance vase. Move it according to your wish to reach the wanted shape. The exact quantity of water will ensure the perfect equilibrium. The lighting is packed in a flat four-fold fractal. It may also be packed in a surprising and convenient pyramidal box,” says the designer.

Hmm. Not sure we quite understand, but you can’t argue with the beauty of the pictures. Brevers takes a very esoteric approach to his work, drawing from the work of Buckminster Fuller and researching perfect proportions, harmony and balance. He says his designs “are based on the golden ratio, source of beauty for centuries.”

Nicolas Brevers

The initial premise of the Vector Equilibrium Light was that Brevers wanted to find a way to use eight triangles and six squares, and then work on ways to balance the structure. Between the pulleys and the glass vase (which you can fill with varying amounts of water to adjust the weight), he’s given us all the methods we need to create and re-create cool versions of the light.

In case you haven’t guessed, Brevers loves geometry–he takes it out of the classroom and applies it to his art. We didn’t realize that math could be this cool.

Nicolas Brevers

Brevers explains the design process:

“The major challenge in the lighting design was to find the best connections for the triangles. After several attempts, I opted for twisted steel cables fixed by brass crimping ferrules.”

Nicolas Brevers

“Another hard part of the development was to find the weight to the gram for the counterbalance. I chose for a glass vase to be filled with water to reach the perfect weight. As a young designer, I don’t have all the necessary tools and production possibilities in my own workshop, which is the reason why I use fablabs equipped with the latest technologies available.”
Nicolas Brevers
Now Brevers has done the hard part, it’s up to you to experiment. Play with the Vector Equilibrium’s shape to change the shadows it casts, or choose different types of bulbs and see what changes they make.
We doubt you’ll get bored, but if you do, head on over to Brevers’ Gobo lighting site and check out his other creations. (We love the Nested Golden Cuboids. Take a peek.) Have fun!

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