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August 2017 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

July 2017 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Hansgrohe: Efficient, Stylish, Pampering Shower Heads
31: Marta Minujin Builds Parthenon from Forbidden Books at Documenta 14 Festival
28: Kim Lewis Unveils Affordable Tiny Home at Dwell on Design
28: BIG Turns Danish WWII Bunker into a Hidden Museum
27: LEGO Statue of Liberty Built for National Museum of American History
27: Noria Brings Air Conditioning Into the 21st Century
26: Method Homes: Sustainable Living in a Matter of Months
26: Hästens: The Best Sleep of Your Life
25: World’s First Smart Street Harvests Energy from Footsteps
25: 100 Years of Florence Knoll
24: Design Collective Launches Line of Tiny Prefab Homes in UK
24: Xogo Allows People of All Abilities to Enjoy Electronics
21: Stella Vie: The World's Most Efficient Family Car
21: Product Review: Dog & Bone LockSmart Tech
20: Artist Uses Beach Pebbles to Craft Refugee-Inspired Sculptures
20: Kengo Kuma Releases New Renderings for Plant-Covered Hotel in Paris
19: Towers Within a Tower: The Ultimate Form of Vertical Housing
19: mamaRoo: Clever Baby Seat Mimics Mom's Soothing Motions
18: Hack Your Sleep with This Dream-Enhancing Mask
18: Tropical "Treehouse" in Sao Pãulo
17: Sonoma County Cabin Has Its Own Pirate Treehouse
17: SolePower: The "Smartboots" that Run on Your Footsteps
14: Since1984: Functional and Versatile Modular Furniture
14: Alfa 1977 Releases World's First Outdoor Grilloven
13: La Colombière: The Birdhouse Cabin Nestled in a Canadian Forest
13: Real-Life Hobbit House Built in Tomich, Scotland
12: Lifepack HUSTLE: The Solar Bag with an Anti-Theft Lock
12: Shotbox 2.0: The Pop-Up Photo Studio Gets an Upgrade
11: FaulknerBrowns to Redevelop Queen's Parade in Bangor
11: Ki Ecobe: The Self-Assembled Footwear with Sustainable Style
10: Minimalist Cannabis Dispensary in Oregon Incorporates "High" Design
10: Mirrored ÖÖD Prefab House Assembles in Just Eight Hours
07: "Flying House" in Czech Republic Floats Beneath a Bridge
07: Forest Valley: World's Largest Indoor Waterfall Coming to Singapore Airport
06: Margeza Crafts Stunning, Sleek Apartment in Downtown Budapest
06: Keep Track of Your Photography Equipment with GearEye
05: Curving Courtyard Floor "Makes Waves" in This Traditional Beijing Home
05: Recreating One of the World's Biggest Books
04: Volkswagen is Bringing Back the Microbus (For Real This Time)
04: Diluvium Dry: A Portable Rapid-Deployment Flood Barrier
03: Mini Cooper Inspires Luxury Camping Pod Design
03: Benjamin Button: Wearable Camera Captures Life's Most Important Moments

June 2017 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Aura: Calico Unveils New Line of Mystical Watercolor Wallpaper
30: Dolce and Gabbana Designs Line of High Fashion Kitchenware
29: Spiraling Treetop Observation Tower Looks Out Onto Denmark Forest
29: Diébédo Francis Kéré Creates a Striking Canopy for This Year's Serpentine Pavilion
28: Coverage: Core77 Design Awards
28: Modern Treehouse by Malan Vorster Highlights Old-Fashioned Craftsmanship
27: Foster and Heatherwick Endow Shangai Theater with Moving Facade
27: Frank Lloyd Wright House Donated to Arizona Architecture School
26: Bike Fixation Brings Emergency Workshops to Your Home
26: Artist Hides Giant Sculptures in Copenhagen Forest
23: Design for Change Empowers Children to Shape the World Around Them
23: Tidal Powered: School in London Aims to Get Energy from the Thames
22: Old and New, Light and Dark: Historic Home Incorporates a Glazed Meditation Room
22: Design for Refugees: New Dutch Exhibition Focuses on Survival
21: Gorgeous Ladybug Habitats for Your Garden
21: Solar Panel Blinds Provide Shade and Produce Energy at the Same Time
20: Classic Ikea Tote Gets High Fashion Redesign from Off-White
20: New Apple Store in Dubai Signals a Company-Wide Design Overhaul
19: ABLE Revolutionizes the Home Workout
19: Five Favorite Winners of the CES Asia Innovation Awards
16: Cirrus Shower: A Sustainable Spa-Like Experience
16: Thomas Heatherwick Converts Cape Town Grain Silo into Hotel
15: New Capsule Hotel Brings Cheap Micro-Lodging to Italy
15: New Palestinian Museum Reaches Completion
14: Tropical Perfection: Miami Beach House Has Its Own Swimmable Lagoon
14: Controversial Banksy Poster Recalled Ahead of UK Election
13: Fast-Track Concept Cars at CES Asia
13: Winter Fun House: Sloping Roof Doubles as a Sledding Hill
12: First Private Home Designed by Gaudí to Open to the Public
12: YourOwnMaps: Turn Your Favorite City Into Wall Art
09: Organic Forest Dream: "Ex of In" House by Steven Holl
08: This Guitar String Jewelry is Sure to Strike a Chord
08: The World's Most Expensive Car: Rolls-Royce Coupe Design Inspired by Luxury Yachts
07: Smartdome: The Mobile & Modular Prefab for All Climates
07: MVRDV Designs Korea's Answer to The High Line
06: Renovation of a Captain's House: Unusual Seaside Home Design
06: Crystal Houses: MVRDV Puts a Modern Spin on Traditional Design
05: Translucent Garden House Glows like a Lantern at Night
05: Lofree: A High-Tech Keyboard With a Retro Twist
02: Damien Hirst Debuts New Exhibition at Venice Biennale
02: Elevated Design: 4 Houses with Walk-Up Roofs
01: World's Cleanest Power Plant to be Completed This Year
01: GoTouch Turns Any TV Into a Whiteboard

May 2017 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Muji Designs Prefab Timber Huts in Japan
31: Writer's Block: Home/Office Loft with a Brilliant Central Feature
30: EZ Duffle: The Most Versatile Travel Bag
30: Giant Hands Rise from the Water at Venice Biennale
29: Skinny London Apartment Building Features Wicker Basket Balconies
29: Sunny Climate Dream House Features a Glass-Walled Pool
26: Living in a Bubble: Arctic House Inside a Geodesic Dome
25: Sam Hobson Gets Up Close and Personal with Urban Animals
25: Playhouse: 3 Residential Interiors Designed for Maximum Fun
24: JamStack: A Compact Amp to Clip on Your Guitar
24: Mari Lights: Luxury Lighting for the 21st Century
23: No More Flats: Air-Free Bicycle Tire to Launch in 2019
23: Open Concept Tiny House
23: Enthusiasts and Pros Talk Design at Dwell Event, June 23-25
22: Take a Seat: Czech Designers Make Facade Out of Chairs
22: Digital Dining Experience in Tokyo Unleashes Nature From Your Plate
19: Balenciaga Release High-End Version of Ikea Tote
19: Sgnl: Phone Calls Through Your Fingertip
18: WholeStory: Comfortable, Sustainable Hammocks For a Cause
18: Dutch Architect Uses Emojis to Design New Building
17: Game Tables as Art: Luxury Billiards, Pingpong, & Foosball
17: London Artist Crafts Striking Anamorphic Sculptures
16: Bee's Wrap: Conscious Design for Sustainable Living
16: Dutch Firm Combines Greenhouse and Thatched Cottage in Country Villa
15: Hanging Around the House: 5 Fun Built-In Hammocks
15: Mokuru: A Clever New Desk Toy
12: Sound and Vision: Speakarts Creates Visually Stunning Bluetooth Speakers
11: Super Bugger: Volkswagen Beetles Converted into "Bug Campers"
11: iF Design Awards 2017
10: Highlights from Milan Design Week
09: Kniterate: Digital Knitting Machine Lets You Print Your Own Garments
09: Diving into Scabetti's Bestselling "Shoal" Design
08: Cortèz: The Ultimate Outerwear
05: Life-Sized Lincoln Logs: Wooden Bricks Make Building a House Crazy Easy
04: At Your Service: This AI Butler Lives Inside Your Mirror
03: Coodo: The Home That Travels With You
02: Dezeen Announces Winner of Brexit Passport Design Contest
01: 5 Cool Pieces of Pig Art

April 2017 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

March 2017 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

February 2017 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

28: Elby: A Pedal-Assist Hybrid E-Bike That's Intuitive and Versatile
28: Q&A with Boltt Wearables Co-Founder Aayushi Kishore
27: Pocket Kitchen: A Craft Kit for Creating Miniature Food
27: Fertile Grounds: Coffeemaker Reuses Spent Beans to Grow Edible Mushrooms
24: Storytime Storage: 10 Custom Bookcases to Showcase Your Favorite Genre
24: Renewal Workshop: Giving New Life to Designer Clothes
23: Highlights from the 2017 Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair
23: New Netflix Series Brings Design to the Masses
22: Intel Curie: This Module Provides Powerful Data in a Tiny Package
22: ROXs: A Fun Outdoor Gaming System for Kids
21: A Test Run of the Hullo Pillow Finds a Great Alternative to Traditional Sleep Solutions
21: Cook the Perfect "No Oven" Pizza in Just Three Minutes
20: Heading Toward Affordable Medical Technology with the Olive Next-Gen Hearing Aid
17: Storage Stairs: 5 Double-Duty Designs That Maximize Space
17: Iconic Farnsworth House to Feature in Hollywood Film
16: Baby-Cuddling Shirts for New Moms and Dads
15: Hillside Home: Cozy Cantilevered Design Built Around a Tree
14: The Seventy2: A Smart Survival Kit for Emergencies
13: Artificial Intelligence Drives Toyota’s Futuristic Concept-i Vehicle
10: Foster + Partners Rise to the Challenge, Winning Jabal Omar Development Project Competition
09: Printing in 2.5 Dimensions: Casio Printer Adds Realistic Textures to Paper
08: Throw This Panoramic Ball Camera into the Air for Awesome Aerial Photos
08: Dog and Bone Earbuds Customize Comfort
07: Canon and Solidiphy Bring Life into 3D
06: Driving Innovation: 4 Designs Pushing the Boundaries of Travel
03: Helping Hand: Neofect Smart Glove is a High-Tech Rehab Device
01: Zink: High-Tech Photo Paper With the Ink Built In

January 2017 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Wearable Tech Awards: The Best of the Best at CES 2017 by STUFF Magazine
30: Stepping Forward: Honda Revolutionizes Mobility with Walking Assist Device
27: Your Own Personal Robot Companion: Kuri 8 is a Cute Home Helper
26: 4 Smart Kitchen Devices to Make Life Easier
25: ODG Smartglasses: A New Way to View the World
25: CES 2017 Best of Innovation Awards
24: Levitating Weatherproof Speaker by LG Improves Upon a Cool Concept
23: This Smart Bed’s Got Your Number: Self-Adjusting, Feet-Warming, and Snore-Stopping
20: DietSensor: Scan and Track What You Eat and Drink
20: Drop the Mercury: Casio’s LampFree Projectors Put on a Vivid Display
19: Stay Powered Up with These 5 Cool Solar Chargers
18: Safer City Biking with the Laserlight
17: Literally Green: Eco-Friendly House Covered in Naturally Insulating Vegetation
16: Infinite Possibilities: Multi-Purpose NOOK Fits a Whole Room into a Twin Bed
13: This Doomsday Bunker Community for the Rich is Not Exactly Luxurious—At Least Not Yet
12: The Nomatic Travel Bag: Stuffed with 20 Handy Features
11: Cotopaxi's Libre Sweater: Classically Rugged for Every Season
10: Believe It or Not, This Home Used to Be a Dilapidated Public Bathroom
09: Trick Out Your Bike: FormMount Makes Adding Tech Accessories a Snap
06: Nomadic Life Kit: Minimalist Japanese Set Makes Any Space Feel Like Home
05: The Slice Planner: A Cool Digital/Paper Organizer
04: Designers Go Out on a Limb with the Legs Jacket
03: Steam-Bent Wooden Home Adapts Furniture-Making Techniques for Architecture
02: Owl-Shaped Concrete House in Korea Watches Out Over the City

December 2016 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: A Stylish, Military-Grade Shock-Absorbing iPhone Case? Yes, Please!
29: Buy or DIY: These Tiny Wooden Houses Are Full of Gorgeous Timber Details
28: The Ekster: A Secure, Trackable, Stylish, Skinny Wallet
28: Fuel Your Inner Builder With the Flexo Bendable Building Block and Tendon System
27: Old-School Wooden Tablet Covers Give Class
26: Crystal Light: Four Icy Lamps Marry Warmth and Wintry Visuals
23: Privacy Pop: This Bed Tent is a Dark, Comforting Fort for All Ages
22: Oofos: Sporty "Recovery Footwear"
21: O Christmas Structure: Belgium’s Controversial Ultramodern "Tree"
20: Dear Human's Recycled-Paper Furnishings
20: OWL Paperlamps Bring Light to Life
19: Green Hills in the City: Undulating Apartment Building Built Into the Mountainside
19: Give Your Bike Zing with the Copenhagen Wheel
16: Carv Your Way to Ski Success
16: The Classiest of Kitchens? Freestanding System Made of Luxurious Materials
15: Snatch a Few Quick Dreams With the Aubergine Pillow — Perfect for a Power Nap
15: "Smile for the Birdie!"
14: Plugin House: Built for K in One Day With Nothing But a Hex Key
14: Fabrics of the Future
13: Just Porter Backpacks Blend Quality and Kindness
13: Clocks Don't Get More Bonkers — Or Beautiful — Than the Bad Dog Designs Nixie Tube Clocks
12: Formerly Abandoned, This Incredible London Mansion is a Treasure Trove of Historic Objects
12: Star Wars Comes Home: Cute Character-Shaped Household Objects by Nendo
09: Going Solo: The Lean, Green, One-Wheel Machine
09: Brilliant in Beijing: Two Tiny Residences Full of Space-Saving Tricks
08: Q&A: Indo-Scarf's Mission to Comfort
08: Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy a Customized 21st Century Home Cinema Experience
07: Get Off My Case! Cool Custom Cases for Musicians and More
06: The Curious Kit's Playful Approach to Learning Tech Skills
06: The Student-Designed Voz Box Gives Speech to the Voiceless
05: One Cool Pool: Cantilevered Design Boasts a Window in the Floor
05: Fly the Bionic Bird... with Your Phone
02: Disappearing Furniture: Broken Wooden Chairs ‘Healed’ with Clear Acrylic
02: Illuminate Your Space With Tempo's Chic Luxury Lighting
01: The Morpher Bike Helmet Folds Flat for Your Convenience
01: Vertical Dishwasher Design: An Ergonomic Update for a Kitchen Classic

November 2016 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Your Very Own Crystal Maze in Your Back Garden, Courtesy of Garden Igloos and Solardome
30: Capsule: The Design-Savvy Furniture Collection Makes Trendy Essentials for Any Home
29: Enko the Energy-Saving Running Shoe
28: The Root Robot Makes Learning to Code Fun
28: Alternative Housing: Transparent Live/Work Volumes are Cheap and Modern
25: Gaze Into Your Future: Fully-Functional Apple Mirror Concept
25: Security and Fun Are Bundled Together in the Helmet
24: Floating on Air: Home's Transparent First Floor Creates a Cool Illusion
24: Ding! The Doorbell of the Future, Today
23: What Is Missing From the Perfect Life? A Heavy Duty Tree Tent!
23: 5 Offbeat Adult Coloring Books for a Fun and Stress-Free 2017
22: Glitches in Three Dimensions: Distorted Versions of Traditional Textiles
22: Is It a Superior Paperweight? Or a Secret Storage Sphere?
21: The Robusto: A Futuristic Ti5 Titanium Watch
21: Secrets of New York City: Rooftop Penthouse Invisible from the Street
18: Why Move House When You Can Move On Up? London Loft Conversions Transform Domestic Spaces
18: Darwin Sect Brings the Wonder of Nature Indoors Yet Again
17: Tell Time with Style Thanks to This Affordable Luxury Watch Brand
16: 'My Irnik' — Your Chance to Fund a Film on Kickstarter for Submission to Global Film Festivals
16: Asiya: Activewear to Encourage Muslim Athletes
15: A New High: Elevating House Rises 5 Feet Off the Ground to Escape Flooding
15: Chainsaw Art Creates Wild Wooden Sculptures and Furniture
14: 5 Cool Journals to Grab
14: The City Above the City: Rooftop Communities of the Future
11: Artist Jimmy Cauty's 'Aftermath Dislocation Principle' — Bringing a Riot to a Town Near You
11: Make Furniture Assembly a SNAP with This Creative Clamping System
10: Carcel: A New Designer Label with a Do-Good Twist
10: Indoor/Outdoor Living: Terraced Home in Vietnam Boasts 9 Balconies
09: CineStill Unlocks Movie Magic with Medium-Format Still Film
09: Polygons: The 4-in-1 Measuring Spoon That's Completely Flat When Not in Use
08: Soul of Africa: Selling Shoes to Kick off Life-Changing Projects in Africa
08: Paperwolf's 3-D Animal Model Kits
07: Pizzeria Pronto: A Mini Pizza Oven for Your Gas Cooktop
07: Built-In Brilliance: Clever Live/Work Studio Design Conceals a Secret Room
04: Portable Pop-Up Screen for All Your Devices
04: The Leveraxe: On the Cutting-Edge of Wood Splitting
03: The Talon Multi-Tool: Your Pocket's New Best Friend
03: Sensational Sugar Sculptures Created in Minutes
02: Mountain Crystal: Ultramodern Cliffside Home Made of Recycled Materials
01: Bike Thieves Beware: Meet SKUNKLOCK, the Bike Lock That Fights Back
01: SWINE: Award-winning Design Duo Create Benches in St James's, London

October 2016 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Tiny House Villages: What the Mt. Hood Village in Portland and University Research Reveal About the Movement
31: 5 Cool Ways to Mark the Halloween Season
28: The Woodsman's Dream: Glamorous Modern Treehouse Redefines High Luxury
28: The Mate Electric Bike: A Comfortable, Affordable Ride
27: STIG: Recycled Scrap Metal Creations Fresh From the Dump
27: Curfboard: A New Way to Surf-Skate
26: The Louvre is on Fire! Hearth Shaped Like Museum’s Iconic Glass Pyramid
25: Artistic Vision and Inspirational Materials Combine to Create Muller Van Severen Furniture
25: From Garage Chic to Chandelier — 'Buster + Punch' Edgy Urban Lighting and Furniture
24: Living Room Library: Built-In Shelving Stores Hundreds of Books
24: Solosocks Pair Style and Function, but Not the Actual Socks
21: Swanky and Sophisticated Modern Wall Panels and Room Dividers from CSI
20: Mesmerizing Movement: Ferrofluid Sculptures Are the New Lava Lamps
19: Big Sand Woodworking — Made in Brooklyn, Inspired by Eastern Craftsmanship
18: Sofa Surprise: This Comfy-Looking Seat is Actually Made of Concrete
18: Small but Perfectly Formed — Compact Homes That Pack a Big Punch in Sydney, Australia
17: Eco-Friendly, Stylish Cork
17: Code 10: Waterproof, Lockable, Versatile Backpacks
14: Podo: The Tiny, Powerful, Stick-Anywhere Camera
14: Sleeping in the Kitchen? Unusual Layout for a Tiny Apartment
13: Superhouses for the Super Rich — Simply Super
13: Mulga: The Multi-Faceted Artist to Watch
12: Drinks with Droids: R2D2 Coffee Press Makes Mornings More Fun
12: Mark Burton's Tiny House and the Dream of Affordable Home Ownership
11: Ephemeral Tattoos Applied by Tattoo Artists That Will Fade After a Year
11: Clever Kit Makes Furniture Easy to Customize and Move
10: Planning Healthy, Delicious Lunches with Prepd
10: BloFish: Comfy, Stylish, Gender-Neutral Clothing
07: PurePods: Transparent Glass Guest Houses Dot the New Zealand Countryside
07: 7 Reasons Why It's Hip to Be Square
06: The Kosmos Pen: Deceptive Simplicity
05: Horse Stable to Dream Home: Converted 200-Year-Old Farm Structure
05: Pezzan USA Space-Saving Sofa Beds Created in Italy With Style
04: Kitchen Composting Made Easy and Odor-Free
04: The Energy Observer Embarks on World's First Circumnavigation of the Globe Powered Solely by Clean Energy
03: Puzzle Stairs and Hidden Reading Nooks: Small Home Full of Smart Surprises
03: Cool Custom Car Couches

September 2016 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Studio Roof's Colorful 3-D Art-Toys
30: Home Remodeling Website Kukun Launches 'La Boutique' French Interior Designer Shop
29: Paper, Scissors, Stone: Contemporary Japanese Design Based on Centuries-Old Techniques
29: Reinventing the Beach House: Singing Sands is a Breezy Revelation
28: Wood Meets Water in 6 Gleaming Handcrafted Timber Tubs
28: Wax Stacks Make It Easy to Show off Your Vinyl Collection
27: Manooi Light Creations Crank Up the Bling Factor With Bespoke and Beautiful Crystal Chandeliers
27: Powering Up with the Solar Sack
26: Jooki: A Simple, Easy Music Player Kids Can Use Themselves
23: Retirement Gnome Homes: Aging in Luxurious Modern Wooden Tents
23: Getting Antsy for the New Fidget Cube
22: Onewheel: A Revolution in Board Sports
22: Would You Live in a Storage Shed? The Dirt on Cheap and Easy Tiny Houses
21: 5 Irresistible Photography Gadgets Under
21: The Instruments of a Music Man's Obsession
20: Surveillance Camera House: Tower Bedroom Exploits Zoning Loophole for Lake Views
19: "The Daily Life of the Gods," as Gloriously Imagined in Urban Situations by Artist Alexey Kondakov
16: Pinhole Cameras for the People
15: Closet Door Makeovers: 3 Creative and Easy Ideas to Try
15: Famaliving Furniture's Sectional Sofa Systems—Cool, Creative, Comfortable
14: Take Origami to a New Level with the Clever Onak Folding Canoe
14: Volotot Organizes and Delights in a Simple, Playful Way
13: Dinner in the Dollhouse: This Creative Modern Cupboard Design is Too Cute
13: Theo Jansen's Fabulous 'Strandbeests' Roam Along the Beach, Driven By the Wind
12: Is It a Backpack? Yes, and It's Also a Comfortable Beanbag!
12: Lush Green Dream: Singapore House is a Study in Tropical Modern Style
09: Share Fun and Quality Time With Your Cat With Designer Ruan Hao's CATables
08: 5 Starry Ideas for a Heavenly Look
08: Homegrown Furniture: Grassy DIY Seat System Sprouts Up From Your Yard
07: Lightbox: A Pocketful of Inspiration for Photographers
07: Take Me To The River: Floating Dreams and Celebrated South Korean Multimedia Artist Ik-Joong Kang
06: Prius Plus: This Add-On Transforms Your Toyota Into a Camper
06: British Sculptor Martin Hayward-Harris' Bronze Animals Seemingly Live and Breathe
05: Charting the Golden Ratio in the World... and Your Design Projects
05: Total Transparency: Clear Glass Infinity Kitchen Makes Everything Visible
02: Save Water and Cash with the Stylish Nebia Shower
02: Sculpted Animals Emerge from Glass in These Creative ‘Water Tables’
01: Flexform—Flexible Italian Furniture Solutions for Beautiful Modern Spaces
01: Mar Azul: Stunning Summer Home Goes Back to Basics in Modern Style

August 2016 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: 5 Great Backpacks (That Also Give Back to Local and Global Causes)
31: Sigalit Landau's Haunting Artwork Rises from the Dead Sea as the 'Salt Bride'
30: Displate: Quirky Metal-Plate Artwork
30: Social Justice Architecture, Rural Studio and the Dream of a 20K Home
29: A Body-Enhancing T-Shirt? Sign Us Up!
29: Deep Sleep: Floating Seahorse Villa Features Underwater Bedrooms
26: Sculptor Stephen Myburgh's Majestic, Organic Copper 'Mood Swings'
26: Cubetto: A Fun Way to Learn Coding
25: Jealous Yet? This Mega Yacht Boasts a Top-Deck Pool & Private Beach
25: Mini Rods, for Fishing on the Fly
24: Architect Alejandro Sticotti Breaks New Ground to Showcase His Iconic Modular Shelving System and Coat Rack
24: Beautiful Sound: Hand-crafted Bamboo Speakers
23: Social Grilling: Communal BBQ Table Lets Everybody Cook Their Own Food
23: Fabulous Impact Wall Art from Eazywallz Transforms Your Personal Space
22: A New Gardening App for the Modern Green Thumb
22: Performance Architecture: Modernist House Spins 360 Degrees
19: Paddleboard Kits From an "Artist, Shaper and Woodworker"
17: The Coolest Cooler? Why, Yes, Yes It Is
16: Balloons! Beautiful Balloon Lights By Brokis Bob About on Ceiling and Wall
15: Political Pet Toys Make for Biting Satire
12: Small & Smart: Get Space-Saving Ideas From This Clever Tiny House
11: 5 Wildflower Seed Bombs for Creative Gardening
10: 4 Camping Essentials You (Might Actually) Need
10: Furniture to Go: Modular System Made for Nomadic Households
09: Collapsible Kayak Saves Space and the Oceans
08: A Place for Plants: Terraced London Roof is a Smart Solution
08: Shoka Bell, the Bionic Bicycle Tool
05: Ancestral Contemporary Architecture: A House To Live In Forever
04: The Codex Silenda: A Gorgeous Blend of Story and Puzzles
03: Urban Apartment Living Redefined: A Vision for Timber Towers in Tokyo
03: Stop Hitting Snooze! Add Days to Your Life with the Ruggie
02: HyperChiller, Qu'est-ce Que C'est?

July 2016 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

29: Exploring the Deep Ocean--Without Getting Wet
29: Hobbit Sauna: Grassy Hill House Hides a Relaxing Secret
28: Sharp-Looking Knives Custom-Forged in Appalachia
27: A Smarter Office: Adding Organization to Minimalist Work Spaces
27: Wooden Wallets: Naturally Slim and Stylish
27: A World Without Language Barriers: The Pilot Translation Device Makes Communication Easier than Ever
26: Cat Climbing Advances to Eco-Friendly Heights
25: Tiny House Getaway: Test Drive a Mini Cabin in Rural New York
25: Sparki, the Playful Way to Learn Robotics and Programming
22: 'Renaissance' Man Lenny Kravitz and Interior Design
22: Stark Stone Residence in Russia Makes a Striking Villainous Lair
22: Artistic Alchemy Turns Metal into Wearable Art
21: Ingenious Lighting Solutions by Graypants - From Seattle to Amsterdam
21: An Old-School Technique and Stone Tiles Make an Artful Combination
20: The Grand Budapest Bee Hotel: Miniature Modeled on Wes Anderson’s Film
19: The 'Pleat Box' Pendant Light - A Creative Designer Collaboration
19: Mogee Play Turns Anything Into a Musical Instrument
18: Artful Contrast of Old & New: Traditional Facade with Modern Extension
18: Save and Share Your Diving Exploits with the Octospot Camera
15: Lofty Vision: Clever Tiny Apartment Design is High on Style
15: 'ARM' Chair as Anti-Chair - Are You Sitting Comfortably?
14: Netherlands Floating Observatory By Marc van Vliet
14: The 2 Face Backpack 2 Is Loaded with Cool Features
13: Dream Bed: Hammocks Meet Round Mattresses in This Hanging Design
13: Belgian Designer Sheds Light on Geometry
12: New York-based Bill Hudnut's Gorgeous, Organic Ceramics
12: Portuguese Designers Make Usable Art
11: Fancy Fences Feature Retractable Gates That Disappear Into the Ground
11: 5 Great Weekend Bags to Send You Packing
08: Luxury Living on the Go: Elegantly Minimalist Camper Van
08: State of the Art Outdoor Fireplaces and Grills
07: Striking Animal Print Furniture To Delight Even Dr. Doolittle
07: Hot Climate, Cool Globes
06: Your New Favorite Party Guest: A Speaker and Cooler in One
06: Modular Morning to Night: Built-In Units Space Out Your Daily Functions
05: Southwood, London - Award-Winning Interior by LLI Design
05: Architectural Model-Making for All Ages
04: Clear Compact Pop-Up Studio Protests High Rents in London
04: 5 Great Grills to Fire You Up
01: Transparently Beautiful Furniture and Glassware from Glas Italia
01: Privacy Please! Innovative Ideas for Comfortable Modern Offices

June 2016 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Home Is Where Your Yurt Is
30: Finnish Design Duo Saana ja Olli's Gorgeous Cushions and Textiles
30: Wallz Wall Art - For the Artist In Us All
29: Westwood's New Sunglasses Add a Titanium Twist
29: 'A2' - Made in Smaland - Bespoke Swedish Interior Brand
29: Lounge Pit: Passé Retro Feature Gets a Cozy Modern Update
29: Memobottle: Flat Is the New Round
28: Rolls-Royce's Futuristic Concept Car
27: Coffee Is The New Black: Meet The Sexiest Espresso Set Ever
27: Remember Hot Pants? Well, These Are the Opposite
27: 'ercol' - Classic Furniture Since 1920 Still Going Strong
24: Calla: Growing Herbs in Your Window Has Never Looked More Elegant
23: Combat Flip Flops: "We Make Cool Stuff in Dangerous Places"
23: Designer Tom Dixon Converts Interior of 'The Church', Clerkenwell, London
22: Totem System Makes Kitchen Trash Collection a Snap
22: High Tides & Mud Slides? No Problem For This Modern Beach House on Stilts
21: Clever Custom Bike Frame That Fits in a Backpack
21: LJ 'Alpha' Lamps - Berlin Design Workshop's Concrete Cube Lights
20: Tiny Mobile Office: Cargo Van Converted into Cozy Work Studio
20: Meet Lilium, the World’s First Vertical Take-Off and Landing Electric Jet
17: Your Own Private Paradise: Natural Swimming Pools by Biotop
17: The Perfect Cup? Built for Coffee Connoisseurs by Deviehl
16: 'Next' - A Pedestal-Free Bathroom System That Combines Function With Beauty.
16: Designer Turns Old Bowling Lanes Into Classic Furniture
15: Budding Beekeeper? Check Out These Natural Cedar Hives
15: Blast Off! Sculptural Rocket Table Rests on Plumes of Smoke
15: Light-hearted Lighting By Nazzareno Ruspolini - Including Adorable iPhone Lights
14: The Olfelt House by Frank Lloyd Wright - On Sale For First Time Ever
14: What’s Old Is New Again: Instant Film Makes a Comeback
13: See What’s Next in Design at the Dwell Event in Los Angeles, June 24-26
13: Creative Coffins: Bringing Quirky Color to Sad Times
10: "Invincible" Bike's Thief-Beating Design Saves City Cycling
10: Curve Appeal: World’s First Freeform 3D Printed House
10: Surreal, Brash and Fabulous - Erwan Boulloud's Sculptural Furniture
09: Knocki: The Versatile Home Controller That Does It All
09: Corian and Zodiaq Surface Collections Take Color Trends to a New Level
09: Louis Poulsen Lighting - Timeless, Bright and Beautiful
08: They Can Run, but They Can't Hide: GPS Pet Collars to Launch Soon
08: Breezy Boho Dream: Tiny Texas House Made From Two Trailers
08: Go Green with the EcoQube Air
07: Mosaico+ - Creators of Italian Mosaic Masterpieces For Stunning Wall Design
06: Eco-Watch: Time to Plant Trees
06: Stacked Timber Loft Installation Transforms a Barn in Belgium
03: Bring the Hillside In: Sloping Green Floors in a Japanese Home
03: BLUE: Clean Air in a Super Cool Swedish System
02: Works of Musical Art to Play and Admire
02: Siematic Urban - Smooth Kitchen Design With Edge and Sophistication
01: Closet Trolley Brings the Airplane Aisle Cart Home for Organization
01: 4 Mini Appliances for Your Tiny Home

May 2016 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

April 2016 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Living Light: Crystallized Chandeliers Transform into Modern Heirlooms
30: Pop-Up Guest House: Bed in a Bag Deploys in Seconds
29: Iconic Landmarks for Cats
27: Stefano Giovannoni - Injecting Fun Into Everyday Furniture and Artifacts
27: Cay Lounge: Modular Sofa Landscape
26: Floating Vinyl? Yes! Check out the Atmo Sfera Platterless Turntable.
25: Yakuza Makeover
24: Rich and Rustic 'Bark House' Shingles - Cladding Houses Inside and Out
22: Tiny Treehouses Sprout Up Around Potted House Plants
21: Living in Nature: Beautiful Wood & Stone Bungalow Home
20: Hanging Birdhouse-Shaped Hut for Humans
19: 3D Printed Vases Turn Plastic Bottles into Decorative Objects
19: Deconstructed Lights By Enlightened Italian Designers
19: Tiny Shelters Think Small for Big and Beautiful Results
18: London's Calling. For a Wooden Skyscraper!
18: Ice, Earth, Fire, Air: Tom Dixon's Conceptual Kitchens
17: Rooftop Camper: Hard Top Pop-Up Tent for Your Vehicle
16: Meet The Endangered: Scented Jewelry Boxes!
16: The Anglepoise Lamp - Timeless, BIG and Small
15: Italian Lights for the Soul
14: IKEA Launches Indoor Gardening Kit
10: Live in a Pyramid: Ancient Architecture Modernized for Today’s Pharaoh
10: Spiked Table: Living Furniture Transforms At Your Touch
09: Become a Plugged In Passenger with Raden Smart Luggage
07: Fluid Constructivism: The Betula Chair and More from Apical Reform Studio
03: STEPS: Ultra-Compact Vacation Cabin Features Rooftop Terrace
02: Italian Design Studio Gives A Fun Twist To Everyday Stuff
01: A Drone Hive for Manhattan

March 2016 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

February 2016 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

January 2016 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Patio People + Pet Lounge: Seating for the Whole Household
31: Just Slide: Fun Feature Winds Through Modern Apartment
30: Floating on Air: Magnetic Bonsai Tree Hovers Above Base
29: Adorn Milk: Jewelry for Architecture Aficionados
28: The Phytophiler Elevates Your Houseplants
26: Pendleton Limited Edition: Airstream's Homage to 100 Years of National Park Service
25: Heijmans ONE Portable Home: Up in a Day!
24: Travel Box: Tote Your Own Hotel Room for Comfort On the Go
24: Feng Shui House Feels Like It’s Floating on a Lake
23: Purificatum and Momentum: Rarefied Air Purifiers
22: DIY Window Perch for Your Pet
22: Seaside Shelters in Denmark: Blue Landmarks in Unspoiled Nature Setting
20: Hello Barbie: A Creature from the Internet of Things. Coming to Your Home?
19: Wood-Skin: Flexible New Structural Material for Walls, Programmable Furniture and Beyond
17: Ninja House: Open-Ceiling Layout is an Agility Course
17: Slurry Pit to Hidden Sound Studio: Formerly Abandoned Apartment in Paris
15: Get the Skinny on Fatboy Beanbags
13: Geometric Furniture: Form and Function, Origami-Style
10: Dine and Dangle: Suspended Table Hangs Over Living Area
10: Tunnel House: Glass Volume Links Cottage with New Addition
09: Inception-Inspired Coffee Table Flips a City Upside Down
08: That's Pet Love: A Pooch Pod Inside Your Mattress
06: Runcible: Sustainable Heirloom Electronic for the Post-Smartphone Era
05: Artificial Island Museum with Cave-like Exhibition Space
04: Apartment Complex to Get Slalom Ski Slope
03: Glitches on the Ground: Traditional Textiles Go Rogue
03: Triple-Decker Treehouse Creates an Instant Castle in the Forest

December 2015 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

November 2015 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Luna Lamp Looks Like the Full Moon
29: Midcentury Modern Update: House Features Two Floating Volumes
28: Sleep in a Spaceship: Amazing Fantasy Murphy Beds for Kids
28: A Hobbit Home of Your Own: Hilly Grass-Covered Prefabs
27: The Bike Lane in the Sky That Almost Happened
24: Soma: Organic Water Filter Made of Coconut Shells
24: Zen Float Tent: Sensory Deprivation at Home
23: The Tower of the Cedars: World’s First Apartment High-Rise Covered in a Vertical Forest
22: Give Thanks for Free Graphics: Holiday Menu & Label Templates
22: Beauty on a Budget in Brazil: Low-Cost Concrete Block House
20: Feeling Under the Weather? Portable Tent Provides Easy Shelter at Outdoor Events
18: TableAir Smart Desk Changes Height via Sensing Module
17: Smartphone Projector: DIY Cinema in a Box
16: Vastu Constraints Frame House
16: Add a Sense of Primal Coziness with Scandinavian Fire Baskets
15: Flexi-Shelves: Secure Storage & Display for Any Ceiling Height
15: Toy House: Tiny Taipei Apartment Customized for a Collector
13: Petcube: Spy On (And Play With) Your Pets When You Leave the House
11: Off Paris Seine: Paris' New Floating Hotel
10: Time Flies with Haoshi Design Bird Clocks
09: Japanese Retailer MUJI Presents Three Mini Huts
08: Night House: Artistic Facade Blends House Into the Starry Sky
07: Whiskey Tasting Tech: Engineered Glass Provides the Perfect Sip
06: 3D Printed Modular Mars Habitat Model
05: Sense by Hello: A Different Kind of Sleeping Pill
03: More Sky: An Expandable Window Seat for City Dwellers
03: Recycled Plastic Bottles Build Global Eco Homes
02: Something Novel: Must-Have Ernest Hemingway Decor

October 2015 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Green Architecture: Hydrotech Garden Roofs Lead the Way to a Sustainable Future
29: Winter is Coming: Get Cozy with a Kotatsu
28: The She Den is Here
26: Kokomo Ailand: Your Private Island, Submersible Luxury Yacht
25: Seating in Seconds: Fold These Fun Floor Tiles Into Chairs
25: Mountain House: Compact Residence Maximizes Tiny Plot
24: Subterranean Fridge Pod: Keep Food Cold Without Electricity
24: Hide a Closet: Platform Bed Tops Spacious Storage Compartment
23: Mar Adentro: High-Tech Hotel Allows You to Hyper-Customize Your Room
22: Sensuous and Sculptural: The Grotto Sauna
21: Cozy Up in the Complex Bloom Blanket
19: DIY: Create Your Own Little Free Library
18: PVC Parasite: Lamps Clamp Onto Poles Like Vines
18: Modern and Classic Meet: Renovated German Country House
14: Outside In: Device Brings the Weather Into Your Home
14: Vivos: Luxury Survival Shelters for the Moneyed Elite. You?
13: The Mind-Bending Glass Pavilions of Dan Graham
13: Lady Locks Creations: Animal Life Preserved in Avant Garde Jewelry
12: Grow a Daily Harvest with the NutriTower Vertical Farm
11: Step by Green-Roofed Step: Terraced Apartment Tower Offers Outdoor Space
10: Rooftop Retreat: Geodesic Dome Tops Secret Mountain Getaway
10: Cat Cocoons: Cozy Feline Furniture Fits into Modern Homes
08: Tune Up Your Place with Teepees
07: Nordic Precision: Wilfa Coffee Maker
06: Spherical Shelves and More Futuristic Estonian Design
06: Triangular Home Gets an Angled Addition
05: Cabin Fever: Ideas for Lodge Living
04: Little Big House: Rotating Central Cabinets Transform Room
04: Church Conversion: Chicago Chapel Turned Into Holy Home
02: Burnout: Candle Holder Extinguishes the Flame For You
01: Eye Candy: Tasteful and Artsy Skull Lights

September 2015 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: The Superadobes of Cal-Earth
29: Stack it Up: Modular Transforming Building Block Furniture
29: And Then There Was Fire
28: A Vision in Concrete: Lyon Béton Furniture
27: Small Space Hacks: Sliding Cabinet Doors Hide Clutter
27: Paddle Right Up to This Serene Modern Pond House
26: Pop-Up Balcony: Attic Window Transforms into Outdoor Space
25: Darth Vader Fire Pits
24: Suburban Habitats for Schools of Fish
23: Cozo Sacred Geometry Lights and Sculptures
22: Licking the Plate Clean: Edible Dishes Eliminate Disposables
22: SylvanSport GO Camper: Small Size, Big Deal
21: Feeling Stumped? Branch Out with Tree Trunks
20: Pop-Up Office: Tiny Trailer Transforms for Work and Rest
20: Party On Top: Modern Beach House Features Roof Recreation
18: Therapy Tables Provide Relaxation + Lovely Storage
17: How to Create a Flower House
16: Cubit Shelf Modules for Ceaseless Configurations
15: Rocky Chairs: Nature-Inspired Stone + Wood Seating
15: Fairy Doors for Your Home
14: Modern Vineyard Home With a Twist
14: "A Way of Light:" Grapes, Wands and Rainbows
14: Utility + Storage Furniture Takes Center Stage With Style
13: Upside-Down Herbs: All-in-One Kitchen Planter Grows Garnishes
13: Illuminated Illusion: Clever Lamps That Aren’t Really 3D
10: Squeezed for Info: City Map is Like a Squishy Stress Ball
10: Art and Architecture Mecca Marfa, Texas
10: INFARM: Grow As You Are
09: Pillow Talk: Cushy Couch Decor
08: Fantabulous 10-Story House in the Middle of Alaskan Wilderness
08: Courtesy of Colombia: The Suzak Chair by QSTO
06: Coil: Magic Iced Coffee Maker Chills Your Brew in Seconds
04: Mondrian Mashup for the Home
03: BIOTOP Natural Pools: Living Water
02: Visually Stunning Library Wraps You Up in a Big Bookish Hug
02: El Blok: Tropical Modernism
01: House of Connected White Boxes Fits Between the Trees
01: The Brassier, the Better!

August 2015 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Curvy Cyprus Chapel Combines Traditional + Modern
30: DIY Tiny Vacation Home: Handmade Getaway on Wheels
30: Sculptural Staircase: Handrail Doubles as Decorative Room Screen
28: Big Kid Toys: Life-Size LEGO Building Blocks
28: Creative Glass Cube Home Extension
27: Wearable Planters: Jewelry for Green Thumbs
25: In Flux: Origami-inspired Foldable Chairs, Stools, Bars
24: Collapsible Water Bottle Fits Right In Your Pocket
23: CATable: Modern Modular Wooden Furniture for Cats
23: Sky Swimming: Glass-Bottomed Pool Bridges Apartment Buildings
21: Rock Stars: Kreoo Marble Seats
20: Bobbing to Safety: High-Tech Floating Tsunami Shelter
19: Austere Meets Playful in This Furniture With Giant Cross-Stitching
19: Please, Be Seated: Consider Cardboard Chairs
18: Ingenious Tritensil Combines Fork, Spoon and Knife
17: Bright Days: Long, Flat Concrete Home With a Glass Wall
16: Hello House: Greetings from a Bold Renovated Victorian Residence
13: Shelf Life: Anne Linde Metal Collection
12: These Sculptural Lamps Must Change Form in Order to Function
11: Download, Print, Decorate: Adorn These Rings With Treats
11: Get Charged Up: Top 6 Wireless Charging Stations
10: Get Away From it All in a Chair That Disables Your Phone
09: Dumpster Diving: DIY Pool Made From a Reclaimed Waste Container
09: Strollever: Ultramodern Futuristic Stroller for Space Babies
08: Luxury Skimming Stones and The Value of Time
05: Surrealist Flower Power: The OP-vase
04: Ultralight Tent Trailer Follows Your Motorcycle or Small Car
03: Standing is the New Sitting: Fluidstance Level
02: Destroy Distractions: Mute Button Silences Tech So You Can Work
02: Print to Build: 3D-Printed Joints Make it Easy to Construct Furniture

July 2015 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Lions and Rhinos and Unicorns! Paper Wall Art by Papertrophy
30: Let There Be Flower Lights: Performative 'Shylights' That Gloriously Bloom at the Click of Light
29: Upside-Down Mugs, Designer Henry Franks and Dyslexia
29: Push, Pull: Customizable Seating With Fun Foam Bar Chairs
28: Oh Joy! Filter Removes Wine Sulfites for Headache-Free Drinks
28: Don't Be a Square: It's Time for the QLOCKTWO
27: Pod People: Tiny, Building-Attached Shelters for the Homeless
26: Scandinavian Skylights: Bright and Airy Loft Apartment
24: Art as Furniture, Furniture as Art
24: Traipsing Among the Trees: Awesome 2-Level Kids' Treehouse
23: Cutting Edge Kits for Laser-Cut Lighting
23: Get Out and Get Loud with the Bad Boy of Speakers: The Fugoo Tough
22: Light as a Cloud: Unique Sculptural Toilet Paper Storage
21: Living Out of a Suitcase: This Case Is a Set of Mobile Shelves
20: Go Glamping! The Gidget Retro Camper
19: Blob Bedroom: Curvaceous Carbon-Fiber Cocoon Pod
18: Calamityware: Contemplate Monsters As You Sip Your Tea
18: Smart Design Packs a Whole Apartment into 140 Square Feet
17: Feeling Chilly? Why Not Wear Your Furniture
16: Total Transparency: Skylodge Adventure Suites
15: Vela Bike: Modern Tech Meets Classic Design
15: Revealing Rotation: Sliced Coffee Table Offers Hidden Storage
14: Reedsmith: Get Your Fiber Fix from Australia's Wild South Coast
13: Hammock + Hot Tub = Remarkable Outdoor Relaxation
13: Espresso for Purists: ROK Espresso Maker
09: Run-Down House is Rehabilitated With a Shiny New Wrap
09: Mayan Deams: Style Inspiration from the Yucatan Peninsula
08: All-Natural Dishes Come From Compost, Return to Compost
07: A Removable Staircase to Carry You to the Top of the Trees
07: Gimme Shelter: The Garden Igloo
06: Tailor Made: All-Fabric Lamp Casts a Soft, Warm, Fuzzy Glow
05: Base Lamp: Turn Any Object Into Lighting With This Fixture
04: Material Experiments: Sculptural Furniture Made of Sugar & Salt
02: Swing + Rock: A Singularly Whimsical Combo Seat
01: Divided and United: Spanish Home's Separate Volumes Are Visually Connected
01: The Droid: Star Wars Coffee Table Pinball Machine

June 2015 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

29: Leaning is the New Standing: Clever Chair Takes the Pressure Off
29: Floraform: Jewelry for the Future
28: Warehouse to Home: Challenging Site Leads to Creative Solutions
28: Floating Hotel: Catamaran Guest Rooms Can Roam Solo
26: 3 Incredible 3D Printed Faucets That Will Blow Your Mind
24: Innovative Coffee Maker is a Triple Treat for Caffeine Addicts
24: 7 Cat Lover Must-Haves
23: McDonald's New Packaging Caters to Burger-Loving Cyclists
23: The Ultimate Vinyl Lover Decor
22: Don't Panic! 4 Innocuous Objects With Disaster-Ready Functions
21: Inhabitable Sculpture: Curvy Cave Dwelling and Pool House
21: World’s Largest Pivoting Windows are Two Stories Tall
20: Adaptable Apartment: Sliding Wall Transforms Small Space
19: Slide On: Swedish Home Has a Built-In Sledding Ramp
19: How to Create a Sacred Space
18: Flower Power: 5 Ways to Incorporate Florals Into Your Home
18: Bossy Rubbish: Smart Trash Can Tells You When to Empty It
17: Crazy Flooring Fad of the Future: 3D Photorealistic Floors
16: Rest Easy: Supportive Scarf Keeps Necks Safe During Plane Naps
14: Landmark Brew: Eiffel Tower-Shaped Slow Drip Coffee Maker
13: Oak Pass: Infinity Pool Bisects Half-Hidden Modern Home
10: Discarded Wood Becomes a Stunning One-Off Bench
09: Magnetic Whiteboard Paint: What’s Not to Love?
09: Partially-Suspended Staircase is a Delicate Focal Point
07: Hidden Oasis: Green-Roofed Indoor Pool Leads to Sunken Lily Pond
07: Technopicnic: How Modern Urbanites Dine Al Fresco
05: Gleaming Glass: A House with Four Green Courtyards
04: Trash Into Treasure: Clamps Turn Almost Anything Into Furniture
03: Off-Grid Made Easy: Self-Powered Capsule For Truly Remote Living
02: Oh Baby! Minimalist Infant Furniture That Won't Cramp Your Style
01: 30-Minute Move: Room in a Box Assembles With No Hardware

May 2015 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Sofa, So Good: 3D Printed Lounger Weighs Just 5 Pounds
31: Lookout House: Elevated Glass Residence Inspired by Observatories
30: Cool Wallpaper Alternative: Sculptural Wooden Wall Coverings
30: Managing Micro Spaces: Space-Saving Room in a Room
29: Build it Better: Quirky Decorative Hardware Jazzes up Your Furniture
27: Gorgeous Addition Unites and Defines Existing London Home
26: A Light Rain: Lamp Projects Peaceful Water Droplets
25: Grecian Getaway: Historic House Renovation Preserves Character
23: Ultra-Compact Cooking: Modular Kitchen for Nomadic Singles
22: Grounds for Celebration: Cups + Saucers Made of Recycled Coffee
22: Lofty Idea: Clever Micro Apartment Packed with Hidden Storage
21: Dancing Wood: 2 Lovely Sculptural Bent Wood Seats
20: Life is But a Dream: London's Floating Airbnb Accommodation
19: Futuristic Pod-Based Cooker Will be Your Instant Private Chef
18: Diamond in the Dunes: A Sandy Dutch Livable Sculpture
17: The Seven Doors: Rethinking the Function of Entrances
17: Hot Idea: Boiler Room Turned Smart Small Apartment
16: Casa Invisible: Mirrored Prefab Pulls Disappearing Act
14: Living the Dream: Hand-Crafted Treehouse Home + Skate Park
12: A Little Slice of Heaven: Delightfully Tiny Sculptural Garden Home
11: IKEA's Future Kitchen Helps You Recycle, Teaches You to Cook
10: Luxury Lotus Tent: Yurt-Like Shelter Packs Into Duffle Bag
08: A Story in Concrete + Glass: Marvelous Spanish Multi-Level
04: Mini Size, Max Style: Mid-Century Architecture-Inspired Shelves
04: Entry Reinvented: 7 Fascinating Functional Door Designs
03: Black Diamond: Angular Forest Retreat with Minimalist Flair
02: Warehouse to Modern Loft: Cozy Conversion in Brussels

April 2015 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

March 2015 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

February 2015 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

27: Spider Light: Creepy-Crawly Lamp Clings with Magnetic Legs
26: Stretchy Chair is a Work of Art + a Comfy Resting Spot
25: Watt a Bright Idea: Adjust Lamp's Intensity With a Pulley
24: Reflective Teacups Ensure Always-Matching Saucer Sets
22: Fun House: Modern Play Space Features Wooden Swings
21: Micro Architecture: Jagged Wooden Structures Inspired by Ships
19: Intertwining Ribbon Structure is a Beautiful Wedding Chapel
18: Artificial Skylight Produces Incredibly Realistic Sunlight
17: Decaying Wooden Barn Made Over Into Dreamy Living Space
16: Hand-Holding Weighted Blanket Eases Grief + Loneliness
15: Modern Dog: Origami Coffee Table Doubles as a Pet Bed
13: Bookniture Slides Off the Shelf and Opens Into Tables & Stools
12: Airy Modern Bookshelf is 12 Interlocking Wooden Frames
11: Palette Table Mixes People Like Paint to Encourage Interaction
09: Wooden Wall Tiles Make Stunning Personalized Wall Art
09: Ultra Cool: 3D Printed Bricks Can Cool Homes Using No Power
08: Floating Pizzeria: Tiny Sailboat Home Doubles as a Restaurant
08: Casa Caja: Low-Cost Concrete House Designed to DIY
06: Grassy Getaway: Detached Backyard Workshop Hides in Hillside
05: Swirl Faucet Creates a Delicate Lattice Effect With Water
05: Island Ruins Transformed Into Stunning Modern Holiday Home
04: Lamp-Shaped Bookmark Sheds Light on Your Book's Pages
04: Lofty Work: Treehouse Studio is an Architect's Haven
02: City on the Ceiling: LED Lamps are Upside-Down Skyscrapers
02: Steel Rod Grid Criss-Crosses Apartment as Storage + Art
01: Popcorn Monsoon Machine Makes Snacking a Spectacle

January 2015 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Cubitat: Plug-In All-in-One Modular Home Within a Home
30: Modern Streamlined Wood Stove Puts the Focus on the Fire
28: Stacked Wooden Cabinets Make up Stunning Artists' Residence
27: Perfect Balance: Active Stool Works Your Core at the Office
26: Vision to Mansion in 1 Day: Huge Recycled 3D Printed Home
25: Ultrasonic Clothes Washer Fits in the Palm of Your Hand
25: Nest Express: Ski Gondola Transformed into Tiny Cabin
23: High Flying Design: Boeing Wing Recycled into Futuristic Desk
21: Monster Sighting: Nessie Ladle Scoops Up Beastly Meals
21: Plush Dreams: Stacked Cushion Sofas Swaddle You in Softness
20: Contemporary Golf Course Home Climbs its Way Up Sloped Lot
19: Modernist Desk Hides Away Cords to Keep Top Clutter Free
19: Clear Roof Breathes New Life Into Historic Spanish Church
18: The Weight: Anti-Anxiety Pillow Offers Hands and Hugs
16: The PLANTation: Planter Inserts Reclaim Discarded Glasses
12: Tiny 93 Sq Ft Boiler Room Becomes Charming Guest House
11: Tiny Stacked Capsule Rooms Offer Lodging to Temple Visitors
11: Vague Sense of Time: Clock Mimics a Solar Eclipse
10: Faux Cantilever: Concrete House Seems to Float Above Glass
09: 360 Shelf Puts Organization in the Right Perspective
08: 'Island' Sofa Completely Re-Thinks the Traditional Couch
07: Design that Sticks: Safer Desktop Sticky Tape Dispenser
07: Spanish Concrete Dome is a Light-Filled Artist's Home
06: Paint-On Wallpaper Changes Your Room's Look in a Swoosh
06: Modular Cardboard Kits Let You Build Your Cat's Dream House
05: Sculptural Bottle Opener is Pretty Enough to Put on Display
05: Tear Drop Chair is Filled With All the Tears of a Lifetime
05: Single Living Redefined: An Ever-Changing Apartment Interior
04: Built-In Sleeping Nook is a Smart Small Space Solution
02: Subterranean Secret: Bunker Converted to Holiday Home
01: Solid Wood Photo Frame Brings Your iPhone Pics to Life

December 2014 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Clever Bathroom Faucet Doubles as a Drinking Fountain
31: DIY Wood Table Collects Sunlight and Glows at Night
30: Spanish Home Spreads Out in 5 Sections Across the Landscape
29: Multiple Personalities: Homespun But Elegant Furniture Set
29: All-Glass House Can Cure Fluorescent Lighting Overload
28: Quilted Wood: New Material Makes Hard Surfaces Feel Soft
27: Modular Plywood Partition Makes the Most of a Small Space
26: Odd House Adapts to Irregular Site with Computer Mapping
24: Saturn is The Spill-Proof Wine Glass You've Been Waiting For
24: Companion Stools Are the Cutest Furniture You'll Ever Love
23: Gear-Equipped Wooden Table Mixes the Modern + Traditional
23: California Mountain House Looks Ready to Take Flight
22: Lucky Cats: Super Fan Gets Tolkien-Themed Kitty Furniture
22: Segmented SF House Becomes a Secluded Nature-Loving Pad
21: Furniture Meets Mechanical Engineering: Round Expanding Table
21: Stacked Glass Summer House Steps Down Croatian Hillside
19: Mismatched Waiting Room Furniture Brings Quirk to the Wait
19: Perfect Camo: Boulder House Blends Into Swiss Mountainside
18: Rotating Wooden Shelf Spins to Make Custom Wall Displays
17: Cork-Operated Lamp Emulates the Moon's Cratered Surface
16: Genius Marketing Plan Uses Roller Coaster to Sell a House
15: Simple Space Heater Warms Up Your Space for 10 Cents a Day
15: Rapidly Deployable Shelters Go From Flat to Hurricane Proof
14: Glass House: Classic London Home Gets a Transparent Addition
14: Leaning Loop: Upright Organizer Corrals Entranceway Clutter
12: Design a Shelf For Your Storage Needs with Rope Supports
11: Swirly Ceramic Lamp is Inspired by and Kind to Nature
10: Puzzle-Like Table Slides Into the Perfect Configuration
10: Multi-Story Treehouse Tents Are a Quirky Way to Camp
09: Distorted Clay Vases Marry Nature and Hand Craftsmanship
09: Angular Insert Adds Dual Staircases to Apartment Interior
08: Soft Gorilla Breaks Up Into Suite of Lounge Furniture
08: Redaction Home Edits Out Unsavory Neighborhood Views
07: Modern Fairytale Tower House Features Five Staircases
07: No More Wardrobe Waste: 7-Day Closet Promotes Outfit Planning
06: Sky Bridge House Blurs Boundaries Between Indoors & Out
05: Balanced Meals: See-Saw Table Makes It Impossible to Sit Alone
03: Farmhouse Gets a Retro-Futuristic Spaceship-Like Addition
02: Cartoon-Like Lounge Chair is a Big Goofy Relaxation Spot
02: In a Nutshell: The Collapsible, Wearable Isolation Chamber
02: Anti-Work Desk Uses Nature to Encourage Disconnection
01: Fugu Suitcase is Big or Small, Depending on What You Haul

November 2014 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Honeycomb Hotel: Stackable Sleeping Cells at the B-and-Bee
30: Tilted Hillside Studio Frames Beautiful Views in Two Directions
28: FLOAT: Minimalist Mobile Kitchen Made of Copper and Wood
26: Magnetic Wall System Easily Hangs Anything + Everything
25: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Cup: Tiny Goldfish Tea Bags
25: The Locker Grows Up: Metal Storage Units Turn Classy
25: Old Apartment Transformed With an Entirely New Interior
24: Extra Shirt Button Clips on For Thread-Free Quick Fix
24: Behold Beauty: Mirrored Vases Let Plants Admire Themselves
24: Nesting: Egg-Shaped Divider Defines Cafe, Gallery + Studio
23: Steampunk Addition Brings Retro-Futuristic Flair to Farmhouse
23: Creeping Planters: Modern Pots with Root-Like Appendages
21: Super-Slim Arched House Makes the Most of Narrow Tokyo Plot
19: Washbasin Turns Into a Suitcase for the Dedicated Traveler
19: Italy's Tiniest Home is Just Bigger Than a Walk-In Closet
18: Shape-Shifting Bandage Adapts to Different Hand Injuries
18: Pop Art: Bubble Blowing Lamp Creates its Own Temporary Shade
18: Net-Zero Energy California Ranch Home Has Space for 16
17: Sleek + Rustic: Divergent Desk With Integrated Phone Charger
17: Lifted Floodplain Home Combines Utility and Clever Design
15: Word's Smallest Sauna Turns Your Desktop into a Spa
14: Tilting Floors Target Light and Views in Hillside House
13: Light Words: Books Appear to Float on Slanted Metal Shelf
12: Giant Birds Nest Bed Hatches Smaller Sizes for Lone Lounging
11: Sculptural Winding Staircase Makes a Stunning Focal Point
10: Oversized Mushroom Cap Roof Shields Home From Prying Eyes
09: Minimalist 3D-Printed Tap Doubles as a Water Fountain
08: Tiny Maid's Apartment in Paris Transformed with Built-Ins
07: Sliding Chipboard Dividers Define New Spaces on Demand
06: Graceful Wooden Lamp Echoes the Curves Found in Nature
06: Open Prefab Home Takes Small-Space Urban Living Vertical
05: Simple Footed Umbrella Designed to Stay Where You Put It
05: Futuristic Induction Stove Uses LED Flames to Indicate Heat
04: Room Without a View: Addition Blocks View of Ugly McMansion
03: Rest, Easy: One-Legged Seat Lets You Relax Anytime, Anywhere
03: Unbutton Collection Calls to Mind Pinup Girls of the Past
03: Tiny 8 Sq Meter Apartment is Full of Space Saving Secrets
01: Clever Round Table Features an Upturned Wall-Hugging Edge

October 2014 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Soak Under the Stars: Ultra-Portable, Collapsible Hot Tub
31: Buy Your Own Zombie Fortification Cabin for Just 6,000
30: Leader of the Pack: Backpack Stays On + Swings to the Front
29: Funny Business: Awesome DIY Lego Wall Constructed in Office
28: Condensation Lamp Uses Blue Water as a Calming Element
28: Colorful Console: Pastel Piece is Reminiscent of a Flamingo
28: Ultra-Luxe: Magical Subterranean Spa Beneath London
27: Simplici-tea: The Electric Tea Kettle, Completely Redefined
27: Purr-fectly at Home: 11 Outrageous Designer Cat Houses
27: Shipping Container Home Blooms to 3X Its Original Size
26: Bus Converted to Bright, Airy, Storage-Filled Tiny House
25: Desktop Lamp and Planter are Like Your Own Miniature Yard
25: Beer Tree: Sculptural Gravity-Fed Home Brewing Kit
24: Retractable Legs Let This 5-Gallon Cooler Go Anywhere
24: Work Healthier: Mobile Standing Desk With Monitor Stand
23: A Single Light Bulb Adorns an Entire Room with Lacy Shadows
23: Beautifully Clean Water: Stylish Countertop Water Filter
22: Sleek Glass Containers Push Out the Air, Seal in the Fresh
22: Amphibious House Rises Above Flooding to Keep Residents Safe
21: Burning Anticipation: Designer Christmas Countdown Candle
21: Transforming Table Is Like a Giant Block of Jenga Pieces
21: Cast Concrete Home Blends Slick Modern + Rough Traditional
20: Roll With it: Stylish Laser Cut Wood and Leather Handbag
20: Waste Not: Trash Marble Turned Into 6 Beautiful Home Objects
20: Twin Volume Home Surrounds Connecting Glass Enclosure
19: Modular Writer's House Slices Open for Maximum Adaptability
17: Rocking Room: Oversized Woven Chair Offers Group Relaxation
16: Cute Cartoon Eraser Heads Morph Haircuts as You Use Them
16: Stacking Bathroom Sink Swivels to Hold Everything You Need
15: Rubber Toilet Brick Can Save Billions of Gallons of Water
15: Home Space Odyssey: Satellite-Like Planter and Side Table
15: Complex Transparent Home Zig-Zagged by Multiple Staircases
14: Modern Wall Storage System Uses Endlessly Moveable Boxes
14: Futuristic Apartment Shifts Shapes to Suit the Time of Day
13: Nifty Cutting Board Has a Knife Sharpener Built Right In
13: Open Wide! Skull Chair Lets You Rest in the Mouth of Madness
13: Little Relaxation Cabin Built From Mostly Salvaged Materials
12: Boxed Bedroom: Monolithic Black Volumes Hide Furniture
11: Expandable Transforming Coffee Table Grows in Any Direction
10: Orwellian Cabin Sofa: A Private Blanket Fort for Adults
09: HoodiePillow Combines 2 of the Comfiest Things in Your Home
09: Folding Cardboard Standing Desk is Carried in its Own Case
08: Wavy Apartment Building With Cantilevered Balcony Spaces
07: Simple + Stable: Supremely Uncomplicated Flatpack Furniture
07: Mod Squad: Modular Desk Set Puts Everything in its Place
06: Handy Portable Kitchen With Flip-Up Chimneys Moves With You
06: Indoor Outdoor Space: Enclosed Walkway Gives Privacy + Light
05: Stitched Together: Modern Extension Inspired by Handicrafts
05: Wooden Mountain: Freestanding All-in-One Hotel Suite
04: Nap on the Go: Ostrich Pillow Mini Offers a Place to Lay Your Head
03: Two-Legged Balancing Chair Keeps Muscles Engaged All Day
03: Pocket-Sized Minipresso Produces Espresso on the Go
02: High Stakes Storage: Bristly Cabinets Covered in Wood Spikes
01: No Overtime: When This Office Closes, the Desks Disappear

September 2014 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Perfectly Engineered Ice Cream Scoop is a Dairy Dream
30: Aluminum Honeycomb Table is Astoundingly Strong + Light
30: Central Courtyards Connect Historic + Contemporary Design
29: Forget Multi-Tasking: Spectacularly Specialized Utensils
29: Rolling Lounge Chair Is Like an Upholstered Wheelbarrow
29: Enchanting Fairytale Home Built Over the Course of 26 Years
28: Minimalist iPad Stand Props Screen at 3 Different Angles
28: Salt House: Sustainable, Semi-Transparent 3D-Printed Structure
27: Time Killer: The Clock That Tries to Saw Itself to Death
26: Leaning House: Dynamic Diagonal Focuses Views on Horizon
25: Swing Time: Glowing Swings in a Grown-Up Playground
24: Clearly Superior Design: Train Station Is All Glass Doors
23: Shadow + Light: Intricately Patterned Handcrafted Wood Bench
23: Working (It) From Home: Stylish, Sustainable Home Office
22: Crazy and Colorful: Lego-Wrapped IKEA Kitchen Table
22: Peaceful Playhouse: Ethereal, Noise-Free Elevated Treehouse
21: Brooklyn Loft Conversion Uses Built-Ins to Maximize Space
21: Feline-Focused Design: Architects Create High-End Cat Shelters
19: Student Unit: Compact Wood-Lined Hut Is Cheap and Comfortable
17: Fun Hamster Wheel Desk Makes the Rat Race More Literal
16: Tokyo Home With Slatted Facade Is Perfectly Private
15: Serve, then Swish: Beer Carrier Has 2nd Life as a Frisbee
15: Minimalist Wind Chimes: Two-Piece Musical Decorations
15: Coffee in the Clouds: Dining Set Perches on Pitched Roofs
14: Relaxation to Go: Tiny House on Wheels Has a Built-In Hot Tub
14: Two Bedrooms, 16-Car-Garage: This Home Is Basically a Car Gallery
13: Wearable Furniture: Chair Pad Doubles as a Warm Vest
12: Mini Village Houses 7 Family Units Under One Big Roof
11: Four-Color Coasters Come Together to Form a Masterpiece
11: Dramatic Cantilevered Home Juts Out Over Mountain Ridge
10: Beautifully Designed Garbage Bin is Anything but Trashy
09: Grown-Up Treehouse: Elevated Tree-Surrounded Seattle Home
08: Barbecue Picnic Table Lets Everyone Cook Their Own Meal
08: Central Triangular Courtyard Unifies Modern Japanese Home
07: Junk Press: Mold Turns Mail into Pretty Paper Objects
06: Buckminster Fuller-Inspired Geodesic Chair Offers a Futuristic Form
05: Modern Home in the Alps Mimics the Majesty of Mountains
04: Transforming Hanger Expands to Hold Twice as Many Clothes
04: Shared Micro-Living Apartment is Surprisingly Inviting
03: Retro Styled Sideboard Can Go Anywhere, Do (Nearly) Anything
03: Treepee: A Suspended Tent, Trampoline, and Swing all in One
02: Tablecloth Only Reveals its True Pattern When Spilled On
02: Exquisite Spinning Engagement Ring Box Fits in Your Wallet
02: Organic Skyscraper Grows as Occupants Generate Garbage
01: Showy Shade: Solar-Powered Cloud Keeps You Safe From the Sun
01: Simplified Faucet Washes Its Own Handle Every Time It's Used
01: Home's Shape is Distorted and Augmented by Its Own Shadow

August 2014 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Gabled Concrete Home Pays Tribute to Archipelago Landscape
31: Stick Insects: Create Your Own Furniture with Basic Components
30: Work Sofa: Transforming Multi-Purpose Office Furniture
29: Flatpack Water Bottle Fits Into Your Bag Like a Notebook
29: Flat Spoon: Polygonal Measuring Tool Reduces Kitchen Clutter
28: Beautiful Handheld Object is Multi-Sensory Anxiety Relief
28: Wearable Chair Isn't a Chair Until You Need to Sit Down
27: Genius Knife Softens the Butter to Prevent Ripped Bread
27: Tents Turn Into Trash Bags for Easy Post-Festival Clean-Up
27: Styl(f)ish: Ultra-Luxe Kitchen Island is a Gigantic Aquarium
25: Cast Aluminum and Wood Fuse Into Extraordinary Furniture
25: Tiny Home Made of Water Tanks Can Be Pulled Behind a Bike
24: Hypetex: Lightweight Lounge Chair Made of Carbon Fiber
24: Crushable Crinkled Cloud-Like Lamp is Custom-Shapeable
23: Knot House: Five Folded Volumes Spill Down Narrow Site
22: Miniature Dog Campers: Retro Glam Camping for Pets
21: Odd Chair Evolves Into Protective Earthquake Helmet
21: Moving Objects d'Art: Dynamic Internet Art For Your Walls
20: Designer LED Bulbs Illuminate Your Space In High Style
20: Brilliant Rain Boots Roll Up Into a Tiny Portable Package
20: Cascading Staircase is Like an Indoor Frozen Waterfall
19: Origami-Inspired Wardrobe Folds Flat for Easy Transport
18: Tilt Tableware Strikes a Delicate Balance at Meal Times
18: Quaint Urban Home Gets a Grown-Up Modern Extension
17: Simple All-in-One Wooden Furniture Series Grows with Kids
16: Apocalypse-Mobile: World's Most Advanced Expedition Vehicle
15: Floating Writer Studio Suspended from a Concrete Canopy
14: Cute Tap Attachment Gives Kids Hand Washing Instructions
13: Naturally Imperfect: Gorgeous Sculptural Furniture Pieces
13: Minimal Auto-Feeder Keeps Your Pet Full + Your Home Lovely
12: Concrete + Teak + Glass = Sophisticated Minimalist Home
11: Inflatable Car Mattress Turns Your Backseat Into a Bed
11: Ping Pong Coffee Table Combines Fun, Function + Storage
10: Transustainable House: Fresh Shape for the Urban Landscape
10: Coffee Alarm Clock: Wake Up to the Smell of Bedside Brew
09: Tom and Jerry-Inspired House is One Big Indoor Playground
08: High-Tech Table Glows with a Touch of Your Smart Phone
07: Polish Home in the Woods Fits Around the Existing Trees
06: Whale-Shaped Pot Strainer Boasts Giant Kitchen Adorableness
06: Flexible Pot Expands to Accommodate Growing Houseplants
06: Now You See It...Staircase Disappears at Some Vantage Points
05: Coastal Home Designed to Capture Every Inch of Ocean View
04: Unique Furniture Set Represents Traditional Mexican Folk Art
04: Indoors or Out? Wheeled Bedrooms Are Perfectly Portable
03: Gadget-Charging Side Table Eliminates Ugly Power Cords
03: Victorian Apartment Gets a Beach House-Inspired Extension
02: Stumble Upon: Upturned Rug Corner Turned Coffee Table
01: Narcissus Desk: Selfie Lovers Can Stare at Themselves All Day

July 2014 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Morphing Chair Conforms to Your Changing Comfort Needs
31: Tiny Paris Apartment Packed With Space-Saving Features
30: Modular Honeycomb Pods Aimed at Music Festival-Goers
29: Desert Home and Courtyard Blend Seamlessly with Landscape
28: Charming Campfire Table Lamp Brings the Outdoors Indoors
28: Spanish Stone Farmhouse Gets a Contemporary New Heart
27: House of the Infinite: Travertine Jetty Reaches Out to the Sea
26: Stacks of Kitchen Utensils are Modern-Day Totem Poles
26: From Functional to Fun: Explosion Cabinet Pulls Out Into Chaos
25: Calming Tea Bags Let You Watch Your Stress Melt Away
25: Converted Victorian Post Office Apartment with a Modern Feel
24: Desk Hammock is a Comfy Suspended Spot for Your Feet
23: No More Fat Cats: Giant Hamster Wheel Keeps Cats Trim
22: Getting Skinny: Narrow Home Could Ease Urban Crowding
21: Historic Greek Stable Gets a New Life as a Vacation Home
20: Century-Old Beach House Gets Cozy Modern Renovation
20: Balancing Act: Elegant Water Jug Tilts to Serve
18: Forest House: Minimalist Cabin in the Woods of Germany
16: Super-Soft Chairs Swallow You in Cushions, Then Bounce Back
15: Fun + Sun: London Townhome Filled With Character + Light
14: Transforming Home Features Three 90-Degree Rotating Rooms
13: Smashable Concrete Lamp was Designed to be Broken
13: Rolling Home: 1948 Bus Remodeled into Handcrafted Abode
12: Bulbous House is an Ultramodern Retreat in Urban India
11: In Focus: Picture Frame Chair Puts the Spotlight on the Sitter
10: Experimental Studio Uses Unskilled Labor, Local Materials
09: Picturesque Irish Home Gets a Natural Modern Extension
07: Quirky Lampshade Chair Provides Isolation in Plain Sight
07: Hidden Gem: Home's Plain Exterior Hides a Fun Interior
06: Sun House: Glass Volumes Shaded by Retractible Shutters
05: Cup-Shaped Kettle Can Save Millions in Energy Costs
05: Abyss Table: Layers of Glass Recreate the Depths of the Sea
04: Built-In Wood Boxes Make a 269-ft Apartment Comfy for Three
03: Free-Form Play Structures Encourage Kids' Creative Thinking
02: Cook Anywhere: Plug-and-Play Modular Induction Cooker
02: Such Great Heights: Lofty Ladders Designed for Kids
01: Intelligent Water Bottle Cap Reminds You to Stay Hydrated
01: Books as Art: Wall Storage Suspends Your Book Collection
01: Blended Family: Home Addition Fits Seamlessly Onto Original

June 2014 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Do the Twist: Sleek Minimal Pen With Smart User Interaction
30: Meet PEG: The Flatpack Chair With no Fasteners Required
30: Earthbag Filling Machine Can 3D Print Houses From Dirt
29: Terra Wind: Amphibious RV Goes from Land to Sea
29: Stitched Together: Extension Highlights Home's Evolution
28: Fashionable Vases Use Mass-Produced Product as Raw Material
28: Enter the Ring: Circular Lounger Spins to Change the Views
27: Pet Lamps: Adorable Desk Lamps Look Like Light-Up Bugs
27: Kitty Kasa: Stackable Modular Housing for Cats
26: Warm Fuzzies: Elegant Sculptural Bathroom Towel Warmers
26: Ark in the Woods: Forest Getaway Balances Atop a Boulder
25: Delicate Balance: Minimalist Bamboo Bathroom Scale
25: Insect-Inspired Armoire Brings the Beauty of Nature Indoors
25: Mirrored Observation Cabin All But Disappears Into Park
24: Air-Molded Recycled Paper Tiles Redefine Wallpaper
24: Something Old, Something New: Stone Barn Gets a New Heart
23: Sharing Fun: Novel Coke Caps Transform Empty Bottles
23: StorkStand May Be the Simplest Standing Desk Ever Designed
23: Building Blocks: India's First DIY Shipping Container Home
22: Piston-Powered Caffeine: Espresso at the Pull of a Lever
22: Tree-Topped Rectangular Houses Look Like Giant Potted Plants
21: Modular Wall Storage System is Totally Flapping Unique
21: Converted Warehouse Home Opens to the Sky in Summer
20: Rolling Modular Room Design Transforms Interior Spaces
19: Beautified Tape Dispenser is Simply Two Interlocking Circles
19: Double the Creativity: Office Chair Expands to Seat Two
19: Four-Story Home With Functional Transparent-Walled Atrium
18: Biodegradable Food Packaging Mimics Nature's Own Packaging
18: Classic Rotating Bookcase Gets a Modern Modular Update
17: Urban Park Bench Transforms Into Temporary Homeless Shelter
17: Tiny Apartment Gets Large Look With Partition Additions
16: Simple Design Tweak Takes the Yuck Out of Kitchen Sinks
16: Virgin Atlantic's Lighter, Smarter, Redesigned Meal Trays
16: The Ark in the Park: Peaceful Green-Roofed Floating Home
15: Modos Modular Furniture System Eliminates the Need for Tools
14: Mixed Reality: Wall Projections Transform Tiny Apartments
13: Fluffy and the Whale: Minimalist Fishbone House for Pets
12: Simple Tool Turns Empty Bottles Into Unique Drinking Glasses
12: Transforming Desk is Four Pieces of Furniture in One
11: This Fold-Up Toy Turns Your Staircase Into an Indoor Slide
11: Open-Box Home With Curved Partitions Mimics Natural Shapes
10: Brogamats: Manly Accessories for Bros Who Love Yoga
10: Coffee, Salt + Sand Become Sculptural Furniture Components
10: Tiny Pod House Packs Big Personality Into 125 Square Feet
09: Young Inventor Creates Spill-Proof, Unbreakable Drinking Cup
09: Re-Use Plastic Bottles as Mini Indoor Hydroponic Gardens
09: Concrete and Glass Home "Floats" on Serene Reflection Pool
08: The Terrapin: Tiny Handmade Wooden Camping Trailer
08: Bloom: Lamp Opens Like a Flower to Adjust Brightness
07: Fondue Slippers Mold into a Perfect Replica of Your Feet
06: Inception Dish Drainer is a Flexible Little Manhattan
06: Mirage House: Rooftop Infinity Pool Melts into the Aegean Sea
05: Swiveling Chair Gives You Power Over Your own Privacy
05: Worm-Like Sculpture Attaches Itself to Portuguese Bus Stop
04: Former Industrial Building Features Built-In Bookcase Seats
03: Accessible Modular Kitchen With Tons of Unusual Features
03: Cute Home Office is a Peaceful Backyard Working Retreat
02: Incredible Swimming Pool Hides Under a Retractable Lawn
02: Gorgeous Aged Wood Flooring is Actually Easy Care Ceramic
02: Modern Vietnam Light-Filled Home Houses Three Generations
01: Honey, I'm Home: Modular Keychain Organization System
01: Spiked Sundial: Ultramodern Bronze House by Daniel Libeskind

May 2014 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Modern Hippie Bus Goes Where Vintage Volkswagens Can't
30: Elegant Swinging Chair is a Big, Inviting Birdcage
30: Tokyo Stack: Two Shipping Containers Create Corner Office
29: Playful Animal Footstools Keep Your Feet Warm + Friendly
29: Interlocking Cardboard Blocks Let Kids Build Intricate Forts
28: Environmentally Reactive Hat Defends Wearer From the World
28: Wood Scraps Become Lovely Recycled Eco-Friendly Furniture
28: Charming London Flat Engages Sliding Screens for Privacy
27: Recycled Cardboard = Desks + Backpacks for Indian Kids
27: Room-In-a-Room Expands to Increase Space in Tiny Apartments
26: Suspended Picnic Table Facilitates Friendly Conversation
26: Transforming Desk is Combined Workspace and Napping Mat
26: Floating Home Perches Atop a Fragile Looking Glass Layer
25: Quirky Tongue-in-Cheek Furniture Brings Humor to a Room
25: The Cut: Customizable Kitchen Slides to Suit Your Whims
24: Brilliant Paperweight Holds Open Pages While You Read
24: Interactive Barbecue Bible Sharpens Knives and Lights Fires
23: Adjustable Hanging Lamp Displays Multiple Personalities
23: Folding Geometric Floor Mat Enables Semi-Private Napping
22: Tiny Books, Big Impact: Illustrator's Hand-Bound Mini Tomes
22: UK Home's Roof Slides to Transform the Entire Property
21: Ethereal Acrylic Dandelion Lamps Give Off a Delicate Light
21: Cave-Like House With Twin Green Roofs is a Natural Beauty
20: Bench with Twin End Tables Born of Reimagined Stairs
20: Historic Water Tower Goes from Landmark to Scenic Overlook
19: Pages of Change: Revolutionary Book Provides Clean Water
19: Flexible Wooden Fort Bends and Shapes to Suit the User
18: Almost Invisible: Secluded Green Home Buried in Hillside
18: Cloud Table: Work Surface Swirls Through the Room
17: Magic Ring: Wearable Device Lets You Control Gadgets with Gestures
16: Flexible Light Bends to Illuminate the Bottom of Your Bag
16: Caravan Concept Brings Modern Sleekness to RV Travel
15: Life in the Woods: Thoreau-Inspired Serene Garden Retreat
14: Modern Wood Gadgets Come to Digital Life With a Touch
14: Tiny House-Shaped Planters Bring Green Roofs Indoors
14: Tiered Reading Room is a Paradise of Literature + Relaxing
13: Brilliant Furniture is Flipping Easy to Turn into Beds
13: Upside Down and Backward: Unusual Home With Airy Features
12: Temporary Body Art is a Map to Cooking a Masterpiece Meal
12: Phone-Shaped Chair is a Quiet Place to Sit and Have a Chat
12: Stunning Views Define Austrian Home Cut Into Hillside
11: Technology Meets Tradition in Laser-Cut Lacescape Table
11: Futuristic Capsule House Takes Luxury Eco-Hotels on the Go
10: Flying Carpet Sofa Lets You drift to Sleep in the Clouds
10: Escape Into Your Mind: Sensory Deprivation Skull Chair
09: Brilliant Candle Holder Keeps the Flame Burning All Night
09: Triangulation: Sharp Geometric Modern Furniture Series
08: A Safer Symbol: Wedding Ring Clasps to Prevent Accidents
08: Off-Road Trailer is Meant for Luxury in Rough Terrain
07: Terrific Trash: Furniture Made With Only Discarded Material
07: Pilot's Home Uses Height + Glass to Create a Feeling of Flight
06: Waste Stone Fragments Repurposed as Sophisticated Tableware
06: Peek a Boo! Working Table With Room for Your Cat to Play
06: Abracadabra! Double-Height Foyer Becomes DIY Loft Area
05: Up, Up + Away: Whimsical Floating Red Balloon Chair
05: Airy Portuguese Home Features Movable Window Louvres
04: Floating Stone: Zaha Hadid's Cantilevered Granite Shelf
04: Tiny Glass-Walled Container Home Features Rooftop Deck
03: Patterned Panels: Carved Natural Bamboo Wall Coverings
03: Hidden Storage Sliced Into Stark White Micro Apartment
02: Table for One? Tiny Bar Set Folds to Seat One to Four
02: Paris Stairwell Apartment Packs 4 Floors into 269 Sq Ft

April 2014 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Random Patterns Make Fascinating, Unique Wallpaper
30: Winding Staircase Resembles an Apartment-Dwelling Tree
29: Modern Glass Table is Held Together With a Cork Stopper
29: Light-Filled Writer's Residence: Inspiring Minimalist Abode
28: Speedy Microwave Espresso Maker is Surprisingly Sophisticated
28: Design Series Combines Luxury Furniture + Fun Electronics
28: Origami-Style Roof Embraces This Modern Japanese Home
27: Tranquil Modern Big Sur Home is a Glass Path to the Sea
27: Sculptural Portable BBQ Grill Folds Up Like an Umbrella
26: What's the Scoop? Flat-Edge Bowl Stands Up to Help Eating
26: Modern, Mortgage-Free Tiny House Built for Just K
25: Dual Purpose Seat: Dining Chair Transforms Into Step Stool
25: Living Container: Flexible, Adaptable and Open Interiors
24: In the Belly of the Beast: Big Brown Bear Sleeping Bag
24: Playful Sculpted Goldfish Inhabit Modern Minimalist Tables
23: Origami-Like Handbags Fold Flat When They Are Not in Use
23: Hamper Turns Into Comfy (But Stinky) Chair When Filled
22: Unique Hand-Blown Glass Lamps Look Like Melting Ice
22: Lightweight Backpacking Tent Reduces the Reviled Poles
22: Breathtaking Desert Home Blends Perfectly With Landscape
21: Ingenious Axe Uses Kinetic Energy to Simplify Woodcutting
21: Mirror Mirror On the Wall, Which Takes the Best Selfies of All
21: Sunny Spanish Home is Full of Character + Modern Touches
20: Golden Goose: Gadget Makes In-Shell Scrambled Eggs
19: Marble Vase Wants to Be the Target of Your Frustration
19: Edible Tower: Make Your Own Bread Bowls for Picnics
18: Modern Concrete London House Sunken Below Street Level
17: Auto-Balancing Shoe Will Save Seniors From Dangerous Falls
17: Caffeine Rush: Clever Coffee Mugs Will Never Be Empty
16: Traditional Dip-Dyed Porcelain Tiles: Little Pieces of Art
16: Towers Collect Drinking Water From Thin Air in Ethiopia
15: Stunningly Simple LED Lamp Casts its Own Silhouette Shade
15: Clever Child Carrier Makes Piggyback Rides Pain-Free + Safe
15: Staircase + Bookcase = Warm Functional Storage Area
14: Lounge Chair is a Little Bit Country, a Little Bit (Rock +) Roll
14: Table Uses Natural + Artificial Light to Charge Your Gadgets
14: Meditation Hut + Tea Room Brings Serenity Through Water
13: Building Blocks for Adults: Creative Odd-Shaped Shelving
13: Roundabath Bathroom: All-In-One Space-Saving Design
12: Genius Umbrella Redesign Makes Perfect Sense, Looks Great
12: Green Studio: Faceted Roof on a Modern Home Office Addition
11: Gorgeous Peg Lamp is an Exceptionally Minimalist Design
11: Smart Self-Closing Space-Saving Organizer Systems
10: Portable Aluminum Radiator Follows You Around Like a Pet
10: Accordion-Like Pillow Has a Fully Customizable Size Range
09: Simple Desktop Magnet Holds Your Charging Cables in Place
09: Ethereal Staircase Floats Between Apartment's Dual Levels
08: Hand-Made Plastic Vases Look Like Elegant Blown Glass
08: Remodeled House Has Insanely Fun Cat-Centric Interior
07: Sweet Dreaming Whale Swimming in the Deep Warm Tea
07: Cantilevered Concrete Slab Sofas: Living Room Architecture
07: Charming Tree House Has All the Coziness + Style of Home
06: Modern Tea House Salvaged from a Warehouse Roof
06: Smart Cooking Concept Blows the Crock Pot Off the Counter
05: Steampunk Work Bench: Antique Looks, Modern Tech
04: Stay Stylish and Illness-Free With a Virus-Killing Scarf
04: The Shape of Home: Creative Gabled Wall Cutouts
03: Bad Design Gone Good: Hilariously Uncomfortable Products
03: Eco-Friendly Tiny Cabin Can Be Moved and Placed Anywhere
02: Wood You Take a Message? Memo Pad is a Faux Wood Block
02: Attention Hog Toaster Will Leave You if You Neglect it
01: This Chicken Leg Holds Spices to Jazz up Your Cooking
01: Be Cool: Terra Cotta Pot Cools the Air Using Only Water
01: Construction Trailer Transformed Into Gorgeous Play Room

March 2014 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Magical Modular Kit Lets Kids Build Their Own Furniture
31: Clever Kitchen Cabinet Hides Full-Size Washing Machine
31: Luminous Glass and Wood House is a Jewel in Tokyo's Valley
30: Undulating Wave-Like Desk Weaves Through Modern Office
30: Opulent Tropical Villas Feature Sparkling Infinity Pools
29: Chuckle-Worthy Chairs? Sitcom Stars Talking Furniture
29: Breaking Bulbs: 3D-Printed Lamps Seem to Shatter
28: 3 Functions, 2 Pieces, 1 Super Transforming Furniture Hero
28: Twisting House Zig-Zags to Fit Oddly-Shaped Footprint
27: Brilliant Milk + Cookie Cups May Change Snack Time Forever
27: Recycled Label Rug is Where Old Designer Jeans Go to Die
26: Colorful Flexible Foam Molds Into Candy-Like Furniture
26: Pneumatic Elevators Make Accessibility + Luxury Affordable
25: Futuristic Transforming Space is Everything All at Once
25: Eco-Friendly Home Uses Only Straw for Heating and Cooling
24: Stretchy Modern Fruit Bowl Holds Whatever You Need it To
24: Hardwood Flooring Purifies Your Air, Beautifies Your Home
24: This Beautiful Passive House Can Be Built in Just Four Days
23: Soft Rocker: Sculptural Solar-Powered Outdoor Lounger
23: Suspended Staircase Makes Steepness Chic & Comfortable
22: Scent-Infused Fork Fools Your Senses With Phantom Flavors
22: Angled to the Sun: Kinked Facade on a Timber Home
21: Illuminating Reading Material: Lamp Disguised as a Book
21: Stackable Housing Unit Adds Up to Affordable Living
20: Real Decommissioned Weapons Turned Into Home Objects
20: Footstool With Built-In Blanket is Always Ready for a Nap
19: Lightweight Floating Wall Storage Shelves Look Like Stone
19: Caravan Bed Lets Kids Camp Out in Their Own Bedrooms
18: Movable Moisture: Tiny Humidifier Fits on Any Water Bottle
18: Extend Your Life + Your Workspace: Flatpack Standing Desk
18: Organic Shaped Backyard Office Doubles as a Storage Shed
17: Rolling Mop Ball Cleans Floors and Terrifies the Family Pet
17: Ethereal Hole-Punched Basin Has Notes of Nature, Whimsy
17: Hamster Wheel Home Provides Offbeat Dual Living Spaces
16: Current Table: Charge Devices with Diffused Indoor Light
16: Organic Living in the City: Rounded Apartment Interiors
15: Zen Seating: Meditation Chair Makes Proper Sitting Easy
15: Fully-Functioning LEGO Keyboard Reclaims Discarded PC
14: Fun Office Storage Trays Do Away With Useless Bottoms
14: Glass Farmhouse: Modern Residence in a Rural Setting
13: Ultra-Soft Daybed Uses Textures + Touch to Entice Nappers
12: Watch Your Nose: Wristwatch Emits Aromas to Tell Time
12: Two-Piece Kitchen Gadget is Perfect for Home Pizza Masters
12: Watch As a 2-Room Apartment is Transformed Into 5 Rooms
11: Origami Sofa Goes From Sleek Seat to Stylish Floor Covering
11: Tiny Room Becomes a Light-Filled, Storage-Packed Studio
10: Rocking Nightlight Switches On and Off With a Gentle Push
10: Space-Age Folding Toilet Cuts Down on Space + Water Use
10: Eco-Friendly Geodesic Houseboat Costs Less Than ,000
09: Nomadic Interiors: Travel with a Hotel Room on Your Back
09: Modern Tropics: Sculptural House Showcases Greenery
08: Caffeine Chemistry: Steampunk Glass Balloon Coffee Maker
07: Smelling Safe: Anti-Mugging Jewelry Makes You Stand Tall
07: Writer's Shed: Relaxing Modern Backyard Retreat
06: Shoe Tying Made Simple: Credit Card-Like Learning Aid
06: Modular Urban Farm Lets Anyone Raise Their Own Food
05: Origami Illusion Rug: Not for the Obsessive Rug Straightener
05: Bright Colors and Creativity Define a Play Space for Children
04: Illusion Storage: Vase-Displaying Shelves Hide a Fun Secret
04: Starry Night: Cocoon-Like Bed Lulls You to a Peaceful Sleep
03: Leave Your Mark in the Kitchen: Custom Glass Back Splashes
03: Pile of Sticks: Table Fits Together With no Glue or Fasteners
03: Stacked Blocks: Glass-Top Stone-Base Home in Ecuador Hills
02: Suburban Contrast: Modern Studio Squeezed Between Houses
02: Pattern Study: Home Interiors Brimming with Mixed Prints
01: Modernized Classics: Pixelated Portraits Adorn Furniture

February 2014 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

28: Plant-Watering Dish Rack Drains into Herb Pots
27: Huge 3D Printer Can Print Out Life-Size Furniture Pieces
27: Decaying Church Converted Into Bright Modern Offices
26: Bike the Pie: Fixed Gear Bike Pizza Cutter Has Sharp Wheels
26: Less is More: Renovation Maximizes Space, Adds Sunshine
25: Stack and Rearrange These Storage Cubes Like Tetris Pieces
25: Narrow Paris Apartment Revamped Into Cozy 4-Level Home
24: Three-Ring Service: Stackable 3-in-1 Condiment Holder
24: Swiveling Arm Acts as Water Supply for Shower and Sink
24: Luxurious Beverly Hills Home is a Marvelously Modern Gem
23: Modified Monobloc: Ubiquitous Garden Chair Comes to Life
23: Commercial Conversion: Loft with Sunny Garden Feel
22: Space Shuttle Cabin: Retro-Futuristic Mountain Getaway
21: AirBNB Bridge: San Francisco's Old Bay Recycled into Home
20: Literally Drift to Sleep in This Swimming Pool Bedding Set
20: Insect Invasion: Realistic Painted Ants Swarm Fine China
19: DIY Design Helps Needy Nations Make Their Own Shoes
19: Towers of Power: Industrial Loft Defined by Airy Additions
18: Fire in the Hole! Candlestick Creates Reincarnated Candles
18: Room for One More? Expanding Stool Seats One or Two
18: Kind Trophies: Repurposed Bike Parts Replace Dead Heads
17: Balancing Act: Kitschy Lamp Clamps Onto Any Flat Surface
17: Simple Table Modification Can Keep Bags Safe + Clean
17: Elevated Villa is Perfect Vantage Point for Japanese Snows
16: Too Scared to Sit? Glass Furniture with Piston-Aided Parts
16: Funhouse Cabin: Six-Sided Structure Stands on Stilts
15: Glass-Sided Hipped Roof Mimics Lost Mountain in Japan
14: Sleek Storage: Crypto Furniture Offers Hidden Compartments
13: Bottle Lamp 2.0: Rechargeable LED Lights Up Your Empties
13: Soothing Medical Center Interior Keeps Kids + Parents Calm
12: Graceful Chopsticks Are Two Elegant Halves of a Whole
12: Floating Sauna to Give Stressed Seattleites Double Relaxation
11: Crazy Kinetic Sideways-Opening Door Is Unlike Any Other
11: Luxury Facilities Let Campers Enjoy Nature With No Hassles
10: Pharmacy Service Packs Your Daily Pills + Delivers Them
10: Eco-Friendly Home Produces More Energy Than It Uses
09: Hold On: Tilting Furniture Series Will Blow You Away
09: Cross-Shaped Hill House Looks Out Over Countryside
08: Recliner Desk: New Angle on Laptop Work Surfaces
07: Multifunctional and Compact: Tiny Tel Aviv Art Studio
06: Recycled T-Shirt Packaging Transforms Into Its Own Hanger
06: A Tale of Two Tables: Textures Make Night + Day Difference
05: Stretching Colored Lines Make for a Surreal Coffee Table
04: Chilly Outside? Clever Mug Keeps Hands Warm All-Around
04: Modular Outdoor Furniture Lets Cities Customize Fixtures
04: Tiny Attic Apartment Has Pop-Out Surprises in Every Room
03: Pincushion-Inspired Sofa is a Whimsical Setting for Seating
03: Tiny Portable Off-Grid Home Caters to Nomadic Lifestyles
02: Mini Doors and Shoji Screens Hide Ugly Power Outlets
02: Floating in the Forest: Modern Treehouse with Ocean Views
01: IKEA Reassembled: Furniture Series Ignores Instructions

January 2014 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Camouflaged Concrete: Hill House Blends Into Landscape
30: The World on Your Finger: Tiny Wooden Landscape Jewelry
30: Recycled Shipping Containers Become Homes for the Needy
29: Transforming Modular Desk Shifts to Fit Your Technology
29: Vertical Coat + Accessory Storage is Functional Modern Art
28: Mobile Foundry Gives Recyclers a Creative Income Stream
28: Built-Ins + Double Duty: Small-Space Living in HBO's Girls
27: Water Fight! Recycled Bulbs Recall Hanging Water Balloons
27: Modular Kitty Playground Gives Cats a Whole Room of Fun
26: Wrong Chairs: Classic Windsor Designs Oddly Reworked
26: UFOgel: Efficient Living Pod Lands Beside Farmhouse
25: Modern Secret Garden House Features Private Courtyard
24: Scents of Time: Watch Emits Perfume Four Times Daily
23: Elegant + Analog: Kitchen Scale Weighs With Bendy Metal
23: Desk Calendar Puts the Past + Future in Their Proper Places
22: Magnetic Desk Lamp Goes Two Pieces for Illumination
22: Sleek Porch Swing Transforms to Fit Your Seating Needs
21: From Waste to Wonderful: Lovely Recycled Stone-Like Tiles
21: Loft Puts Industrial, Modern + Traditional Design in Motion
20: It's LEGO'Clock: Wall Calendar Made Entirely of LEGO Pieces
20: Oxymoron Desk Blends the Best of Work + Home Surfaces
20: Iceland Hotel Highlights Natural Beauty of Its Surroundings
19: Curved Cutlery: Challenging Circular Flatware Set
19: Memories Fade: Historic Paris Apartment Gets Gradient
18: Lionel Stitchie: Lyrics Embroidered on Discarded Furniture
17: Case House: Wooden Lofts Seem to Multiply Space
16: Rail + Peg System is a New Take on Classic Storage Solution
16: Balls of Light Caught in Iron Cups = Modern Pendant Lamps
15: No Place Like Home: A Life-Size Replica of Dorothy's House
15: Building Set Takes Indoor Fort Construction to a New Level
14: Graceful Redesigned Hanger Stores Without the Stretching
14: Round + Round Bench is a Recycled Seat With a Secret
14: Funky Brooklyn Loft Features Indoor Cabin + Treehouse
13: Minimalist Shelves Make Themselves Scarce When Unneeded
13: Ford's Cargo Ship Transformed Into Stately Lake House
12: Minimalist Coffee: Elegant Single-Serving Brewing Device
12: Modern Cabin in a Quarry Embraces Rough Rocky Nature
11: Residence Raised Over Translucent Truck Storage Volume
10: Illuminating Danger: Shark Lamp Lurks on Home Surfaces
09: Cute Wall-Mounted Planters Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive
09: Skateboard Furnishings Add a Sporty Edge to Any Home
08: Water-Repelling Shirt Fabric Laughs in The Face of Moisture
08: Ikea's Catalog Lets You See Items In Situ Before You Buy
07: Urban Aquaponics System Grows Food Indoors Year-Round
07: Apartment Wall Twists + Turns to Reveal Hidden Rooms
06: Unfriendly Spiked Vest Maintains Personal Space on the Bus
06: Multi-Functional Bench Stores Your Fabric While You Rest
06: Frank L. Wright House Finally Built 74 Years After Creation
05: Pi Workstation: Desk, Dining Table & Bookshelf in One
05: Rev Up: This V12 Engine Will Fuel You With Espresso
04: Twisting Wood-Lined Residence Reaches Out for the Sea
03: Jellyfish House: Cantilevered Rooftop Pool with Glass Floor
02: Reclaimed Abandoned Materials Get a Loving Makeover
02: Low-Impact Prefab Vacation Cabin is at Home Anywhere
01: Self-Cleaning Dishes Never Need a Dishwasher or a Sponge
01: Munich Hotel Contorts into 88 Different Surprising Shapes

December 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: High Wire Act: Lamp Cords Finally Take Center Stage
31: Islands For the Team: Modular Pieces, Custom Workplaces
30: Inverted Marble Pyramid is Like a Floating Monolith Table
30: Tiny Space Lander Camper Explores Vast Serenity of Earth
29: Clever Transforming Coffee Table Rises to New Heights
29: Urban Balcony House Puts Priority on Outdoor Spaces
28: Plants as Living Modern Art: Modular Concrete Garden Tiles
27: Willow House: Singapore Oasis Brings the Outdoors In
27: Cutting Board Traps Your Chopped Veg to Keep Them Safe
26: Mad Man's Hollywood Pad is Surprisingly Compact, Minimal
26: Tile a Kitchen With the Ghosts of Old Computer Monitors
25: Get in Lime: Colorful Sleeve Protects Cocktail Garnishes
25: Recycled Snap-Together Tiles Make for a Safer Bike Lane
25: Transparent Desert Shack is More Than Meets the Eye
24: Alpaca Warrior Gloves: Clever Fingerless Hand Wrap Design
24: Sweet Furniture: Candy-Inspired Home Furnishing Series
24: Musical Stairs: Playable Harp Strings in Place of Bannisters
23: Colorful & Collapsible Set Gives New Meaning to Flatware
23: Ceiling-Suspended Bed Doubles as Chandelier or Night Light
23: Pie-Shaped Site: Slim Corner Stone House Remodel in Spain
22: Bright Blue Snail Poo: Excrement Used to Make Tiles
22: Upcycle House Made of Textural Post-Consumer Materials
21: Curtain of Vines Adds Shade and Color to Modern Home
21: Glass Expansion Updates 1870s London Townhouse
19: Accordion Shelves Go From Folded to Full-Size in No Time
19: Concrete Floor Beautifully Doubles as Kitchen Counter
18: Stairway to Heaven: Infinite Staircase Disappears Into Sky
18: Grass-Growing Bench Injects a Little Nature into the City
18: Enclosed Self-Sustaining Floating City: Future of Humanity?
17: Slurp Up: New 'Soup Sticks' Combine Chopsticks & Straw
17: Wobble, Spin & Tilt: Buoy Chair Promotes Active Seating
17: Full of Surprises: 300-Square-Foot Office Turned Apartment
16: Fold-Out Kitchenware: Compact Cabinet Deploys on Demand
16: Range of Chairs: TV Show Seat Set Inspired by Mountains
16: Cohabitable Cabin: Multi-Species Wooden Forest Retreat
15: Reclaimed Egg Cartons Get a Second Life as Lamps
15: Sculptural Portable House Covered in Closable Panels
14: Electromagnetic Magic: Table Turns On Unplugged Lights
13: Buy One, Give One: Biodegradable Altruistic Toothbrush
13: 12 Shoes for 12 Lovers: Sculptural Odes to Former Partners
12: Closed-Loop Shower is an Eco-Friendly Washing Alternative
12: Tiny Swedish Lofted Apartment With a Stunning Terrace
11: Floating Bookshelves Turn Books Into Unique Hanging Art
11: Swinging, Suspended Stools Make a Fun Addition to a Bar
11: Raised Jungle Home is a Dream Treetop Perch Getaway
10: Flat-Pack Fan: Bamboo Design Slides into Simple Metal Slots
10: Shove Stuff: Minimal Desk with Simple Built-In Back Shelf
10: House Rehab: Vintage Masonry Base Gets Minimal Metal Top
09: Design Worth Stealing: Spoons Disappear from Museum Cafe
09: Homey Canopy: Minimal House Outline to Frame Your Bed
09: River Home: Modern Indian Residence Reaches Over Water
08: Chair-Lamp Combo Auto-Adjusts for Optimal Illumination
07: Minimalist Fold-Up Tables Create a Versatile Work Space
07: Clear View: Glass Box Hovers Over Subterranean Home
06: Hydroponic Garden Lets Even Tiny Homes Have Veg Gardens
06: Literary Teas Give You a Taste of Your Favorite Classic Books
05: Artistic Sculptures Double as Useful Modern Home Objects
05: Flat Pack Pre-Fab Building Makes Stunning Backyard Library
04: Pampered Pets: Classy Furniture for Discerning Dogs + Cats
04: Split Personality: Home Accommodates Living and Working
03: Out of Closets? Leaning Rack Hangs Clothes in Small Spaces
03: Scanned & Scaled: Full-Size 3D-Printed Dollhouse Furniture
03: Two-Box Home: Simple Dwelling of Dual Shipping Containers
02: Stop Chopping Logs: Cylindrical Stove Burns Whole Trees
02: Green Flowers to Red Fires: Table Shifts Between Seasons
02: Life on Display: Converted Storefront Made Modern Condo
01: In a Box: Furnishings Unfold From Tiny Containers
01: Hivehaus Hexagonal Flatpack Home Hides Lots of Storage

November 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Live to Work? Sleep on Your Desk with the Workbed
30: Adaptable Attic Apartment Full of Secret Compartments
29: Sinister Sandpaper Sculptures Turn Everything Dangerous
29: Glowing Starpath Uses Solar Energy to Brighten the Night
28: Gesture-Sensing Toilet is the Sanitary Fixture of the Future
28: Pop-Up Plastic Pods Add Some Summer to the Bleak Months
27: Day of the Diet: Sugar Skull Spoon Cuts a Few Calories
27: About Face: Favorite Fonts Turned Into Modern Furniture
27: Eco-Housing Plan Has Humans Moving Into Forest Trees
26: Caveman Cutlery: Knife, Fork & Spoon Set Looks Prehistoric
26: Loopy: Roller Coaster Ramp Connects Pair of Picnic Tables
26: Jenga-Style Steps: Giant Spiral Stairs Made of Wood Blocks
25: Stick-Lets: Flexible Fasteners Made for Kids Building Forts
25: Woodsman Axe Coffee Table Inspired by the Big Bad Wolf
25: Hole-Punched Home: Odd-Angle Apertures for Light & Views
24: When a Chair is Not a Chair: Wacky Wall Hooks
24: Converted Solar Truck Home with Warm Wooden Interior
23: One Sharp Design: Woodsman Table Uses Axes for Legs
23: Double Courtyards Flood Modern Cube House with Light
22: Free-Form Plastic Manufacturing Yields Spontaneous Shapes
22: Odor-Absorbing Undies Take Embarrassment out of IBS
21: Olive Oil Dispenser Lets You Target Your Oil Distribution
21: Unified Teacup + Saucer Simplifies Tea Drinking Ritual
21: Over the Top Drama: Spiral Staircase in London Home
20: Flip it Out: Wicked Cutlery Designed Like a Butterfly Knife
20: Couples (Color) Therapy: Double Bathtub, Dual Relaxation
20: The Ultimate Getaway: Private New York Island for Sale
19: Simulated Sunlight Alarm Clock: Wake Up Slowly & Naturally
19: Shark Fin Knife: Floating Solution for Safer Dish Washing
19: Low-Cost House: Hybrid Home of Cheap Cargo Containers
18: Cute Turns Creepy: Pet Candles Melt into Metal Skeletons
18: Clear the Clutter: Modular Desk for the Storage-Obsessed
18: Mirrored Entrance: Forest House Flaunts Camouflage Facade
17: Friendly Furniture with a Face: Whimsical Storage Series
17: Super-Skinny Seattle 'Spite House' Sells for Nearly 0K
16: Turn a T-Shirt Into a Dog Hammock With Flat Pack Frame
16: The Lush Life: Luxury Garden Villa Features Rooftop Pool
15: Ease Your Back Pain With an Ergonomically-Designed Shovel
14: Spider Web Chairs Grow From Threads + Crystal Solution
14: Micro Apartment Uses Tiers to Maximize Tiny Living Space
13: Curvy Solar House is a Cozy, Green, Shared Student Abode
12: Wireframe Wash Basin: Minimalist Effect Forms Invisible Sink
12: Open-Frame Refab: Interior Remake Exposes Studs & Beams
11: Built of Books: Recycling Old Volumes into a Table Surface
11: Autofamily House: Drive Your Ride Through the Front Door
10: Fluid Zaha Hadid Superyacht Inspired by Organic Forms
09: Modern Villa Offers Private Cubes to Individual Residents
08: Simple Tarpaulin Outerwear = Future Human Protection?
07: A Swinging Bar: Suspended Chairs Redefine Watering Hole
07: Austin's Coiled Bathroom is a Matter of Form Meets Function
06: Nature Meets Modern Design in This Peruvian Palatial Home
05: Pod Lights: Standing Lamp Deploys Wireless Flashlights
05: Open-Air Interior: Public Semi-Outdoor Cantilevered Cinema
04: Home-Grown Furniture: Fungus Chair in 3D-Printed Mould
04: Futuristic Pyramid House Fit for an Ultra-Modern Pharaoh
03: Push Bowls Pop From Flat to 3D for Versatile Storage
02: House Cast in Liquid Stone: Ultramodern Cliffside Residence
01: Cozy Outdoor Fireplace Hut is a Warm Glowing Play Place

October 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Highs + Lows: Suspended Bedroom + Sunken Living Room
30: Stunning Prefab Micro-Homes Go Together Like LEGO Bricks
29: Concrete Tableware: Really Rugged Set of Bowls & Plates
29: Fabulous Floating Villa: Island-Shaped Floating Home Design
28: Modified Social Benches Transform Traditional Public Seating
28: Leaf House: Concrete Canopies Provide Shelter & Shade
27: Formwork: Modern Modular Desk Organization Accessories
26: Stacked Geometric House Blends into its Historic Setting
25: Colorful Posters Get a Second Life With a Little Origami
24: A Light Dusting: Rough Plaster Defines Modern Roman Home
23: Double-Duty Dog Accessories Fold + Bend Into New Shapes
23: Low-Impact Sustainable Homes for Families in Remote Places
22: Pencil Box Light: Little Desk Lamp Contains Creative Surprise
22: Curvy Cruiser: Streamlined Caravan Looks Sleek & Inviting
21: Out of Stock: Simple & Easy-to-Assemble 3-Shelf Wall Set
21: Tree in House: Glass Cylinder Wraps Five-Story Fir in Forest
20: Textural Wallpaper Imitates Scrap Wood Without the Work
19: Magic Levitating Coffee Table Uses Magnets to 'Float'
18: Space Saving LEGO-Like Toiletry Bottles Stack Up Nicely
17: Branch-Like Modular Benches Have Endless Possibilities
17: Simple but Elegant: Small Storage-Rich Parisian Apartment
16: Ghostly Household Objects Turn the Mundane Marvelous
16: Temporary Plastic Bubble House Reflects Classic Glass Home
15: Elevating Bathtub: Accessible Tub has Neat Slide-Up Sides
15: Pico-Dwelling: Urban Living in Less than 200 Square Feet
14: 1,000-Pound Table: Perfectly-Balanced Piece of Rolled Steel
14: Intergenerational Historic Stone Home Gets Steel Extension
13: Fluid Modern Office Desk Looks Different From Every Angle
12: Run-Down City Bus Converted to Chic Custom DIY RV
11: Happy Houses: Embroidered Pictures Brighten History
10: Pill-Shaped Lamp is the Prescription for Bedtime Reading
10: Ultra Tiny 130 Square Foot Apartment is Big on Surprises
09: Poseable, Colorful Wooden Rugs Go From Flat to Funky
09: Stunning Modern Home Surrounds the Peak of a Mountain
08: New Money Silverware Bridges Gap Between Metal & Plastic
08: Skylight-Suspended Bed Bridges Open Loft & Rooftop Deck
07: World's Lightest Table: 8 Feet Long, Weighs Only 20 Pounds
07: 4 Semi-Subterranean Townhouses Set into Sloping Hillside
06: Tuberoom: Portable, Translucent Walk-In Closet
05: Modern Steel Cubes Complement 200-Year-Old Stone House
04: Self-Washing Shirt is Easy Enough Even for College Students
03: Balancing the Books: Ingenious Reading List Reminders
03: It's a Magical World: Delightful Calvin and Hobbes Bedroom
02: Sophisticated Table Lamp Lets You Take the Light With You
02: Playing in a Fantasy World: Surreal Children's Playgrounds
01: Impossible Geometry: Triangle Vase Not an Optical Illusion
01: Private Modular Loft Uses Clever Dividers to Partition Spaces

September 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Wooden Briefcase Unfolds into Table, 2 Stools and a Lamp
30: Mountain-Hugging Manta Ray House to Wrap Around Peak
29: Living Cube: Space-Saving Loft/Storage Unit for Studios
28: Modern Plywood Expansion to Traditional Japanese Home
27: Office Workout: Smart Desk Shifts Between Sitting, Standing
27: Have Tea, Will Travel: Folding Kettle Takes Earl Grey to Go
26: Redesigned Cutlery Makes First Dates a Bit More Bearable
26: Voila! Huge Sliding Glass Door Reveals Open-Air Living Room
25: Concrete Ribbon Home Sits Between Overlapping Layers
24: Shake Washer: Mini Hand-Powered Travel Washing Machine
24: Boardroom on Wheels: Truly Mobile Office in Moving Vehicle
23: Niche Custom Bookcases: Built to Fit Your Exact Collection
23: Cantilevered Home Hangs Over River Like a Broken Bridge
22: Cascading House Bridges 8-Foot-Gap Between Buildings
21: World's Lightest Timber Table is Stronger Than Solid Wood
20: Odd Dummy-Like Machine is a Magical Shirt Ironing Robot
20: Touchscreen Sliding Tap is a Space-Age Bathroom Fixture
19: Transforming Loft is Big (Organized) Living in Tiny Quarters
18: Mash-Up Home Accessory Takes Care of 7 Jobs at Once
18: Retro Vegas Home Oozes Suburban Subterranean Charm
17: Skyline Lamp Shade: 3D Cityscape Wraps Round Light Bulb
17: Typographic Interior: Music Room Mural Made of Words
16: All-Age Furniture: Growth Table Slanted to Fit Human Sizes
16: Sized for Semis: Mobile Home Fits Neatly on Back of Truck
15: Kaleidoscope Cabinet Multiplies Precious Possessions
14: Abstract Modern Nest House Mimics Twigs and Branches
13: Eco-Friendly Recycled Pencils Leave Behind Cheery Shavings
12: Spotless Slurping: Ingenious Tool For Eating Noodle Soups
12: Sky-High Fun: Apartment With Climbing Wall + 4 Story Slide
11: Spoon Away: Couples' Mattress Makes Cuddling Comfier
11: Beautiful Biomimicry: Treehouses Look Like Part of the Trees
10: Fancifully Fake: Warhol-Colored Wood-Grain Floor Tiles
10: Geometric Staircase Perforated with 12,000 Shots of Water
09: Secretive Workstation: Kitchen Surface with Secret Features
09: Suspended Space: Midair Room Hangs Between Townhouses
08: Floating Vacation Rental: A Modern Houseboat in Berlin
07: The Alarming Clock: Wake Up to the Sound of a Woodpecker
06: In House: A Dining Set Made of Ordinary Household Items
05: Above + Beyond: Live, Floating Bamboo City Built by Kids
05: From Warehouse to Wonderful: Double-Duty London Home
04: Minimalist Bean Lamps Add a Bit of Quirk to Your Abode
04: Natural Materials, Sweeping Curves: Dutch Sand Dune Home
03: Split Personality: Dual-Angled Mirror Works for Two at Once
03: Exemplary Interior: How to Make 380 Sq Ft Feel Spacious
02: Worknest: Multi-Functional Desk Celebrates Simple Wood
02: Mass Customization: Hermit House Shows Prefab Possibilities
01: Transforming Swarm Table Inspired by Movement in Nature

August 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Ultra-Narrow Apartments Fill Gaps Between Buildings
30: Grown-Up Tinker Toys Let You Build Your Own Everything
29: London Light: Heat-Reactive Lampshade Mimics Rising Sun
29: Bathed in Luxury: 4 Beautifully Inspiring Bathroom Designs
28: Bath Fixtures as Art: 2 Inspiring Re-Imagined Showers
28: Graceful Glass + Winsome Wood = Serene Lake House
27: Beyond Fairy Gardens: DIY Cracked Flower Pot Landscapes
27: Quirky Cabana: Little Retreat Blends into Sloped Landscape
26: Sheer Kitchen Sphere: Modular Circular Island Workstation
26: Private Paradise: Craftily Hidden Japanese Home & Garden
25: Geek Chic: Space Invader Couch and Donkey Kong Shelves
24: Pitched-Roof '60s House Transformed with Timber Skin
23: Enjoy a Single Glass of Red Wine Without Popping the Cork
22: Color-Changing Shower Head Tells You When to Get Out
22: Converted Paris Warehouse is a Light-Filled Ode to Nature
21: A Portable Hobbit House for Your Unexpected Journeys
20: LED Wallpaper: Roll-On Wall Lights Spread Out & Shine
20: Rev the Roof: Tiny Rooftop Tent Rides on MINI Cooper Cars
19: Felines First: Living Room Interior Design Has Cats in Mind
19: Workaround: Raised Forest Residence Deftly Dodges Trees
18: Abandoned Dry Cleaning Shop Converted to Modern Home
17: Patch Project: Joint Kit Lets You Build Your Own Furniture
16: Sofa Goes From Relaxing to Heart-Revving in Just Seconds
15: Composting Utensils Let You to Eat (With) Your Veggies
15: High Drama: Curved Walls + Colored Lights = Lovely Loos
14: Shrouded in Greenery: Home Floats Gracefully Above Ground
13: Forebruary: Minimalist Wall Calendar that Will Last Forever
13: Spatial Relativity: Average Home Sizes Around the World
12: Tessellated Furniture: Tetris-Style Modular Seating System
12: Cobbled with Copper: Stone Barn Wall Built into New Home
11: Biodegradable Utensil Set Mimics Fruits and Vegetables
10: Modern Mortise: Burr Puzzle Stool in Pink Metal
09: Scratch-Off Maps Let You Display Every Place You've Been
08: Pretzel Chair Flips Upside Down to Go From Work to Fun
08: Flemish Barn Renovation Brings New Life to Historic Village
07: Four Simple Ways to Fold Your Sheets Picture Perfectly
07: Rustic Farmhouse Renovated into Charming Guest House
06: Bird Brick: Modular Birdhouse Nests in New & Existing Walls
06: Nine by Nine: Modular Furniture for 81 Sq Ft Apartments
05: The Simple Things: Minimal Folded-Aluminum Seating Set
05: All-Season Dome Home Design by No Rules Just Architecture
04: Modern Seaweed House Inspired by Traditional Techniques
03: Triple the Relaxation in Sculptural Trinity Hammock
02: Negative Space Sculpture Becomes Personal Art When Messy
01: Flexible LED Lamp Bends + Twists to Illuminate Your Space
01: Inspiration = Elevation: Wood Loft Gives Privacy + Storage

July 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Simple Design Feature Solves the Eternal Cup Question
31: Bizarre Shoes Let You Carry Portable Shelter Everywhere
30: Upside-Down Shower: Ground-Up Design for Decks & Yards
30: Upside-Down Interior Design Creates Crazy Optical Illusion
29: Fallen Tree Bench: Organic Chaos Meets Linear Minimalism
29: Emergency Houseboats: Bamboo Shelters Float on Oil Drums
28: Two Hulls House: Seaside Residence Inspired by Ships
27: Tessellating Black Blocks Create Free-Form Furniture
26: Nap on the Go: Folding Head Support Prevents Neck Pain
25: Simple But Elegant Solution to the Teeny-Tiny Balcony Blues
25: Awesome Portal Bedroom is Decorative - For Science!
24: Mushroom House: The Tiny Home Stuffed With Mushrooms
23: Literalist Wall Lamps: Familiar Shapes via Light-Up Outlines
23: Portable Prefab Pod Home: Compact, Minimal & Modern
22: Groovy Chair: Bent Circular Plastic Seat from Zaha Hadid
22: Sandwich House: Addition Turns Brick A-Frame to Green Box
21: Surreal Structures Perched on Hillside Like Living Creatures
20: Wood Box Storage Wall Keeps Micro Apartment Organized
19: Dual-Purpose Shirt Puts Your Kids to Work While They Play
18: Worker's Cottage to Wonderland: Gorgeous Interior Rehab
17: Flatpack Goes Electric: Stylish Fold-Out Cardboard Lamps
17: A Livable Work of Art: A-Cero's Sculptural Open Box House
16: Primitive Knife: Stone Age-Style Kitchen Cutting Implement
16: Terraced Townhouse: Open-Plan, Platform-Based Rebuild
15: Mind-Boggling Balance: Three-Legged Bench + Table Set
15: Mouse Trap House: Windowless Facade, Pop-Top Surprise
14: Modular Shelving System Adapts to User's Needs
13: Vessels of Sound: Speakers Made of Wood and Glass
12: Home Jewelry: Architecture Becomes a Personal Accessory
11: Tour de Dining Room: Glass Table With Rolling Bike Wheels
11: Light, Heat, Color, Steam: Self-Contained Wellness Center
10: Sustainable 1-Person Getaway: Not for the Claustrophobic
09: Hammock Bathtub: Suspend Your Disbelief and Take a Bath
09: Slatwork Facade Provides Visual Interest & Privacy Shade
08: Tiptoe Stool: Five-Legged Furniture Balances on Three Legs
08: Inner Beauty: Austere Home Exterior Hides Zen Courtyard
07: Stark Simple House Conceals Bright, Complex Interiors
06: Create a Seating Arrangement as Cozy as a Sweater
05: Coming Soon to Dollhouses: Miniaturized IKEA Furniture
04: Origami-Inspired Furniture Snaps Together With Magnets
04: The DIY Tiny House Built and Occupied by a Family of 4
02: Bathing Sphere: Suspended Orb Tub Not for Shy People
02: 29sqm Apartment Features Space-Saving Stairs & Loft Bed
01: Folding Wood Furniture: Elegantly Slim Table & Chair Pair
01: Block House: Deformed Facade for Views & Visual Interest

June 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Car Crazy: House Built Around Views of Porsche
29: Meccanica: Flexible Open Framework Kitchen Shelves
28: Box Transforms Your Car Into a Camper in One Minute Flat
27: Reflective Furniture Becomes Nearly Invisible in a Room
27: Tiny London Loft is a Light-Filled, Storage-Rich Dream Home
26: Suspended Bathtub: Hammock + Tub = Supreme Relaxation
26: Tiny Pre-Fab Modular Rooms Add Up to a Stackable Home
25: Right-Angled Staples: Simple Twist Reinvents the Stapler
25: Floating Barn: Modest Houseboat Inspired by Sea Shacks
24: Reading Chair: Seat with Built-In Book & Magazine Shelves
24: Narrow Escape: Thin House Measures Just 4 Horizontal Feet
23: Three-Story Tree House is a Dream Backyard Getaway
22: More Than a Spork: All-in-One Utensil Includes Chopsticks
21: Elegant One-Handed Tape Dispenser Refines Wrapping
20: Make Your Own Lovely Modern Copper Hanging Light Fixture
20: Lush Ivy-Covered Building is a Living Backyard Home Office
19: Connected Sofa is the Perfect Space to Work From Home
19: Bombs Away: Former RAF Base Becomes Family Farmhouse
18: Frozen Mid-Cut: Log Sculpture Shows How Trees Get Sliced
18: Minimalist Black Metal Staircase Stands Out in White Room
17: Key-Free Lock: Smartphone App Rekeys Domestic Security
17: Recycled Pocket House: Custom Rustic Cabin on Wheels
16: Oculus of Trees: Lush Courtyard Separates Two Homes
15: Windowseat Lounge Provides Privacy in Public Places
14: Interactive Light Sculpture Moves Just Like a Living Creature
13: Floating Dining Table Lets You Enjoy Levitating Lunches
13: Stunning Manhattan Loft Makes Genius Use of Tiny Space
12: Sluggish After Lunch? Take a Nap in This Transforming Desk
12: Into the Wild: Prefab Cabins for Year-Round Adventures
11: Catlike House: Spiral Shell Home Rests Its Head on Its Tail
10: DIY Stone Bathmat: Create a Luxurious Shower Experience
10: Double-View Bench: Flip the Seatback to Switch Directions
10: Rammed-Earth Retreat: Modern Home Made of Local Soil
09: Reinventing Disposable: Elegant Japanese Paper Tableware
08: Illusion of Discomfort: Rigid-Looking Chairs Are Really Soft
07: Where are Your Keys? These Metal Lasso Pointers Can Help
06: Get Smashed! Steel Chair is Shaped By Your Hammer Strikes
06: Inside-Out Brazilian House Brings the Sunny Outdoors In
05: Imaginary Nuclear Mutated Insects Make for Snug Rugs
05: Just Add Water: Concrete Buildings Built With Air + H2O
04: Bottomless Drinks: Social Glassware Can't Be Set Down Full
04: Double-Volume Van: Compact VW Camper Pops Up & Out
03: Canvas Chairs: 2D Fabric "Paintings" Hide Real 3D Seats
03: Tower House has Powerful Verticals, Horizontals & Views
02: The Nest: Modern, Low Cost Home with Mesh Facade
01: Steampunk Sphere Home is a Prefab Disaster Shelter

May 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Drop the Drips: Ingenious Mug Kills the Awful Coffee Ring
30: Wall-Hugging Visual Vase is a Friendly Floral Balancing Act
30: Converted Loft Goes Back to the Future with Classic Style
29: 8-Way Transforming Table is Poetic Geometry in Motion
29: Rainforest Retreat is in Perfect Harmony With Surroundings
28: Convertible Stair Ramp: Home Accessibility Design Concept
28: Kitchen Island Tower Puts Your Essentials in a Single Stack
27: Forms of Nature: Organic Chandelier Casts Forests on Walls
27: Slim Corridors & Courtyard Open Up Narrow Japanese Home
26: Walhub: Triple-Duty Switch Plate Holds Mail, Keys and More
25: Three-Story Interior Green Wall Breathes Life into Home
24: Concept Camera Lets You Create Real-Life GIF Flip Books
23: Modern Update to the Folding Chair is Elegant + Sustainable
23: The Modular Hotel Room/Office That Fits Into a Suitcase
22: Beauty of Simplicity: Four Walls, One Roof, Stunning Home
21: Tasty Utensils: Edible Spoon for Sustainable Consumption
21: Plywood Accents Show Potential of Undervalued Material
20: Floating Tables: Legless Furniture Defies Gravity by Design
20: Live & Work, Warped: Japanese Townhouse & Noodle Shop
19: Freedom Rooms: Micro Apartments Designed by Prisoners
18: Organic Modern Furniture Made Digitally on Demand
17: Smart Dog Leash Carries Everything You Need for Walkies
16: Edible Furniture: The Answer to Tough Economic Times?
16: Moss Carpet and Natural Light = Park-Like Home Office
15: Kitchen Grater Lets You Use Butter Right From the Fridge
15: L-Shaped Mountain Home Goes With the Topography Flow
14: Stop Musical Spoons: Simple Sans-Saucer Design Solution
14: Remarkable River Rock Home on an Ultra-Small Foundation
13: Destined to Be Dated: Cute QWERTY Futon Made for Geeks
13: 1 Basic Module Makes 900-Block Modular Home in Ecuador
12: Living in a Van: Rustic, Cozy Converted Campers
11: Modern Geometric Addition Extends Traditional Brick Home
10: Modern Stool Costs to Make, Looks Like a Million Bucks
09: Fractured Reflections: Arty Mirrors Provide Alternate Visuals
09: Tokyo's Tiniest Apartments are Like Expensive Little Closets
08: Good for More Than Just Towers: Lamp Made of 7K LEGOs
08: Tiny Living on Wheels: Impossibly Small 32-Sq Ft Cabin
07: Flat-Pack Urinal: Composing Straw Bale for Outdoor Events
07: Spherical Tree Tents for Temporary & Permanent Dwelling
06: Entrancing Tables Show Off Intricate Flat-Pack Geometries
06: Vertical Garden: Home Facade Covered in 25 Kinds of Plants
05: Playful Shelving Doubles as a Kid-Sized Pin Press Toy
04: Wood Contrasts with White in Converted Stable House
03: Hot Water Turns This Food Parcel Into a Meal-Ready Bowl
02: Split Wood Lamps Create Beautiful Fusion of Tech + Nature
02: Transforming Kids' Bedroom Suite Slides Right Into Place
01: Store, Carry, Work: Portable Laptop Case Opens Into a Desk
01: Tiny Houses Give Slum Dwellers a Safe Home in Just One Day

April 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Book Vase: Surprise Sprouts Right Out of Reading Collection
30: Mobile Home De Markies: Timeless Modular Travel Camper
29: Nomadic Furniture: All-in-One Trunk for Guest Habitation
29: Micro Condo: New York Loft Makes 425 Sq Ft Feel Spacious
28: Transforming Feel Seating System Made of Squishy Spheres
27: Stacked Black and White Studio House Hugs the Hillside
26: Wearable Drum Kit Hugs Your Body in Thumping Beats
25: Up, Then Down: Shelves Fold Neatly Away Until Needed
25: Magnificent Staircase is Also a Slide, Bookcase + Cinema
24: Extra-Visual: Gorgeous Desk Has Multi-Directional Drawers
24: Up, Up + Away: Stilt House is Safe From Floods in Style
23: Zip Tie: Clever Knot-Free Felt Necktie Uses Zipper Instead
23: Box Office: Storage Defines Space in Parisian Workplace
22: Enhanced IKEA: Making Mass-Produced Furniture Unique
22: Subtle Site Strategy: Garden Wall Home Has Hidden Depths
21: My Knitted Boyfriend: Body Pillow for Lonely People
20: Altered Appliances: Bake Your Own Edible Dishware
19: Plants as Education: Kit Brings Gardening Back to the Masses
18: Fidget-Friendly Pillow is Just the Thing For Nervous Energy
18: Exotic Nautical Interior Informed by Rich Island History
17: Industrial Materials Make for a Welcoming Low-Impact Home
16: Cave Technology: All-Purpose, Brute-Force Kitchen 'Rock'
16: Additive Refab: Old House Infilled with Minimalist Modules
15: Flexible Wooden Bookshelf Warps to Wrap All Book Sizes
15: Blank White Box: Whole New Extreme for Minimalist Homes
14: House Dedicated to Reuse Grows Like a Living Organism
13: Privacy Contrasts with Startling Openness in Thai House
12: Brilliant Folding Wheel Rolls in a Wheelchair Revolution
11: Cheeky Kitchen Objects Hide a Provocative Secret Function
11: Indoor-Outdoor Paradise: South American Forest Retreat
10: Shoo, Fly! Designer Smoke Alarms Keep You Safe in Style
10: Breathtaking Studio is a Cozy Study in Contrasts + Textures
09: Hand-Held Coffee Shop: 30-Second Microwave Espresso
09: Unfolding Cube Prefab: Space-Doubling Emergency Shelter
08: Slot Sofa: Compact Modular Couch Contains Table & Chairs
08: Scope it Out: Cantilevered Home Frames View of Landscape
07: Historic Horse Stable and Coach House Converted to Home
06: For the Dogs: These Japanese Homes are Pet Playgrounds
05: Peculiar Scale Lamp Measures Weight in Brightness of Light
04: Wonderful Wood-Clad Home With Unexpected Features
03: Barely-There Floating Vases Show the Beauty of Minimalism
03: Private Metal-Clad Abode: Small House With a Big Presence
02: Self-Stirring Pot: Unique Shape Uses Heat to Cook & Spin
02: Slotwork Staircase: Prefab Fiberglass Steps Slip into Place
01: New Twist (& Slide) on Classic Convertible Couch Paradigm
01: Tree House Studio Builds Hideaways, Studios & Retreats

March 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Lounge on a Cloud in Your Living Room with the Cirrus Sofa
30: Cantilevered Vacation Home Takes in the Forest and Sea
29: Adjustable Highchair Grows With Kids from Infant to Tween
28: Ordering the Chaos: The Incredible Evolving Home Interior
27: Nerdvana: Wrapping Oak Bookshelves are Home Centerpiece
26: Dyson Doubles Down: Hybrid Drip-Free Faucet + Hand Dryer
26: Avian Accommodations: Google Map Pin-Shaped Birdhouses
25: Secret Drawer: Bookshelf Hides Magnetically-Locked Storage
25: Pure Salvage: 10 Eclectic Tiny Homes Built with 99% Scrap
24: Epic Stargazing from Geodesic Dome Tents at Chile Hotel
23: Flip, Stack and Connect: Creative Custom Furniture Set
22: Coat's Portable Hugs Make You Feel Loved Wherever You Go
21: Mad Scientist Lab Features Special Transit Tube for Lab Cat
20: Dream Duds: Fantasy Bedding Sends Littles to Sleep in Style
20: Self-Sufficient Green Dream Home is One With Surroundings
19: Tokyo Urban Farm: Eat While Watching Your Food Grow
18: Reality Glitch: Digital Distortion in Physical Furniture Form
18: Hidden Hemloft: Secret Treehouse in the Woods of Whistler
17: Sleek Self-Contained Kitchen Design Disguises Clutter
16: Stacked Hillside House Balances Beach Views with Privacy
15: Color-Seeing Machine Sorts Your Sweet Candies by Hue
14: Crazily Contorted Conversation-Starting Park Benches
14: Curved Walls + Concrete Flawlessly Unite Modern + Antique
13: Kit Makes Anything You Want From Stuff You Already Own
13: Metal Mesh-Clad Desert Home is a Castle Fit for the Sun King
12: Test-Tube Chandeliers for Hanging Lights, Colors & Plants
12: Nature Calls: Gorgeous Green Bathroom Lush with Plant Life
11: Pretty, Portable: Cute 3-Piece Convertible Furniture Series
11: Semi-Subterranean Digs: Modern Take on Native Pit Houses
10: Modern Earth Shelter: Homes Built into the Hillside
09: Compact & Colorful Kids Room Design Ideas by KIBUC
08: Timeless Timekeeping: Make a Personalized Photo Clock
07: Self-Destructing Chair Falls to Pieces After Just a Few Uses
07: Living Inspiration: 10 Modern Modular Living Room Designs
06: Make it Pop: Suite of 3D-Illusion Rugs Really Stands Out
05: Fashion ... Forward? Tilted High Heels Are 'Scary Beautiful'
05: Central Spiral Staircase Has 6000-Book Shelving Capacity
04: Literal Book Light: Portable Lamp Unfolds Open Like Pages
04: Skinny Extension: Adding Daylight to a 7-Foot-Wide Home
03: Stackable Soft Parcel Furniture Set Wrapped in Fabric
02: Glam Glass House is a Monumental Luxury Retreat
01: Turn Negatives Into a Positive With This Clever IKEA Hack

February 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

27: Modern Concrete Homes Seem to Float on the Side of a Cliff
26: Simple Tool-Free DIY Bench Made of 2 Chairs & 5 Boards
26: Cubism, Cubed: Green Tendrils Wrap Through White Kitchen
25: Animated Animalia: Pop-Up Books Inspire Playful Wall Lights
24: Sliding Doors: Sleek Room Dividers Separate Spaces in Style
23: Water-Saving All-in-One Integrated Toilets of the Future
22: Sweet Swigs: Edible Sugar Glasses Look Like Functional Art
21: Hands Up! Shadow Puppet Lamp Fills Room With Nostalgia
21: Elemental Elegance: 9 Minimalist Office Interior Designs
20: Cozy Camping: Zip-Up Couch is a Sleeping Bag on Legs
19: Good Night Lamp Connects You to Global Family & Friends
19: Sloped-Roof Micro-Apartment Makes the Most of Odd Angles
18: Light & Elegant: Minimalist Wall-Hanging Modular Furniture
18: Pop-Top Roof: See the Stars at the Simple Push of a Button
17: Cantilevered Osaka House Hovers Over Driveway
16: Water-Saving Appliance is a Shower and Washer in One
15: Small Space, Big Appeal: Folding Dining Table + Storage
14: Short-Term Rental Uses IKEA Elements to Feel Like Home
13: Geometric Harmony: 3 Spectacularly Unique Bathroom Sinks
13: Serene Setting, Tiny Space: Sublime Spanish Mountain Home
12: One Size Fits All: Super Simple & Flexible DIY Curtains Kit
12: Home Inside a Home: Peaceful 'Pause' Indoor Hut Structure
11: Self-Snuggle Seat: Integrated-Blanket Chair to Keep Warm
11: Organic Outgrowth: Home Conforms to Natural Site Stone
10: Homework Desk Can be Customized to Workspace Needs
09: Converted 19th Century Church Now a Spacious Rental
08: One-Handed Clothes Hanger is a Quirky Product Redesign
07: Kitchen Cooking Tables Combine Cooking + Dining Surfaces
06: Wooden Shade Slats Reborn as Attention-Grabbing Furniture
06: Folding Cardboard Playhouse is a Sweet Small-Space Treat
05: Self-Cleaning Fish Tank + Garden Turns Waste to Fertilizer
05: Singular Detail: Unique Wood Ribbon Wraps Whole Home
04: Crafty Coffee Table Doubles as Modular Modern Dollhouse
03: Mechanic Garage to Modern Glass Addition in London
02: Reclaimed Patchwork Wood Block Floor Has Character
01: Nature-Loving Bricks Bring Wildlife Straight to Your Walls

January 2013 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Patchwork Wooden Bedroom Floor is a Ceiling in Disguise
31: Tiny Paris Apartment is Huge on Storage + Customizability
30: Minimal Modern Home in the Shadow of an Ancient Castle
29: 45-Degree Catch Hinge: Simple & Genius Safety Innovation
29: Spinal Staircase: Bare-Bones Steps Inspired by Vertebrae
28: Downside Up: Poured Liquid Solidifies into Tables & Shelves
26: Unspillable Wine Glass: When You Get Tipsy, This Cup Won't
25: Structural Ingenuity: Hand-Crafted Bio-Geometric Menswear
24: Elegant Coffee Table by Night, Stylish Doll House by Day
24: Tiny Garden Shed Transformed Into Teenage Dream Home
23: Hungary For History: Vintage Bus Becomes Rad Home Office
23: Folk Art, Uncovered: Home Bejeweled in 30,000 Bottle Caps
22: Bevel Cup: Healthier & Easier-to-Dry Twist on Typical Mugs
22: Portable Prefab Igloo: Modular Extreme-Weather Shelters
21: Lumberjack Bookcase: Rough & Simple Gravity-Held Shelves
21: Torus House: Curved Courtyard-Wrapping Urban Oasis
20: Modern Modular 10 Unit Seating System by Shigeru Ban
19: X-Shaped House Hangs Over Hillside in Barcelona
18: Green Lights: 2 Highly Unusual Nature-Embracing Lamps
17: Lovely Tiles Blend Durability of Ceramic and Beauty of Wood
17: Asianspiration: 9 Elegant Interiors Inspired by the Far East
16: Retro, Recycled: Furniture Inspired by Old Steamer Trunks
16: Comforting Curves Command This Cave-Like Polish Home
15: Unnerving Entry: Bang-Bang Door Handle Shaped Like Gun
15: Urban Sanctuary: Rooftop Hut Adapts Rural Garden Shed
14: Custom Map Murals Make for Excellent Contextual Wall Decor
14: Escher-Inspired Home is Covered in Grass & Abstractions
13: Flying Carpet: Chair-Bed Combo Adapts to the Human Form
12: Dramatic, Angular Modern Office in Luxury Lake House
11: Crisp, Clean Lines Define a Sophisticated Bathroom Suite
10: Tiny Meals: 3 Sophisticated Small-Space Concealed Kitchens
09: Pampered Pet Hammock Gives Kitties Their Own Special Crib
09: Classic Stone Barn Home With a Contemporary Other Half
08: Minimalist Decor: Surprisingly Real Sketch-Shaped Vessels
08: Cube-Shaped Cloud: Lightweight Tricycle-Pulled Mini-Home
07: Impossible? Bookshelf With Both Flexible & Fixed Bookend
07: One-Room Cabin: Japanese Minimalism in Rustic Northwest
06: Stacked Concrete House Uses Space in Surprising Ways
04: Next-Gen Concrete Will Make Buildings That Last 16K Years
03: Custom Guitar-Shaped Kitchen Sink for a Harmonious Home
03: Putting Up Walls: 10 Gorgeous Wall-Mounted Bookcases
02: Bending Brightness: 2 Unusually Flexible Office Desk Lamps
02: Two Tiny Irish Cottages Joined By a Single Glass Stairwell
01: Storytime Sanctuary: Nautilus Bookshelf Wraps Readers

December 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Surreal Chandelier Creates Indoor Clouds, Sunrises & More
31: Cozy Carpark: 250-Square-Foot Home Inside Old Garage
30: Cathedral of Light: Bent Beams Create Illusory Arches
29: Glass Tower House Shares Family Life with the City of Kyoto
28: Artistic Abstraction: Installations are Like Doodles in 3D
27: Outdoor Showers are a Bit of Luxury in Your Own Back Yard
27: Shape-Shifting Apartment Interiors Blur Spatial Boundaries
26: Green Walled Home Features Different Plants for Each Area
25: Rock Solid: Sleek Furniture Resembles Random Stone Piles
24: Remote Hovering Home is a Striking Statement on Sturdiness
23: House of Furniture Parts Provides Room Within a Room
22: Midcentury Modern Home Features Spiraling Exterior Stairs
21: Brighter Ideas: 2 Flattened Spins On the Light Bulb Design
20: Modern Vagabonds: Travel Light With Wares Tied to Sticks
20: Versatile Surfaces: Two Cool Transforming Kitchen Tables
19: Mobile Office Pods to Create Instant Co-Working Spaces
19: Port-a-Bach: Mobile Fold-Out Shipping Container Home
18: Sleek Horizontal Shower: Bathing in the Best of Both Worlds
18: Modular Marvel: Paris Micro-Home with Pull-Out Furniture
17: Loud Style: Subwoofer Chair is a Subsonic Seat on Steroids
17: Pastoral Pavilion: Eco-Friendly Retreat Meets Regional Style
16: Pit House Provides Privacy with Round Elevated Design
15: Lounging Large: Koala 45 Oversized Hammock Bed
14: Disordered Design: The Chaos Theory Embodied in Furniture
13: City Walls: Extended Headboard Creates Room in a Room
13: Working Inspiration: 9 Modern Home Office Designs
12: Morphing House Shape Shifts to Maximize Weather + Light
11: Side-Storage Mirror: Drawers for Rings & Rack for Necklaces
11: Lightwell Library: Skylight With a Lofted Circular Bookcase
10: Barbed Beauty: Stickwork Chair Inspired by Birds' Nests
10: Laps of Luxury: Pool-Centric Hillside African Spa House
09: Aviary Alphabet: Birdhouses Shaped Like Letters
08: 500-Year-Old Cloister Converted to Home in Barcelona
07: Roll With It: Ultimate Overhaul of the Rolling Suitcase Design
06: Artistic Iron Handrails for Ultimate Home Personalization
05: Light + Airy Modern Houseboat is Spacious Indoors and Out
04: Food for Thought: Dining Room Table + Built-In Fireplace
04: House as Landscape: Beach Retreat Both Blends & Blooms
03: What Doesn't Break this Metal Furniture Makes it Stronger
03: Breeze-Shaped Building: Wind Rotates Floors, Makes Power
02: High-Hanging Tea House Offers Suspended Getaway
01: 25Hours Hotel is an Eclectic Place to Stay in Zurich

November 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Ping Pong Peculiar: 6 Extreme(ly Fun) Table Tennis Surfaces
29: Puzzle-Like Tables Stay Together With No Fasteners, No Glue
29: Oak Tube Apartment is a Stunning Study in Natural Lighting
28: Nap On: Head-Hiding Ostrich Pillow Lets You Nap in Peace
28: Urban Cubism: Concrete Blocks Form a Functional Facade
27: Clever Carpet Photos Show Off Colors in Old Painted Homes
27: Remnant Revitalization: Townhouse Walls & Facade, Refilled
26: Creature Cups: Animal Surprise at each Beverage Bottom
26: Futuristic Floating Home With Underwater Observation Deck
25: IRock: iPad-Charging Rocking Chair with Built-in Speakers
24: Read and Relax in the Sculptural Bookworm Chair
23: Nature of Things: Norway Taken Over by Sentient Objects
22: Light Lens Installation Curves Beams Toward the Heavens
22: Office Sleeping Pod is a Calming Power Nap Sanctuary
21: Little Loungers: Sweet Suite of Furniture for Pampered Pets
21: Serene Concrete Monolith is a Secluded Paradise in the City
20: Invisible Bookend: Will People Buy a Product Sight Unseen?
20: Modest Student Micro-Cottage is a Mere 12 Square Meters
19: Pop-Up Corner Lamps Illuminate those Hard-to-Light Places
19: House Not Enough? Buy a Whole Frank Lloyd Wright Island
18: Burned & Broken: Unconventional Objects by Maarten Baas
17: Translucent Rooftop Sheds Let Light Into Japanese Home
16: Blank Canvas Sofa Cover Invites Endless Personalization
15: DIY Designs to Desire: Before + After Redecoration Projects
14: Reusable Vessels Look Just Like Their Disposable Versions
13: Epic Trilogy: Bookcase Spans 3 Levels of Renovated Loft
12: Mirrored Chairs: An Artistic Twist to Mass-Produced Plastic
11: Low-Budget House in Japan Inspired by Animal Nests
10: Celebrate Cities with Customizable Map Wallpaper
09: Walk-Through of Modern House With a Feline Tour Guide
08: Modern Shiny Bathroom Interior is Tall, Dark + Mysterious
07: Expandable Furniture Pulls Out all the Stops For Your Space
07: Sewing Box Cabinet Offers Traditional Style at Macro Scale
07: Music and Minimalism Combine in Elegant Toronto Home
06: Bunks & Lofts: 8 Bedroom Layouts for Multiple-Child Spaces
05: Cube Six: Wooden Box Unfolds into Instant Spare Stools
04: Hillside Ruins Turned Modern Black and White Residence
03: Optical Illusion Objects Look Like Unfinished Sketches
02: Light + Space Retail Model Puts Spatial Relations to the Test
01: Simple, Traditional Elegance: Beautifully Minimalist Stool
01: Modular Bathroom is Low on Space but High on Efficiency

October 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Cozy Cave-Like Home Brings the Natural World Indoors
30: Object Frame: Wall Display Shelves Meet Picture Frames
30: Ever Wonder How Much Luxury Home Million Can Buy?
29: Teeter Totter for One? Long Cantilevered Lounge Chair
29: Ripple Effect: Many-Angled Green Roof Wraps into a Deck
28: Singapore Shoebox Flat Gets Stunning Modern Renovation
27: IKEA Launches New Collection at Floating Night Market
26: Portable Workstation Combines Chair + Desk + Laptop Bag
25: Roll-Up Wooden Carpet Redefines Movable Floor Coverings
25: Artist's Home Offers Light-Filled Luxury in a Small Space
24: Liftoff! DIY Coffee Table With Extending Laptop-Holding Top
24: Wooded Wonderland: Open Plan Multi-Level Glass Cliff Home
23: Post-It Note Pad Desk Helps Clear Your Head & Work Space
23: Pricey Prefab: Daniel Libeskind Does High-End Residential
22: Inflatable Metal Furniture Series Mixes Malleability with Air
21: Vintage Airstream Converted into Home/Office Hybrid
20: Loofah Leaves the Shower for Innovative Houseware Series
19: Work + Play Sofa Has Special Pockets for All Your Books
19: Moving Window Garden Adds Some Green to Urban Life
18: Soft Wood: Faux Bench Sofa is Surprisingly Comfortable
17: Rear-cycling: Minimalist Stool Grows With Old Magazines
17: Nature-Centric Vacation Home Blends Past With the Present
16: Triangular Notebook folds Neatly Out into Square Shape
16: Three-Piece Treehouse Rises Up & Out Over Hillside Forest
15: Lively Real-Tree Table & Birds Add Mystery to Dinner Party
15: Log Cabin-Style Mobile Home Made for Cold Winter Weather
13: Half & Half: Recycled Bottles Turned into Lamps & Vases
12: Fictional Formations: Astonishing Almost-Real Architecture
11: Lovely Vase Reveals Its Deep Secrets Only When Smashed
11: A Light Touch: Sunlight-Filled Stockholm Artist's Penthouse
10: Feeling the Perspective: Tactile Puzzle Maps for the Blind
10: Island Paradise: Spectacular 100 Year Old House on a Rock
09: Modular Sofa System Adapts via Movable Space Dividers
09: Pop-Up Porch: Prefab Enclosure Expands Your Backyard
08: Fast Fungi Bricks: Mushroom Blocks Better than Concrete?!
08: Hybrid Car Park: Lofted Parking Spots into Urban Lofts
07: Glowing Grain: Real Wood Light Bulb Both Bright & Subtle
06: Impractical Fractals? Mathematics-Inspired Silverware Set
04: Ambient Water: Color-Changing Faucet Visualizes H2O Temp
04: The Literate Home: 7 Space-Saving Built-In Bookshelves
03: Odd Double Chair Encourages Eye-Gazing, Soul-Searching
03: Outside In: Courtyard Home Features Street-Like Hallways
02: Stump Seats: Light-Up Log Stools Turn Colorful at Night
02: Domestic Bliss: Zen Garden-Style Living Room Atrium Space
01: Shape-Shifting Wood Fan Table Changes Squares to Circles
01: Rescued by Origami: Folding Flat-Pack Emergency Shelters

September 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Informal Storage: Wood Slat Wall Inspired by Safari Vests
29: Fold-Up Bathtub Concept Designed to Save Space in Style
28: Simple DIY Book Page Holder Bends to Spare Your Hands
27: Hold It! Cantilever Chair Hangs Off Table So You Can Sweep
27: Spin Factor: Stunning Spiral Staircase Reaches for the Sky
26: Wild Ones: Gentler Pocket Knife Has Animals, Not Blades
26: A Light Dream: House Delightfully Transformed With LEDs
25: Cat Tunnel Couch Has Hidden Tube for Feline Companions
25: Nesting Box: Nature Center Tree House + 78-Room Bird Nest
24: Swing Table: Conference Furniture Sets Meetings in Motion
24: Skate Villa: Skateboard-Friendly Hunting Lodge Conversion
23: Deskhouse: Home-Shaped, Two-Sided Workspace for Kids
22: Glassbulb Lamps: Fun & Festive Wineglass-Shaped Pendants
21: No Thyme to Waste: Clean Energy Clock Runs on Dirt, Water
20: Saucy Secret: QR Code Covered Room Hides a Hot Surprise
19: Sip + Crunch: Edible Cookie Coffee Cup is a Delicious Dish
19: Up On the Roof: Spectacular Scandinavian Grass Roofs
18: All-Natural Moss Carpet You Can Grow Right in Your Home
18: Nature Meets Architecture: Great Integrated Green Interiors
17: Sliced & Spliced: Pair of Sofas Slide to Form Circular Bed
17: Shipping Container Cabana: Found-Objects Jungle Retreat
16: 2 Boards, 1 Seat: Simple DIY Two-Plank Chair Construction
15: Weird & Wonderful Wayfinding: 3D Parking Garage Signage
14: Human Hands + Machine Brains = Beautiful People Portraits
13: Seat for Two: Light-Filled Flat With a Suspended Surprise
12: Change of Congregation: Lovely Little Church Now a Home
11: Cutline Furniture: Sliced Planes Reveal Shadowed Spaces
11: Simply Monumental: Stoic Underground Estate in Greece
10: Really Robust: Earthquake-Proof Desk Survives Smash Tests
10: Rugged All-Terrain Trailer Home for Off-Road Adventures
09: Dream Bathrooms with Saunas & Showers, Space Permitting
08: Indie Furniture: DIY Construction Made Accessible & Hip
07: Everyday Art: Simple Beauty of Neatly Organized Objects
06: Picture Perfect: Classic Wall Murals Step Into Modern Homes
06: Kitchen Porn: 17 Delicious Rooms Feed Your Need for Design
05: Zip It: DIY Flat-Pack Chair Does Away With Metal Fasteners
05: Park and Hide: Underground Stash Spot for a Second Car
04: Beyond Practical: Experimental Code-Generated Bookcases
04: Skylight Deck: Innovative Windows Create Juliet Balconies
03: No Book Ends: Modular Leaning Bookcase & Room Divider
03: More Modern than Modern: Lofted White Box Vacation Home
02: Perforated Steel Mixes Light & Mystery in Windows & Doors
01: Color-Coded & Purpose-Specific Bags for Savvy Travelers

August 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: How to Simply Feel Better: Pared-Down Medicine Packaging
30: From Concept to Reality: Folding Plug Design Finds an Outlet
30: Interior Inspiration: 13 Lovely Photos of Spectacular Rooms
28: Arm Knitting Revisited via Giant Hand-Knit Furnishing Series
28: Shelf-Style Staircase Design Screams for Stacks of Books
27: Silhouette Seats: Eye-Tricking Shadow Chairs Defy Gravity
27: Modest Modern Multi-Family Industrial Vernacular Dwelling
26: Stable Stemware Slots into Side of Plate for Dinner Parties
25: Stackable USB Solution Lets You Do More with Just One Port
24: Modern in Miniature: Dollhouses for Tiny Design Enthusiasts
23: Made Twice in America: Barn Wood Finds New Indoor Home
23: Heavy and Light: Minimal Concrete + Plywood Home Interior
22: Office Chair Increases Health By Keeping You On Your Feet
22: Self-Sufficient Houseboat Lets You Leave Civilization Behind
21: Low-Hanging Fruit: Organic Tree-Shaped Tabletop Hangers
21: Forget Doggie Doors: Home Remodel Has Canine Staircase
20: Leaning Chair Uses 2 Vertical Legs + 2 Horizonal Supports
20: Binishells: Green Pods Reinvent Retro-Cool Housing Shapes
19: Hack-Worthy Wooden Furniture Fix Using Just One Walnut
18: Your First Pet Lamp: Bug-Legged Desktop Illuminations
17: Spicy Storage Solution Frees Up Stacks of Cupboard Space
16: Tea With a Romantic Twist: Pivoting Set Encourages Convos
16: The Bold Bathroom: 17 Ideas to Create a Colorful Loo
14: Superfoam Seat Cast Around Blown-Up & Popped Balloons
14: Fun House: Playful French Studio + Home is Beyond Colorful
13: Compact Modular Kitchen-in-a-Box Has it All, Including Sink
13: Roofception: Sky Garden House Takes Green to New Levels
12: Pop-Up Milk Carton Cat House Design Would Be Cool Carrier
11: Coffree: Flat-Pack Instant Coffee & Cup for Mobile Freedom
10: Serial Toast Printer Pops Out Up to Six Slices in a Row
09: Tweet Seat: Outdoor Bench Links Digital + Physical Worlds
08: Twisted Geometry: Modern Home Echoes Family's Growth
07: Space Invader Bathroom Tiles Spice Up Nice Interior Refab
07: Vertigo for Two: Tiny Tea Table Sits Atop Angled Roof Ridge
06: Light Rail: LED Hand Railings to Safely Light Up Staircases
06: Art of Living: Abstractions Enliven a Glass House Facade
05: Flexibin: Wonderfully Minimalist Wireframe Trash Receptacle
04: Sleeker Inflatable Solution Reinvents Basic Walk-In Bathtub
03: Adaptable Door Doubles as Emergency Earthquake Shelter
02: Purr-fect Playground: Human Sofa Doubles as Feline Toy
02: Wee Washrooms: Stylish Subcompact Apartment Bathrooms
01: Simple Patio Table Tweak Keeps Plates Put, Even in the Wind
01: Luxury Beach Getaway Can Slide Away From Eroding Coast

July 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Ups and Downs: Minimalist Desk With Topographic Storage
31: Ancient Catalonian Church Keeps Ruins + Gains New Soul
30: Globus: World-Dominating Work Station for Evil Masterminds
30: Slice of Paradise: Crafty Cabin Looks Like a Giant Cut Log
29: DIY Cat House: Fashionable Minimalism for Feline Loft Living
28: Digital Device to Draw & Measure Ever-Elusive Straight Lines
27: Bright Idea: Prepare to Phase Out Incandescent Light Bulbs
27: Open Wide! Attic Windows Create Unique Indoor Outdoor Space
26: Cow Milk Pitcher Puts You in the Moo-d for a Funky Tabletop
26: 9 Righteously Retro Kitchens Showcase Past Design Ideals
25: Transforming Chair Flip-Flops From One Position to the Next
25: Lamp Peels Away Layers of Home to Reveal Mystical World
24: AT-AT Walker Bed: All Terrain Armored Transport Sleeper
24: Helicoptered Home: Flown Micro-Prefab Set Up in 5 Minutes
22: Invisible Vase: DIY Table-Top Planter Without All the Clutter
21: Easy Endpoint: V-Cut Clear Tape Roll Needs No Metal Teeth
20: Great Escape: Life-Saving, Safe-Descent Device for Homes
19: Hover Mug: Clever Coaster-Free Floating Coffee or Tea Cup
19: 50 Foot Wooden Tower is a Brilliant DIY Backyard Solution
18: Trampoline Bowl Stretches to Fit + Keeps Fruit Fresh Longer
18: Super Modern Passive Solar House With Bright Glass Walls
17: Hacked IKEA Leaning Seat Idea Imitates Life, Art, Cartoons
17: Fun FieldCandy Tents Range from Colorful to Camouflaged
16: Spinning Side Table Hides Stuff Below its Plain-Sight Surface
16: Straight Curves: A-Frame House with a Triangular Twist
15: Multifaceted Mirror: Window Glass Fades to Reflective Glaze
14: Wall-Mount Butler Organizes Keys, Phone, Wallet & Glasses
13: Announcing: Delightful Door Horn Doubles as Handle & Bell
12: Curious Climbing Wall Blends Sport With Whimsical Beauty
12: Small Space Workplace: Transform a Closet Into an Office
11: Style That Grows on Trees: Shrub-Inspired Steel Tables
11: Victorian Revamp: Historic Elements in a Modern Context
10: Shoe Sweeps: Floor-Cleaning Footwear Dusts & Disinfects
10: 20,000-Brick LEGO Staircase in Upscale Manhattan Condo
09: Gentlemen's Coat Chair has Firm Fabric but Flexible Collar
09: Prefab Parabolic-Roofed Summer Home in a Cozy Cylinder
08: Conversion Craft: Paper Toilet Rolls to Wall-Mounted Forest
07: Simple Modular Shoe + Sandal System Lets You Swap Soles
06: Scraplights: Recycled Corrugated-Cardboard Ceiling Lamps
05: Levitating Lamps Blend Classic Style + High Tech Flair
05: Bedroom Almanac: Wall Decor Changes With Lunar Cycle
04: Sound Reflections: Wall Mirror Hides Hi-Tech Musical Secret
04: Airy but Grounded: Urban Korean Home With an Open Heart
03: Cat Hammock: Hybrid Glass Coffee Table & Hanging Pet Bed
03: Stairs or Slide? Sweet Ride Connects Two Penthouse Condos
02: Chair On Demand: Pressure-Activated Stool Flips into Action
02: Crane Loft Concept Converts Industrial Tools to Real Estate
01: Applied Physics: Clever Kitchenware Uses Scientific Methods

June 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: This Entry Rug Sucks: Vacuum Floor Mat Cleans Your Shoes
29: As If From Nowhere: Bookcase Conceals 2 Tables, 4 Chairs
28: Interactive Furniture Pieces Light Up With Human Touches
28: People Pod: Whimsical Home Office Puts Work in Your Yard
27: Dynamic Chandelier Rises and Sets to Mimic Natural Sunlight
27: Concrete Flower House Blooms With Eco-Friendly Features
26: Unwoven Chair: Suspended Seat on Spidery Strands of Silk
26: Sloped House Stands Out (& Up) in Rural Wine Country
25: Rotating Bookcases Can Turn to Face Either of Two Rooms
25: Japanese Motorcycle Apartment Houses Both Bikes & Bikers
24: Growing Up: Stackable Tree Dressers Go Vertical on Demand
23: Floating Cutlery Makes Washing Dishes Simpler & Safer
22: UNbrella? Compact Tube Turns Newspapers into Umbrellas
21: Artful Wall Appliances for Warm Rooms and Cool Decor
21: Small Stockholm Attic Space = Huge Design Opportunities
20: Animal Hybrid Chairs Turn Humans Into Mythical Creatures
20: Ancient Meets Artsy in Contemporary Farmhouse Rebuild
19: New Play-With-Your-Food Plates: Extreme Sports Edition
19: Wall-to-Wall & Floor-to-Ceiling: The Home of 500 Shelves
18: Blindry: Window Blinds Flip Down into Laundry Drying Rack
18: A-Frame Prefab Manages Minimalism + Feeling of Familiarity
17: Flat-Pack Flex Chair Bends & Twists into Shape on Demand
16: Poor Light: Free Lamp Download Fits Bill as Frugal Decor
15: Compact Coke Bottle Concept is Stunning & Space-Saving
14: Sleek + Slim Minimal Desk Has a Hidden Place For Everything
14: Vintage Objects Make for a Stunning Steampunk NYC Home
13: Crisis Cushions: Rehabbed Emergency Sandbags Soften Up
13: Forest Fantasy: Personal Sanctuary Among the Treetops
12: Furniture Sticker Turns Any Plywood Board into DIY Project
12: Co-Opted: Green Rooftop Deck atop Shared Living Structure
11: Light & Heavy: Desk Supported by Both Blocks & Balloons
11: Stone Meets Steel: Location-Sensitive All-Season Retreat
10: Stomp It: Manual Trash Compactor You Step to Compress
09: Handlebar Bicycle Hanger Suspends Your Ride from the Wall
08: Outdoor Deck & Inside Room Linked via Climbing Walls
07: Upward Spiral Showerhead is a Watery Homage to Nature
07: Inspired Interiors: Brilliant Modern Colorful Living Rooms
06: Stranger Than Friction: Magic Material Makes Nail-Free Walls
06: Green Materials + Techniques Make Passive Home Shine
05: Looping Lounge Chair Wraps Like a 2-Seat Roller Coaster
05: Backpack House: Portable Addition Hangs from Buildings
04: Elegance To Go: Set of 4 Classy Folding Tables & Chairs
04: From Deep Seas to Outer Space: 30 Futuristic Home Designs
03: Censorship Towel Designed to Pixelate Your Private Parts
02: Hemispherical Wall-Mount Key Storage to Keep Keys Handy
01: Soft Light: Pillow Lamps Help Kids to Sneak a Read at Night

May 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Into the Fold: Origami-Inspired Tailored Chair Upholstery
31: Historic Walls Contain a Delightful Modern Portuguese Home
30: Small Space Furniture Piece is a Tiny Multipurpose Solution
30: Well-Dressed Addition: Wood-Clad Carport + Meeting Room
29: Literary Literalism: Bold Bookcase Shaped Like Book Pages
29: Modbox: Hipster Hyperbole or Prefab Live & Work Space?
28: Metal Works: 30 Shining Examples of Steel Home Furnishings
28: Cinnamon Roll House Wraps Steel Plane in a Wood Frame
27: Bodily-Fueled Lamp's Energy Comes at the Cost of Blood
26: Dual Illusions: Beer Bottle & Wine Glass Sets Trick the Eye
25: Outlined by Design: Bathroom Fixtures Mix Form & Function
24: Safety-Focused Home Door Handle Turns on Peace of Mind
24: Serenity Now: Modern Renovation With a Peaceful Focus
23: Blooming Lovely: Flower-Inspired Modular Patio Furniture
23: Luxury Floats: Lovely Modern Home on Seattle's Lake Union
22: Modern Logs & More: 4 Chic Spins on Traditional Furniture
22: Scandinavian Squeeze: Tiny Cabin Under 100 Square Feet
21: Seeds of Ideas: 25 Perfect Places to Put (or Pot) a Plant
21: Moon Villa: Spherical Lunar Home for Low-Gravity Living
20: Balancing Act: Gravity-Defying Ball of Floating Furniture
19: Fast & Secure: Sleek Fingerprint-Scanning Door Handle Lock
18: Saucer-Shaped Shower + Bathtub Looks Ready to Launch
17: Functional Coat Hooks Made of Unlikely Upcycled Material
17: Delightful Double Decker: Stylish London Duplex Penthouse
16: Almost the Belly of the Beast: Awesome Dinosaur Mouth Bed
16: Tiny Prefab Hut Keeps North Pole Researchers Warm + Cozy
15: Conversation Pieces: Puzzling Wall Murals of Tableware
15: Cocoon House Expressively Combines Lines, Curves & Green
14: Scary Penthouse Bathroom Sits on 15-Floor Elevator Shaft
14: Unboxed: Surprisingly Spacious Flat-Pack House on Wheels
13: Dual-Sided Digital Cutting Board & Scale for Clean Cooking
12: Combination Urinal Concept Surprisingly Blends Sink & Toilet
11: Puffy & Playful Pom-Pons for Colorful Rugs, Chairs & Poufs
10: View From Above: Topography-Inspired Handmade Rugs
10: Wonderfully Weightless White Office is Magnificently Modern
09: Rustic Materials + Modern Style = Sexy Matchstick Furniture
09: Melbourne's 'K' House is a Special Beach Vacation Spot
08: With a Twist: Napping Chair Wraps Up to Provide Headrest
08: Rest & Relax in the Rustic Luxury of a Little Beach Retreat
07: Rubber Suction Cup Table Floats, Flexes & Sticks to Walls
07: Innovan: (Almost) Impossibly Compact Mobile Campers
06: Mobile Island Barbeque for Backyard-Less Urban Dwellers
05: Interactive Wall Tiles Serve as Planters, Shelving & Seating
04: Snake & Spray: Twisted Medusa-Style Shower Head Design
03: Watercolors: Hydrotherapy + Color Therapy in Your Shower
03: One-Room London Flat Morphs Into Stylish 2-Level Home
02: Funky Apostle Place Settings Make for a Perfect Last Supper
02: Making Use of Albania's Thousands of Concrete Mushrooms
01: Dancing Chairs Twist & Tango on Your Living Room Floor
01: Lofted Below: Rolling Roof Landscape Grounds Green Home

April 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Folding Paper Chair Assembled from Slit & Slotted Sheets
30: Tower Studio: Twisted Artist Retreat Responds to Nature
29: Torch Lamp: Standard Table Lighting Meets Mobile Flashlight
28: Edible Doll Furniture: Mini Pastry Chairs & Tiny Cake Tables
26: The Lighted Countdown: LED-Equipped Hourglass Lantern
26: Sleek Remodel Takes Swiss Home From Ancient to Modern
25: Coffee Faucet Brews the Perfect Ultra-Automatic Cup of Joe
25: Rolling Snail Shell Shelter is a Wheely Tiny Portable Home
24: Deceptively Flexible: Bending Rubbery Bench is Nice & Cozy
24: Ultra-Tiny Camper Designed to Trail Your Two-Wheeled Ride
23: Bibliochaise Series Expands Colors, Materials & Accessories
23: Ski Lodge Meets Lift Station in this Slope-Straddling Home
22: Elegant Chaos: Bathroom Backsplashes of Bubbled Glass
21: Hanger Chair Flips Down & Folds Up for Suspended Storage
20: Polymorphic Materials: Shape-Shifting Bathtub Concept
19: Transforming Door Provides Emergency Earthquake Shelter
19: The Gravity of Illusion: Dyson's Mysterious Garden Fountain
18: Where the Heart is: Children's Bedrooms Around the World
18: Liven Up Plain IKEA Sofas With Chic Interchangeable Legs
17: Nesting Plywood Chair Stores Two Ottomans Inside Itself
17: Granite Intrusion: Hilltop Home Rests on Rocky Outcrop
16: Mix & Match: Folding Flat-Pack Table Pairs With Folded Chair
16: Lofted Australian Home Rides Gigantic Wave of Green Grass
15: Furniture-Free Decor: Hand-Drawn Home Wallpaper Design
14: Retro Roomba: Witch's Broomba for Creepy Spring Cleaning
13: Plastic Chandeliers Use Complex Curves of Upcycled Bottles
12: Mobile Furniture Set Breaks Down to Go Anywhere With You
12: Boulder-Like Home Office is a Working Retreat in the Garden
11: Inflatable Table Goes From Folded to Full-Size in 1 Minute
11: Stunning Hillside Forest Retreat Welcomes Nature Indoors
10: Four Degrees: A Novel Approach to Stackable Bookshelves
10: Cast in Place: Ice Fishing Hut Uses Frozen Walls of Water
09: Fantasy Daybed Dreams You Past the Point of Impractical
09: Storage House Showcases Story-High Built-in Bookshelves
08: Emergency Chair & Table May Save Space (if Not Your Life)
07: Gabled Bookends Add Domestic Touch to Typical Shelves
06: Scenic 3D Curtains: Kitschy Way to Brighten Your Windows?
05: Custom Vertical Gardens Instantly Green Up Any Interior
05: Expanding Kitchen Prep Surface Supports Big or Small Meals
04: Two Cuts Transform Old Wine Bottles Into 3 Useful Objects
04: Life in a Glass Bubble: Modern Spanish Penthouse Remodel
03: Scrappy Stools & Tables from Junk Tin & Raw Wood Offcuts
03: Solid Stone Wall Slides into Place on a Rural House's Face
02: Bird's Nest Bed for Sleeping, Playing & Incubating Ideas
02: Winged House Delicately Perched in a Pristine Island Setting
01: Solar-Powered Flower Pedal Lights Glow Naturally at Night

March 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Killer Concrete Sink Series Shows the Elegance of Erosion
29: Automatic Steeping Mug Always Makes the Perfect Cuppa
29: Bedroom Inspiration: Massive, Magnificent Walk-In Closets
28: Whimsical Nail Covers Turn Plain Walls Into Magical Forests
28: Light-Filled Modern House Boat is a Small-Space Wonder
27: ChitChat Multiplex: Roly-Poly Public Bench & Planter Hybrid
27: Machine-Age Apartment: Modern Black Steel & Plush White
26: Concrete & Metal Stairs Breath New Life into Old Row House
26: Wild Interior: Warped Concrete Walls Shaped by Living Trees
25: Living Stones: Rock-Shaped Cushions Come in All Sizes
24: Pair of Conversation Pieces: Dual-Sided Magnetic Flower Pot
23: Peace Art Project Cambodia Twists Gun Metal into Furniture
22: Small Space Sleeper: Wardrobe Triples as Divider + Bed
22: Manhattan Marvel: Townhouse With a Living Room Pool
21: Shower in Words: Curtain Brings Literature to the Bathroom
21: Concrete Cavern Home is a Modern Monolith in the City
20: Deconstructing Greek Revival: Strange Mixed-Style Shelving
20: Hanging 3-Person Tree Tent Uses Fabric, Rope & Tension
19: Patchwork Wood: 3-Piece Recycled Office Furniture Series
19: Curved Cliff House: Metal & Glass Bend in Waterfront Breeze
18: T E A or C O F F E E? Lovely Typography on Lettered Mugs
17: Divisible Whisk: Easy-Clean Concept Really Mixes Things Up
16: Divided they Stand: Partitions Add New Wall Storage Space
15: A Night at the Bookstore Illustrates the Magic of Books
15: Mountain Home's Infinity Pool is a Nature Lover's Paradise
14: Intuitive Height-Adjustable Cork Stool is a Real Screw-Up
14: Eco-Fabulous: Tiny Stilted Cabins Boast Minimal Footprints
13: Mobile Headboards Split Beds into Soft Sofas & Solo Spaces
13: Split-Personality Art Hotel Room is Half White, Half Graffiti
12: 8 Silly Shelf Sets Take Colorful Turns Entertaining Children
12: 18-Foot Glass Hangar Door Opens Stunning Steel Addition
11: Cumulus Chandelier: Whimsical Cloud-Shaped Pendant Lamp
10: Semi-Shower: Versatile Ceiling-Mounted Bathroom Faucet
09: Creative Wall Storage Turns Your Stuff into Impromptu Art
08: Tabletop Tendu: Ballet-Inspired Table is Enchantingly Lovely
08: Zoning in on Function: Home Interiors Designed Like Apps
07: Handy Object Retention System Lets You Organize On the Go
07: House Sitting: Whimsical Chair-Supported Wooden Building
06: Modular Tetris Shelves Were Just Waiting to be Made Real
06: Flat-Pack IKEA House: Built & Shipped for Under 0,000
05: Crafty Cantilever: Shingled Beach Home Adds Loft on Stilts
04: Pizza Perfect: Tableware Idea Integrates Plates & Napkins
03: In a Pinch: Simple Squeeze-to-Fold Clothes Hanger Concept
02: Tree-Inspired Table Features Steel Branches, Trunk & Roots
01: Biomimicking Lamps Celebrate the Beauty of Natural Design
01: Floating Jewels: Ultra-Luxurious Suspended Balcony Pools

February 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

29: Design at Work: Sleek, Sophisticated Executive Office Desk
29: Down Under Luxury: Back-To-Nature Retreat Gets Elegant
28: Rope-Suspended Steel & Wood Swing Chair is Simply Fun
28: Inhabitable Sculpture: Actually Living in an Ultramodern Loft
27: PicNYC Table Provides Green Grassy Dining Surface Inside
27: Spherical Oil Silos Could be Converted to Multifamily Homes
26: Urban Art Meets Architecture: Suspended Cabin in the City
25: Breakfast Express: All Aboard the Egg, Jam & Toast Train!
24: Hiding in Plain Brick: Wonderful Way to Make an Entrance
23: Soleless Fashion: Astounding Lime-Peel Sculptural Shoes
23: Backyard Atelier: Smooth Garage-to-Studio Transformation
22: Elegant Bathroom Exhaust Fan Disappears When Not Needed
22: Divide + Conquer: 40 Sq Meter Studio Apartment Grows Up
21: Super Simple Flat-Pack Idea to Reinvent the Folding Chair
21: Four-Corner Villa Captures Views with a Simple Spiral Shape
20: Dissected Designs: Puzzle-Piece Furniture Shows Off Parts
20: Psychologist-Made Micro-Home Makes Do in 3x3x3 Meters
19: Grand Canyon Table Shows How Art Can Flow Into Design
19: Wireframe Fixtures: 2D Pendant & Floor Lamps in 3D Form
18: Surveillance Chandelier: Spooky CCTV-Shaped Spotlights
17: Clocktower Apartment: Most Expensive Kitchen in Brooklyn
16: Portable Power Pods: USB Batteries Keep Gadgets Going
16: Time as Art: Spinning Circles Make Up Venn Diagram Clock
15: Arrow Door Handle Points the Way for Confused Visitors
15: Soak in Style: Armchair-Inspired Bath is Rich in Relaxation
14: Crib, Couch & Bed: Convertible Furniture Grows with Kids
14: Modern Mirage: Desert Prefab by Students of Taliesen West
13: Iron Pipe Shelving Systems for Urban Loft Walls & Corners
13: Positive & Negative Spaces Shape Home of Endless Angles
12: Concrete Handbags: Fleeting Fashion of Permanent Materials
12: Oh, Scheisse! Faux-Exploding Light Bulb is a Real Fake Blast
11: Key Control Helps Find Missing Objects Around the House
10: Sleek & Unique: Crafty Sailboat-Shaped Kitchen Built-Ins
09: Wild Industrial Vases Add Some Modern Flair to Your Table
09: Perfect Strangers: Townhouse Proves Opposites Attract
08: Unboring Advertising: Ikea's Surprisingly Stylish Catalog Art
08: Cozy French Cave Home Carved From Centuries-Old Quarry
07: Modified Cutting Board Facilitates Mess-Free Food Transfer
07: 150 Square Feet: Modern, Modest & Cozy Finnish Cottage
06: Force Feeding: Seesaw Table Only Seats Dinners for Two
06: Sail-Inspired German Houseboats of Modern Steel & Glass
05: Hanger Shelf Suspends Odds & Ends Alongside Shirts & Suits
05: Invisible Bathtub: Ultra-Thin Glass Tub in Rowhouse Refab
04: Child's Play: Book Bed Folds Sleepy Time into Story Form
03: Swivel Sink Remixes Dish Waiting, Washing & Rinsing Space
02: Instant Office: Snap-Together Custom Desk + Shelving Unit
02: Living Area With 100 Windows to Facilitate Conversations
01: Approach the Bench! Folding Chairs Have Dual Personalities
01: Running Start: First Apartment Gets A Stylish DIY Makeover

January 2012 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Heart-Shaped Carafe & Decanter Set is Somewhat Creepy
31: Remix House: Rustic Originality Meets Honest Regionalism
30: Cat Library: Modular Stacking Bookcase for Fans of Felines
30: Green Screens: Tall House Filters Light with Planted Facades
29: Ocean Floor: Subtly Warped Sea of Wooden Floorboards
29: Balloon-Shaped Ceiling & Wall Lights are Playful & Practical
27: 100% Storage: Wooden Table Made Up of Secret Spaces
26: Pebble-Like Wall Switches add Rock-Solid Style to Any Room
26: Privacy is Egg-Cellent: Personalized Mobile Solitude Rooms
25: Functional Origami: Double-Duty Living Room Component
25: Outside In House: Lively Courtyard Brings Nature Indoors
24: Seamless Bathroom: Curved Fixtures Defy Corners & Edges
24: California Roll House: Sushi Wrap Meets Structural Ingenuity
23: Bed 42 Combines Desk & Flexibly Minimalist Mattress Zone
23: Lone Turret Turned Lookout Tower for Underground Home
22: Grass Sandals? Front-Yard Flip Flops Take Gardens to Go
22: Plush Topography: Thick Rugs Raised Like 3D Land Forms
21: Sock Dryer Design: Simple & Portable or Silly & Redundant?
20: Branching Out: Organic Wood Tables Features Tree Fractals
19: Funky Flexible Garbage Bin Fits Any Bag, Bends to Your Will
19: Appearing Act: Island Rises When Summoned by iPhone
18: First Apartment Furniture: Affordable Flat-Pack Furnishings
18: Cool Cubism: Offbeat House Made of Stacked Glass Boxes
17: No-Nonsense Minimalism: Plywood Slot-Work Furniture Set
17: Surgical Intervention Modernizes Space in Abandoned Barn
16: Decor Gone Wild: Leaf-It Stickers in Shapes & Shades of Fall
16: Catamaran Cabin Floats Complete with Deck & Crow's Nest
15: Seriously Ridiculous: Hand Bag Designs 'Jump from Paper'
15: Bathroom Waterfall Wall Sinks Show Off Daily Use & Flow
14: Directionless Socket Design Solves Plug-in-the-Dark Problem
13: Stepping Stones: Smooth-Polished Concrete Spiral Staircase
12: Next Stop: Marvelous Modern Subway-Inspired Bathrooms
11: Creative Cap-tures: 2 Clever Cap-Storing Bottle Openers
11: Customizable Prefab Home Costs Only as Much as a Car
10: 2 Ingenious Dustpan Hybrids to Make Cleaning a Little Easier
10: Striking Silver: 'Airstream Sterling' Revisits Classic Trailer
09: 8 Multi-Purpose Chairs Have 2 Modes & Combine into a Bed
09: Wraparound Residence: A Novel Approach to Raised Space
08: Child-Created Living Room Art via 1000s of Colored Stickers
07: Stemware Saver: Tethers Protect Wine Glasses in Washers
06: Vertical Bathtub Combines the Best of Bathing & Showering
05: Kitchen Science: Nifty Household Gadgets Focus on Physics
05: Sophisticated Paris Home Boasts Suspended Rooftop Garden
04: Floral Under Wear: Multi-Layered Textile Improves With Age
04: Italian Lake House is a Sun Worshipper's Dream Retreat
03: Shelving on Demand: Little Modular Ledges Flip Up & Down
03: Privately Public: Green Home Towers Tall on Tiny Urban Lot
02: Constellation Table Lets You Arrange its Legs in Any Pattern
02: Bird's Nest: Lofted Spiral Home Wraps & Ramps Skyward
01: Kite Light: Suspended Diamond Lamps Soar Like Flying Kites

December 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Compartmentalized Memory: Stackable Series of USB Sticks
30: Cabin Porn: Work-Safe Eye Candy for Lodge & Hut Lovers
29: Hiding in Plain Sight: Brilliant DIY Safe in Overlooked Spot
29: Mini Apartment Hides Maximum Customization + Function
28: Graceful Gradient: Floral Pattern Gradually Fades to Black
28: Home, Unboxed? Charming Bungalow's New Lease on Life
27: Reconstructivism? Chinese Artist Mods Traditional Furniture
27: Wild New Penthouse Behind an Historic Waterfront Facade
26: Bold Book Shelving Branches Naturally Along Interior Walls
26: Tall Tree House Overlooks Picture-Perfect Town, Alps & Sea
25: All but Invisible: Minimalist 'Air' Camera is Light & Portable
24: Toast Printer Combines the Best Parts of Desktop Devices
23: Townhomes to Igloos: Unusual Gingerbread Housing Ideas
22: Al Fresco, Anyone? Walking Table Helps Move Itself Around
22: Modular Kitchen Needs Just 2 Square Meters of Floor Space
21: Green + Grain: Reclaimed Wood Table Has Lively Centerpiece
21: Bisected Beauty: Small-Space Living With Breezy Features
20: Dual-Lid Design Turns Jar on Its Head, Opens at Both Ends
20: 800 Square-Foot House Built Inside an 1800s Sydney Shed
19: 6 Color Palettes Based on Early 1900s Vintage Bedrooms
19: Incredible Indoor Climbing Wall Towers Atop a Tokyo Home
18: Iconic Architecture Rebuilt with Household Objects [Video]
18: Undertone: Neat Dinnerware with a Subtle Decorative Twist
17: Decorative Puzzle-Piece Table Joints Put the Joy in Joinery
16: Secret Underwater Ballroom Tells a Century-Old Tale of Woe
15: Ingenious DIY Patio Planter Project Uses Everyday Materials
15: Living Daylights: Remarkably Sophisticated Sun-Lit Home
14: The Hot Seat? Ingenious Design Puts Comfort in the Kitchen
14: Molehill on a Mountain: Sustainable Retreat Hits the Slopes
13: Resin-Inlaid Accent Tables Show Off Salvaged Branches
13: Vision & Reality: Architectural Renderings vs Finished Refab
12: Gift Couture: Kick Start Some Themed Wrapping Paper Sets
12: Fantasy Craft: 5 Unique Campers Built for Land, Sea & Sky
11: Loose Leaf T-Shirt, Tank Top & Tote Look Like Lined Paper
11: Magic Carp Pet? Optical Illusion Rug Shows Swimming Fish
10: Air-Powered, Star-Trek-Inspired Sliding Door for DIY Geeks
09: Simply Convertible: 5 Dual-Mode Glass, Wood & Metal Tables
08: Hyper-Flexible Wood Notepads Bend the Rules of Materials
08: Packing It Up: Richly Designed Luggage-Inspired Bathrooms
07: Giant-Sized Rubik's Cube Drawers Spin on a Central Axis
07: WikiHouse: Design, Download, Print & Build a Prefab Home
07: Well-Off on Wheels: Futuristic RVs are Packed with Luxury
06: DIY Doily Light: Simple Suspended-Sphere Lace Lamp Shade
06: Stair into Space: 5 Custom Under-Staircase Storage Systems
05: Postmodern Reading: 4 Deconstructivist Bookcase Designs
05: Stealthy Stepping-Stone Home Hovers over Rocky Terrain
04: Page 23: Film Festival Winner Shows the Dark Side of IKEA
04: Foodie Survival Kit: Mobile Mini-Kitchen of Herbs & Spices
03: Reversible Interior Shelf Fits Both Inside & Outside Corners
02: Affluent Amusement: Portable Bar is Mad Men on Wheels
01: Dinner Party Without a Table = Better Guest Conversations?
01: Wonderfully Childish: Modular Prefab Modern Playhouses

November 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Stumped? Witty Designer Uses Wooden Axe to Shape a Seat
30: Microbial Kitchen Converts Everday Waste Back into Fuel
29: All-in-One Adjustable Table Flips Up & Out, Lifts & Lowers
29: Live-In Landscape: Terraced Multi-Structure Spanish Home
28: Drawbridge-Style Stairs Lift Up to Secure Treehouse Retreat
27: Writable Paint turns Walls into Easy Dry-Erase Whiteboards
27: State-Side Secret: Ingenious European Tilt & Turn Windows
26: Easy Drink: 45-Degree Plastic Bottle Cranes Neck for Refills
25: 7 Oriental-Inspired Rugs Remix Real Google Earth Images
24: Kaleidoscopic Cities: 10 Vortograph-Inspired Urban Images
23: Spindow? Rotating Two-Face Window Plus Built-In Planter
23: Act II: Debut of the Sydney Opera-Inspired Camper-Trailer
22: Roll-Out Carpet Rolls Back Up into a Soft Bench for Storage
22: Half-Finished First House by Zaha Hadid Towers 70 Ft High
21: Modern Log Furniture Fuses Sliced Trunks & Organic Resins
21: Small Space Surprise: Flip-Down Walls Reveal Writer's Cabin
20: 3 Lovely Ways to Upcycle Glass & Plastic Bottles into Vases
19: Embedded Seeds + Used Chopsticks Grow Climbing Plants
18: Tent Tenements: Modular System Connects Multi-Unit Tents
17: Smart Self-Adjusting Thermostat Learns Your Living Habits
17: Corner Drawers: 6 Solutions for Awkward Kitchen Spaces
16: EDC Pocket Tool Kit: Great Gift for Industrial Design Fans
16: Invisible Hut: Camouflage Cabin Hides Inside a Pile of Logs
15: Resource Furniture: 4 Space-Saving Transformers [+Video]
15: Single-Family City Home Marries Modernism with Greenery
14: Hot Seat: Thermochromic Furnishings Sense & Show Heat
14: Converted Silo Homes: 21 New Condos Wrap Deserted Core
13: Wrist-Watch Post-Its: Clever Hands-Free Reminder Notes
12: Blind Light: Faux Wall-Hung Daylight via LED Window Blinds
11: Before & After Paint: 22 Home Furniture & Interior Photos
10: Dream in Green: Small Scandinavian Summer Island House
09: 2-in-1 Cafe Lab: Combination Spill-Free Coffee & Tea Maker
09: Marvelous Restored-Stone Home on the Mediterranean Sea
08: Ascending Retreat: Under-Stairs Lounge & Reading Space
08: 100-Year Treehouse Will Take a Century to Be Completed
07: Treasure Trunks: Secret Furniture Inside 7 Shipping Crates
07: Apocotecture Awards: 10 Zombie-Proof Safe House Designs
06: Sneak Peak: Urban Street Artist Paints Full-Scale Home Plans
05: Under Cook: Built-In, Slide & Hide Microwave Drawer Idea
04: 30 Creative & Colorful Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Ideas
03: Lighter than Air: Luminous White Built-In Shelves & Cabinets
02: Ball of Lighting: Ceiling Lamps Made of Miniature Furniture
02: Homeless Luxury? Downtown Dwelling Under a Drawbridge
01: Visionary LED Door Handle Doubles as Emergency Flashlight
01: Swooping Curves Transform Old English Barn to New Home

October 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: 3 Chairs in 1: The Ultimate Set of Stackable Wooden Seating
31: Hill House in Bloom: Pistil Stilts, Steel Stamen & Petal Pools
30: 10 Whimsical Watercolors of Boldly Impossible Architecture
29: Fog-Free Reflections on a Bathroom-Mirror Shower Head
28: Furniture Flashback: 30 Vintage & Retro Fits for Rad Homes
27: Invisible Dining Table: Legless Tablecloth Floats Like a Ghost
26: Pillow Talk Post-Its: Write-and-Erase Couch Cushion Covers
26: 6 Hours + 2 Adults = 1 Post-Disaster Prefab 5-Person Home
25: Dresser Drawer Sets Upcycled from Second-Hand Suitcases
25: Cubic Cloud Home: Perforated Boxes Blend Inside with Out
24: High-Tech Dining Table Rotates, Expands & Doubles in Size
24: Floating UFOs: Oil Rig Escape Pods Turned into Hotel Rooms
23: Time-Lapse Ghost Cities: 8 Eerie Black & White Photographs
22: Nifty Built-In Nightstand Hides Behind the Bed's Headboard
21: Swiss Cheesed: Playfully Suspended & Perforated Staircase
20: Falling Fish: Lopsided Glass Aquarium for Living on the Edge
20: High-Tech, Kevlar-Clad House Transforms to Avoid Disasters
19: 3D Space Dividers via 3 DIY Modular Partition Wall Systems
19: Underground Balcony?! Beautiful Barn Home with a Twist
18: Soft Maps: Wrap Up & Keep Warm with Way-Finding Quilts
18: Tiny Triangular Japanese House Narrowly Fits its Little Plot
17: I Can Has Bed?! 7 Upcycled Suitcase Pet Beds for Cat Naps
17: 75 Prefab Floating Homes Form a Houseboat Town in Holland
16: 5 Custom Sliding Door Solutions for Oddly-Shaped Spaces
16: Handmade Fishscape: Limited-Edition Luxury Glass Fishbowl
15: Concrete Wallpapers: Dull Walls or Decorative Finishes?
14: Nature & Nurture: 100% Recycled Furniture + Organic Style
13: Playfully Illustrated Placemats Teach Proper Table Manners
13: Warm Fusion: Country Home Combines Urban & Rural Style
12: Better with Bacon: Piggy Bank Porked Up into a Power Strip
12: In a Pinch: 'Shaft House' Maximizes Little 16-Foot-Wide Lot
11: Tube Hotel: Stacked Sewer Pipes take Hostel to New Heights
10: Geo-Typographies: World Map Wall Stickers Made of Words
10: Metal-Clad Madrid Mountain Home Hovers Over Cliff & River
09: Spinal Staircases: Bespoke Metal & Glass Inspired by Bone
09: Switch Plate Sticky Notes: Handy Post-Its or Fire Hazards?
08: Spirited Set of Wall-Mounted Bathroom Elements by A-Cero
07: Downsized by Design: Living in an Airstream Trailer [Video]
06: Faun Furniture: 'Bambi Table' Bends Gracefully at the Knees
06: New Nets & Bent Bamboo: Tropical Warehouse-to-Hut Home
05: Time to Die: World's Most Eerily Accurate Clock & Watch Set
05: Serene Stone Home Rises Up from a Rocky Swiss Hillside
04: Fit for a Queen (or King): 8 Curved Platform & Canopy Beds
04: Transforming Dumpster Home for Camouflaged Urban Living
03: Found-Object Furniture: From Booze Bottles to Piano Keys
03: Floating Dome Home: Off-the-Grid Geodesic Island Retreat
02: Squared Spiral: Winding Modern Staircase Floats on Light
02: Iconic Design: Digital Desktop Icons, Physical Applications
01: Gorgeous Grain: Wooden Bathtubs Really Go with the Flow

September 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: All the Things: Compact Kitchenette Cools, Cooks & Cleans
29: PlanTable Hybrid: Ornate Metal Trellis + Wood Dinner Table
29: Exotic Curves: Tropical Modern Hilltop House in Singapore
28: Natural Lighting: Metal Ceiling Lights Wrap Like Living Vines
28: Second Story: Hill Home Ruins (Re)Built from Stone Scraps
27: Clothed in Corbu: Classy Fashion Inspired by Le Corbusier
27: Elegant Efficiency: NYC Shoebox Studio Apartment Solution
26: Kinetic Bench System: Slinky-Inspired, Shape-Shifting Seat
26: Sealander: Swimming Caravan Traverses Land & Water Alike
25: No Way Home: 7 Photos of Unidentified Flying ... Buildings?
25: Laptop Kitchen: Portable Notebook Computer Cooks Food?!
24: Ribbed Tape Rolls Remember Your Spot & Won't Roll Away
23: Intoxicating Design: Set of 7 Personality-Filled Wine Glasses
22: Secret Agent Shirt Stays: Titanium Multi-Tools for Menswear
22: Overhead + Under Bed = Space-Saving Shelving & Storage
21: Industrial Retro: Adjustable-Height Metal Scissor-Lift Table
21: Bunker Penthouse Towers atop a 5-Story World War Ruin
20: Chandeliers to Toilets: 7 Home Fixtures Built of Bombshells
20: Cleaning House? Absurdist Artist Reorganizes Art (& Stuff)
19: Lightweight Living: Global 4-Season Geodesic Dome Homes
18: Dish Draining Closet: Space Saver Every Home Should Have
18: Exploded in 3D: Architectural Perspective Projections [Pics]
17: Wood Wallpaper: Peeling Paint has Never Looked So Good
16: See-Through, Touch-Screen Tablet Renders Interiors in 3D
15: DIY Geodesic Disco-Ball Lamp from Upcycled Drink Boxes
15: Eclectic Core: Spiral Staircase Suspended Inside Light Well
14: Balloon Bench: Fanciful Hover Seat & Floating Ceiling Lamp
14: Winter Home Roof Sloped for Snow Like an Avalanche Shed
13: Tables Sawed: Old Furniture Sliced & Stacked into Shelving
13: Shotgun Style: Historic Small-Plan Homes Have No Hallways
12: Furniture Set with a Twist: 3 Clever Home Furnishing Mods
12: Connect 4: Artist Condos Hover Above Communal Courtyard
11: Wordless Story: Laser-Cut Book Speaks Volumes via Space
09: Write White: Chalk it Up on 10 Black-Boarded Home Objects
08: Faux Hardware: Hinge Tape Seals Seams & Supports Folds
08: Modest Marvels: Australian Architect Crafts Regional Homes
07: Solar Bottle Lamps: Water + Bleach = 10,000 Liters of Light
07: Flat-Pack Mobile Home: The Swiss Army Knife of Apartments
06: Happy Accidents: Tablecloth Turns Spills into Colorful Decor
06: Shack-Crazed Builder Constructs Fantastic Recycled Shelters
05: Moving Day? 10 Insane Space-Saving Chinese Bike Couriers
05: Magic Glass: Flip a Switch to Turn Clear Sheets Translucent
04: Folding Typography: Wall Shelf Spells Self in Black & White
03: Self-Seeding Coffee Set Supplants Would-Be Plastic Waste
02: Cool Cargo: 45 Prefab & Shipping Container Home Designs
01: Fresh & Sweet: Easy-to-Clean Minimalist Manual Fruit Juicer
01: Banister? Better! Steel Mesh Replaces Railing on Loft Stairs

August 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Right Angle: Foot-Free, Hand-Deployed Doorstop Invention
31: Rich in History: Stone Ruins Surround Modest Coastal Home
30: Constructive Concrete: Incredible Carbon-Negative Cement
30: Steampunk House: Retro-Futuristic Victorian Interior Refab
29: Platonic Carpet: 5 Classical Geometric Solids as Area Rugs
29: PayPal Founder Funds Creation of Man-Made Island Nations
28: DIY for Dummies: 4 Fast, Simple & Low-Tech Home Projects
28: Diced in 3D: Digital Models Sliced in Plan & Section [10 Pics]
26: Zoom Zoom: Long-Exposure, High-Speed Rail Photography
25: Bed Overboard! Kids Bedroom Features Floating Pirate Ship
24: Moon Mattress: Giant Glowing 5-Foot Lunar Floor Cushion
24: 1-to-1 Conversion: Single-Piece, Reused-Wood Pallet Chair
24: Slim Skylights Turn Basic White Box into Sleek Tokyo Home
23: Garbage Bin + Vacuum Cleaner = Dust-Sucking Trash Can
23: Penthouse Pyramid: Seattle's Tower-Top Mystery Apartment
22: Mine Craft: Old Naval Explosives Turned into New Furniture
22: Space Suite: 200-Mile-High Orbital Hotel for ,000 a Night
21: Sneak Peak: Newest of 10 LEGO Architecture Building Sets
21: Hand-Crank Travel Dishwasher has Space-Saving Spin Cycle
20: Hourglass-Inspired Tea Timer both Times & Steeps Hot Tea
19: Textile Designer Stitches Stools, Knits Wool Shirts for Chairs
18: Adjustable-Height Coffee Table Needs No Legs to Level Up
18: Refab Retreat: Cozy Swiss Alps Chalet in a Retrofitted Barn
17: Durable Redesign: Roll-Up & Flat-Pack Inflatable Furnitures
17: Dynamic Duet: Modern Paris Music Room & Garage Addition
16: Mobile Smart Phone Grocery Shopping in Subway Stations
16: Before & After: Two-Story, 20,000-Foot Factory Penthouse
15: Eccentric Craft: 5 Works of Bizarre Bespoke Luxury Furniture
15: Luxury Overboard: Private Yacht as Tropical Island Paradise
14: RGB Wall Art Murals Shift Scenes as Lighting Color Changes
14: Flipping Nifty: Flexible Folding Plug for Interior Wall Sockets
12: Dwelling in 3D: 10 Photo-Realistic Exterior Home Renderings
11: BrickBox: Modular Box-Shelf System for Moving & Storage
10: C-Clamp Legs Turn Everyday Objects to Seat & Table Tops
10: Zombie-Proof Facade: Black Steel House + Flip-Up Windows
09: Shhh!!! 'Hush Pod' Brings Blissful Silence to Public Seating
09: Cute Caboose: 7 Train Cars Transformed into Tiny Houses
08: Steel Stairs Add an Abstract Twist to a Vintage Stone Villa
08: Permit-Free Fun with Bizarre Building Codes & Zoning Laws
07: Decadent Dwellings: 30 Dream Homes & Luxurious Interiors
07: Hidden Handle: Kitchen Knife Grip Opens Secret Bread Box
06: Compact Small-Space Dishwasher Fits into Kitchen Sink Slot
04: Saving Space: Frugal, Green & Waste-Free Toothpaste Tube
04: In-Home Dome: Childrens' Cast-in-Place Concrete Playspace
03: Sharp-Edged Seat: Custom Bench for LA's Concrete Jungle
03: Mountain Abode: Rural Chinese Home Radiates Simplicity
02: Not Permitted: Clever NYC Architect Bends Building Codes
01: Cradle Chair: Big Basket Seat Rocks Adults Gently to Sleep
01: Alleyway Abode: 4-Foot-Narrow Live/Work Writer's Studio

July 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Colorful Carpet + Abstract Art = Geometric Home Area Rugs
31: CoCo Mpls: Grain Exchange Converted to Coworking Space
30: Home Video: Sublime Animated Architectural Walk-Through
29: Giveaway: 3 Free Copies of a Print Handbook for Designers
28: Plant-Based Home Purifier Accelerates Clean Air Circulation
28: Puzzle Property: How to Build a Home Without Inside Walls
27: High Volumes: Huge Home Bookcase Spans Multiple Stories
27: Sold in Sydney: Refab Church Turned Modern Home + Pool
26: Blast Stools: Explosive Charges Shape Sheet Metal Seats
26: Green Screen: Exotic Plants Crawl Up Living Exterior Walls
25: Pet Planters: Indoor Green-Roofed Homes for House Pets
25: Hummer Homes: Monster Trucks Modules from Scrap SUVs
24: Practical to Impossible: 50 DIY Projects, Designs & Ideas
23: Key Inventions: Built-In Carabiner Keys & Split-Ring Blanks
22: Urban Fantasies: 12 3D Architectural Images Warp Reality
21: Recycled Paper Tiles for Remarkable Dark Kitchen Surfaces
21: Prefab Holiday Home Mixes A-Frame & Log Cabin Aesthetics
20: Modular 'Love Mattress' Made Flexible for Cuddly Couples
20: Containers of Hope: Cheap Modern Cargo Container Home
19: Innovative Concrete Shows Secret Patterns When Wet, Hot
19: Skate Park Dream House Packed with Skateable Surfaces
18: Friction & Force of Gravity Support Slim Leaning Deck Chair
18: Straw, Sticks & Secrets: A Hand-Built Earthen Hobbit Home
17: Inspiration, Squared: 25 Cool Cubic Homes & Box Houses
17: Framing & Floating: 2 Cheap DIY Corner Desks with Shelves
16: Bookmark This! Shoulder Strap for Real Social Bookmarking
15: DIY Sod Sofas: Recline in Real Green-Grass Lawn Loungers
14: 3-Legged Folding Stool Combines Gravity, Strength & Style
14: Dizzying Dome: High-Up Tree Home with Transparent Floors
13: Brilliant Easy-Open Bottle Caps Need No Opener (Nor Twist)
13: Small-Space Survivalist Lives in 8-Square-Meter NYC Condo
12: Acoustic Decor: Modular Interactive Music-Making Furniture
12: Log Loft: Picturesque Tree House for Kids & Adults Alike
11: Cantilevered Master Bedroom Loft Classes Up Refab Condo
11: Setbacks & Zoning Shaped this Sweet Modern Hillside Home
10: Worth 1000: 15 Fantastic Photo-Edited Dream Home Ideas
09: Purist Flat-Pack: 3-Piece Table Painted with Primary Colors
08: For the Birds: 10 Architectural Birdhouses, Feeders & Baths
07: Scrolling Bookshelf: Modular Scroll-Shaped, Roll-Up Library
07: 'Solo Houses' Skip Client Constraints in Favor of Architects
06: Beautiful 3-Box Rubber-Band Set Doubles as Desktop Decor
06: Bare-Bones Water Tower Fleshed Out into a 5-Story House
05: Inverted Cabinet + Reverse Drawers = Imploding Furniture
05: Roll-Up Rooftop: Daring Rounded-Wood Deck Design in NYC
04: House Cat as Client: Interior Design Inspired by Pet Cats
04: Picturesque Prefab Defies Modular Mass-Produced Dwellings
03: Extrusion Illusion: 2D + 3D Display Chairs Trick Mind & Eye
03: Stainless Steel Kitchen: Sinks to Shelves, Cabinets & More
02: Conversation Peace: Loose Marbles Stir in Formal Glassware
01: 5 Light-Up Outdoor Furniture Sets Glow White at Night

June 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Umbrellas, Fixed: Aerodynamic Design for 70+ MPH Winds
30: McNasty Manor: Absurdist All-In-One Mini McMansion in 3D
29: Incredible Home Bookcase Climbs 40 Feet of Interior Walls
29: Micro-Home Concept Turns Electric Cars into Spare Spaces
28: 12 Gorgeous Gourds: Tropical Lamps Swirl Light & Shadow
28: Thin is In: The Skinny on a Super-Narrow Japanese House
27: Spin Space: 360-Degree Room with Zero-Gravity Furniture
27: Organic Villa Expansion Transforms South African Cottage
26: Simple Sphere Transforms Bare Bulbs to Soft Ceiling Lights
26: Shower with Fishies: Built-In Tropical Bathroom Aquarium
24: Civic Camouflage: A WWII Neighborhood that Never Existed
23: Door Wrench: Tool-Style Knob Fit for Industrial Interiors
23: Bare & Bold: Open-Plan Home Flips Public & Private Spaces
22: Sleep, Sit, Store & Live: 100% Cardboard Furniture Series
22: Surf & Turf: Wave-Shaped Home Lofted in FEMA Flood Zone
21: Sublime Spectra: 3 Bookcases Neatly Sorted by Book Colors
21: Futuristic Rooftop Living Room in a Compact Prefab Capsule
20: Inhabiting IKEA: 16 Sweet Photos of Life in a Big-Box Store
20: Half Baked? Warehouse + Bakery = Huge New Family Home
19: Newspaper Wood: Turn Pages into Recycled Home Products
19: 2-in-1 Toilet: Seat and Lid plus Flip-Down Standing Urinal
18: Light Reading: Mood Lamps from Vintage Hardcover Books
17: Inside Rain: 300,000 Liters of Water Douse this House Daily
16: Interior Moss Tiles Help Grow the Vertical Garden Movement
16: Baled Out: Cow-Created Concrete Home Interior Completed
15: Block Notes: Colorful Tetris-Style, Sticky-Backed Note Pads
15: Hobbit-Hole Duplex Dug Out from a Hurricane-Crafted Dune
14: Legible Bookcases Let You Spell Out Anything with Shelving
14: Recycled 747 'Wing House' Has Finally Landed in the Desert
13: See-Through Concrete: 5 Real-Life, Light-Transmitting Walls
13: New Tree Cabin Features Rooftop Deck & Top-Down Entry
12: Flood Proof: Emergency Dams Turn Homes into Tiny Islands
12: Exotic Dish: Unusual Wall-Hanging Stone & Metal Fruit Bowl
11: Hover Home: 3 Unique Floating Staircases Under One Roof
10: 3 Worthy Winners: 2011 Pratt & Umbra Design Competition
09: Ash Tray Candle: Smoking Alternative to Traditional Ashing
09: Outsider Architecture: 1 Man + 30 Years + 20,000 Sq Ft =
08: 1-Legged Chair Sits in Corners, Leans on Walls for Support
08: LEGO Playroom Walls Turn Surfaces into Architectural Toys
07: Living Islands: The World's Longest-Floating Mobile Homes
06: Rooftopping: Urban Photography Shoots Up to New Heights
06: Secret Underground Passage Connects Barn to Hidden Home
05: Age-Old Designs: Time to Retire Mid-Century Modernism?!
05: Laundry Room Layouts: Cabinets, Storage & Shelf Systems
04: Vertical Home Gardens: Modular Stacking Green Wall System
03: Solo Shelter Showcase: New Small-Space Living Exhibition
02: Tapehook: Sticky Tape-Shaped, Gravity-Defying Wall Hooks
02: Origami House: Forest Home Folded from Paper-Like Planes
01: Fit for a King: Modern Castle-Inspired Master Bed & Canopy
01: Remote Retreat: New Island Home in an Historic Stone Ruin

May 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Shredded Documents + Molded Resin = Fossilized Furniture
31: Perfect Urban Penthouses: 7 Radical Rooftop Homes of NYC
30: Inception Chair: Wonderful 10-in-1 Wooden Nesting Chairs
29: Architect Barbie Doll Comes with Dream House (But No Job)
29: Ostrich-Inspired Travel Pillow to Nap Anywhere, Noise Free
28: Suspended Snap Lamps: Endless Modular Lighting System
27: Unite d'Habitation: L'Original Modern Anti-Zombie Fortress?
26: Modular Heat-Free Holders Help Carry Multiple Coffee Cups
26: 3-Story Beach House Balances Private Retreat & Public View
25: 3 Mysterious Stacks: Wood Piled Up into Pieces of Furniture
25: Modern Magic: Building a Treehouse for Kids [Plans & Pics]
24: Coffee Table Book: Cleverly Literal 2-in-1 Home Furnishing
24: Splitting Space: Dynamic Dual-Material Japanese Residence
23: Farmpunk Furniture: 12 Refabs from Raw Farm Equipment
23: Paired Penthouse: Luxury Bridged Condo Spans 2 Rooftops
22: Live & Learn: 'Training Dresser' Teaches Kids with Drawers
22: Hangar Home Revisited: Drive-In, Boat-Up & Fly-Out Facade
21: Reversible Picnic-Table Seats Flip Out into 4 Lounge Chairs
20: 3 Space-Age Rooms Explore Home Interior Design Extremes
19: Beautiful Bent-Wood Furniture of Vintage Red-Wine Barrels
19: Home & Garden: Spiral Design Shows Off Center Courtyard
18: Touch-Screen Toilet Has Motion-Sensing Seat + MP3 Player
18: Forest Cottage Cobbled from Scrap Beams, Floors & Doors
17: Minimalist Dream House: Black, White & Awesome All Over
16: Spilling Glass: 5 Melted Wall Mirrors form Liquid Reflections
15: High-Rise Heels: Flat-Pack Pair of Architectural Moon Shoes
15: Corner Light Softly Illuminates Little-Used Interior Spaces
14: Medieval Torture? 3000 Hours, 1 Handmade Chain Mail Rug
13: Digital Reality: 3D Data Re-Encoded Inside Real Architecture
12: Rugged Rucksack: Armadillo-Shelled, Hard-Case Backpack
12: Secret Shelter: Hidden Underground Japanese Tea House
11: All-Purpose Kitchen Island Inside a 1-Square-Meter Cube
11: Back to Basics: Pragmatic Prefab for a Little Greener Living
10: IKEA Geek: 4 More Fun Fake Manuals for the Sci-Fi Inclined
10: Rustic Chic: 5 Boutique African Lodges Boast Local Luxury
09: Cool Hard Reality: Actual Wire-Frame Steel Furniture Series
09: Space-Saving Bachelor Pad Fits 4 Rooms in 1 Former Studio
08: Blind by Habit: Urban Lots (Re)Filled with LEGO Architecture
08: New Noise-Quenching Curtains Absorb Sound, Let in Light
07: Missing Link: Knife & Fork You Can Use as 2 Chopsticks Too
06: Benched in Style: 3 Sporty Seats for Athletes & Soccer Fans
05: Sectional Upcycling: Leftover Shoe Leather to Sofa Cushions
05: 5 MPH Home: Ultra-Tiny Caravan Towed by Mobility Scooter
04: Scalable Fish Condos: Stack Aquariums into Modular Towers
04: Colorful Yarn turns Potholes from Pock into Beauty Marks
03: Mind-Warping Wood Folding Chair Looks Curved, Packs Flat
03: Split-Level Houseboat: Half Sits on Surface, Half Underwater
02: Liquid Wood Chairs: Classic Material Flows in New Furniture
02: Open Art House: 8 Irreverent Projects to Reinvent Suburbia
01: London Yard: 7 Grassless Gardens for Modern Urban Homes
01: Trash Tally: 365-Day Calender Rolls of Plastic Garbage Bags

April 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Hands-Free Door Opener Beats Bathroom Handles & Knobs
29: Death Diamonds: Ultramodern Urns & Contemporary Coffins
28: Toddler Tower: Smooth, Safe & Stackable Kids Bunk Beds
28: Numbers House: Neat Numeric Facade Addresses the Street
27: Downloadable Design: Digital Laser & 3D CNC Furniture Set
27: Homely or Homey? Small-Footprint 'Swamp Huts' on Stilts
26: Trippy 3D Rug Weaves Ancient Traditions & Visual Trickery
26: Polygonal Penthouse Tops Trans-Generational Townhouse
25: Artistic Alphabet: Still-Life Photography of Life-Sized Letters
25: Help in a Hurry: Disaster-Relief Container Homes for Japan
24: Secret New Garage Door Spliced from Historic Bay Windows
23: Steampunk Style: Scrappy Designs from Reclaimed Antiques
22: OCD Organizers: Set of 7 Modular Desktop Office Products
21: Read vs Unread: Self-Balancing, Book-Weighted Wall Shelf
21: Uboat: Urban Houseboat for City Canals, Lakes & Streams
20: Archival Arts: Library Installation Circles 'Round Bookcases
20: Ship Shape: Australian Beach House Rides Conceptual Wave
19: Moving Furniture: Real Stop-Motion Tetris Shelves [Videos]
19: Tactical Interior: 1400s Home + Tasteful (Partial) Remodel
18: RepairWare: Home Products Redesigned to be Easily Fixed
18: Urban Retreat: Green Penthouse Nestled on an NYC Rooftop
17: Bespoke Baggage: 7 Twisted Trunks & Hand-Curved Cases
16: Re-Pottery: Simple Planter Splits in Two for Easy Repotting
15: Pet Project: Architectural Photography + Household Animals
14: Crank Case: Rechargeable Wind-Up Emergency Batteries
14: Room in a Box: Saving Interior Space via Bedroom Cubes
13: Here Hooks: Simple Arrow-Shaped, Wall-Mounted Hangers
13: Semi Trucks Recycled into New Penthouse & Bay Windows
12: Fallingwater Cottages, or: How to Win a Design Competition
11: War-Torn Furniture: 7 Pieces Based on Combat & Disasters
11: Rock + Hard Place: Concrete Home Mixes Flat with Fantastic
10: Truth Windows Show Hidden Structure of Straw Bale Homes
10: Beware of Falling Books!? Shelved All-in-One Workstation
09: Minimal Bathroom Sink Made of 'Self-Rusting' Corten Steel
08: Dutch Accents: Tiny Condo Uses Curved Walls, Color & Light
07: Rule Free: LED Pen Ruler Traces Distances, Measures Curves
07: 'Woodpile' Cabin: Log-Lined Fire Pit = Four-Season Shelter
06: Ready-to-Assemble Cardboard Lamp Ships in its Own Shade
06: Less is More: 500-Year-Old House to Duplex Rental Retreat
05: Split-Level Loft: Suspended Bedroom + Under-Stair Storage
05: Skeletal Archiporn: 16 Sublime Photos of Scary Scaffolding
04: Loveseat Literalism: Two-Person Chair for Cuddling Couples
04: Recycled Rigs: Abandoned Oil Platforms as Ocean Mini-Cities?
03: Tiny Single-Serving Dishwasher Saves Kitchen Island Space
03: Built-In Toothpaste: Clever Twist-On Hybrid Toothbrushes
02: Side-Split Flower Pots Perfect for Rail-Hung Outdoor Plants
01: Posh Outdoor Playhouses: Ultramodern Plans for Little Kids

March 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: 16-Pound Space: Futuristic Lightweight Living Room Layout
30: Spartan Sleeper: Disaster-Relief Bed from Cardboard Boxes
30: Mobile Transformer: Futuristic Tent + Truck + Trailer Home
28: Checkout Art: Grocery-Store Products Sorted Only by Color
28: Organic Architecture: 7 Exotic Tree Houses & Hanging Huts
27: On the Grid: Fastener-Free Modular Home Furniture System
27: Curved Flatware? Bent Steel Transforms Simple Cutlery Set
26: Naturally Plush: Beanbag Bear + Beaver-Gnawed Pillow Log
25: Incredible Crafts Room Uses Cheap Space-Saving Solutions
24: Flat-Folding Shower Frees Up Space in Compact Bathrooms
24: Boring or Brilliant? Simple Shipping Container House Plans
23: Brain Bulb: Curved Compact Fluorescent Fits Fixtures, Skulls
23: Alphabet Cities: Urban Anagrams Treat Maps as Typography
22: Floating Sofa Levitates for Some Light Living-Room Reading
22: Religious Refab: Giant-Sized Church to Single-Family Home
21: Warped Wallpaper: Custom-Printed to Wrap Doors & Decor
21: Void Masonry: Half-Transparent Home Built of Light & Steel
20: Street Art? Puddle Pictures Frame Buildings in Pools of Rain
20: Disposable Design: Pitcher Adapter for Plastic Water Bottles
19: Retro Refurbs: Vintage Luggage Racks, Milk Stools & More
18: No Nails, Sans Screws: Ratchet-Strap Wood Furniture Series
17: DIY LED Steps: Motion-Sensing Staircase Illuminates Itself
17: Lawn Cabins: Grass-Roofed Landscapes for Green Retreats
16: Crossword Puzzle Wrapping Paper Works for Any Occasion
16: Modern Wood & Metal Treehouse Floats on a Forest of Stilts
15: Wild Tables: Real Furniture Animated with Animal Instincts
15: Faceted Facade: Brick Home Wrapped in Wood & Glass Shell
14: See Through (the) Future: 10 Cutting-Edge Glass Concepts
14: Roomy Remake: 40M Garage Home, Before & After [Photos]
13: Scanned Boards Custom Cut into Curved Hardwood Floors
13: Articulating Secret: Wood Cube Shade Conceals Desk Lamp
12: Totally Tile: 3D Wall System Integrates Surfaces & Spaces
11: Custom Floor-Plan Light Switches Dispel Shadows of Doubt
10: Metal Origami: Flat-Pack Sheets Form Super-Strong Shapes
10: Shelf Space: Stepped-Up Living Room for Daylight & Display
09: Hot Seats! Stools Set on Fire to Create Charred Log Chairs
09: Transforming Trailers into Mobile Urban Landscape Campers
08: 300 Helium Balloons Float Real 'Up' House 10,000 Feet High
08: Beautiful Old Wood Barn Renovated into a Fresh New Home
07: Mobile Office: Wood Chair + Desk Fold into a Computer Bag
07: 321, GO!!! Slide 3 Stories Down 2 Sides of a 1-Family Home
06: Flat-Pack Folding Shelves: Colorful Sheet-Metal Wall Storage
06: Fresh & Futuristic: H20 Force-Field Shields Fruit with Water
05: Floor Furnitures: Japan-Style Dining Room Tables & Chairs
04: IKEA HENJ: 8-Step DIY Instruction Manual for Stonehenge
03: Magnetic 'Key Cloud' Hangs Lightning-Like House Key Rings
03: Top-Heavy Home: Tree-Branching Loft Towers 3 Stories Tall
02: Just Undo It: Re-Folding Clothes into DIY Bags & Backpacks
02: Junk House Employs Google Earth in Upcycling Local Scrap
01: Space-Age Apartment: Sliding White Walls & Secret Spaces

February 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

28: Folding Concrete?! Flat-Pack Building Blocks of the Future
28: 00 Egg House on Wheels for a Working Urban Architect
27: Smart Self-Cleaning Fridge Orders Food & Suggests Recipes
27: Planting Ideas: A Coat, Hat, Bag & Book as Indoor Planters
26: Undefined Design: Mystery Objects for Interactive Interiors
25: Self-Balancing Staff: Weighted Walking Stick Stays Upright
24: Ping-Pong Apartment: 25,000 Balls Make Off-the-Wall Decor
24: Hover Light: Hanging Table Lamp with Secret Wire Supports
23: Tableware Tripod: Interlocking Knife, Fork & Spoon Series
23: Prefab in Paradise: Built for Gale Force Winds & Forest Fires
22: Boomerang Furniture: 1 Bent-Wood Module, Infinite Shapes
22: Airlift Architecture: Fly-In Prefab for Extreme Environments
21: 10 Scrap Refabs: Vintage Reupholstery with Colorful Fabric
21: Closet Home: A Compact, Remote-Controlled Dream Condo
20: Reflected Beauty: Faux-Floating Furniture Art Installation
20: Flip-Up Furniture: Dual Functions in Half the Square Footage
18: Digital Sundial Shines Time on Walls with Bright Laser Lights
17: Computer Web Cam + Tiny Paper Home = Giant-Sized Fun
17: Tree-Inspired House Has Green Canopy & Geothermal Roots
16: Modular Wire-Frame Shelf from Wall-Mounted Metal Rods
16: Shacking Up: Little Loft Cabins Live Off the Grid (& Ground)
15: Junk Joinery: Scrap Wood Strips Make Fresh New Furniture
15: Feng Shui to Go: Modular Lofted Mini-Apartment on Wheels
14: Banister-Bending Staircases take Handrails to New Heights
14: Beachfront Bunkers: Submersible Tsunami-Proof Tetrapods
13: 7 Monochrome Kitchens Make Singular Use of Bright Colors
12: 1 Liter Limit: Water-Saver Faucet Strictly Rations then Refills
11: Glow Home: Stained-Glass Art House Lights Up the Night
10: Kodachrome Curtains: DIY Shades from Color-Photo Slides
10: Bubbles of Luxury: Inflatable Spheres for Modular Camping
09: Transparent Brick: See-Through Clay Wall (Art) Installation
09: Explosive Mix: Regional Cabin Meets Concrete Modernism
08: Bare Bamboo Bench Wraps Raw Bunches in Cast Aluminum
08: Historic Brick Lodge Saved Inside a Modern Glass Box Home
07: Transparent TV: Sleek & Clean See-Through Screen Design
07: 25-Year Refab: Concrete Factory Converted to Castle Home
06: Bold Bathroom Ideas: Pictures of 7 Luxury Modern Designs
05: Fill in the Blank: Writable B&W, Thought-Bubble Wallpaper
04: Origamic Ceramic: Paper-Style Ceramic Plates, Bowls & Cups
03: Six-Legged Caravan Gives New Meaning to ‘Walking Home’
02: Cloaking Chair: LED Lights Hide Inside Mirrored Camouflage
02: Space-Saving Spa: Small Indoor/Outdoor Living Room Pool
01: Double-Sided Design Solves Painfully Universal USB Problem
01: Deck-Centric Home in Chile is All About Patio, Pool & Views

January 2011 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Round Out: Curved Countertops Add Kitchen Surface Space
31: Shrinking Cities: 3 Urban Artworks that Miniaturize Reality
30: Strange Squares: 3 Offbeat Tables from Household Objects
29: Retro Redye: Patchwork Color Carpets from Vintage Rugs
28: Urban Sky Camping: A Daring Pair of Up-in-the-Air Designs
27: Lean In: Plywood-Lined Attic w/Awesome Angled Portholes
26: Space Saving ‘Tulip’ Shower Blooms into a Luxury Bathtub
26: Aquatic Caravan: Floating Travel Trailer + Water-Ready RV
25: Magic Lamp Box: Multi-Functional Little Modular Light Cube
25: House of Worship: Old Stone Church Hides Brand New Home
24: Junktion: Recycled-Bathtub Chairs to Window-Shade Seats
24: Nesting Houses: Whole Prefab Home Housed in a Huge Box
23: 16 Mirrored Wall Stickers Add Visual Depth to Room Decor
22: Dial-a-Door: Key-Free Home Entry via Built-In Handle Locks
21: DIY Mud-Brick Machine Builds Life-Sized, LEGO-Style Blocks
20: Light Forest: Organic Ivy-Like Lamp System Climbs Ceilings
20: Preservation Puzzle: Historic Facade Hides Whole New Home
19: Messy Desk Light: Classic Lamp Shade + Modern Steel Mesh
19: Residential Reskin: 2 Flats Wrapped in Lovely Fabric Facades
18: Double Bedroom: Sliding Bookcase Hides Small Home Office
18: Thin Air: 6-Sided ‘Mirror Cube’ Tree Hotel Hangs in the Sky
17: Sleek Synthetics: Faux Wicker Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets
17: Cliff-Hanging Home + Incredible Cantilevered Infinity Pool
16: 12 Life-Like 3D Renderings of Remarkable Interior Spaces
15: Artful Bathroom Radiator is Also an Elegant Towel Warmer
14: Bare Bones: Shelf Lamps Made from Bulbs, Cords & Boards
13: Analog Fan: Wall-Mounted, Pulley-Powered Cooling System
13: Inner Child: Colorful Home has Trap Doors & Secret Slides
12: Rack & Stack: Page-Saving, House-Shaped Magazine Stand
12: Compact Cork Tent: Easy & Eco-Friendly Camping Cylinder
11: Strapless Night Club Shoulder Bags Redesigned for Dancing
11: Refab Fire House: Modern Home Retrofit in an Aged Station
10: Poetry in Motion: Folding Chair + Floor Lamp Design Fusion
10: Modern Classic: Famous Ferris Bueller Film House for Sale
08: Closet Suitcase: Dresser on Wheels for Business Travelers
08: Serves One: Sleek Solo Free-Standing Mini-Kitchen Islands
07: Winding Designs: 1 Company, 10 Custom Interior Stairways
06: Slide & Hide: 2 Modern Space-Saving Home Kitchen Systems
06: Ocean-Oriented Japanese Vacation Home is All About Views
05: Wooden Cushion? 500 Cuts Make Soft Seat from Hard Wood
05: Ancient Fortress Transformed into a Defensible Tower Home
04: Zip Bed has Snug Fitted Sheets Like a Luxury Sleeping Bag
04: Hang On! Futuristic Flood-Proof Shelters for Urban Survival
03: Scorchingly Realistic Light Art Fights Fire with Fake Flames
03: Mobile Master Plan: Whole Nomadic Railway City on Wheels
02: Wormed Wood: 5 Home Furnishings Highlight Organic Holes

December 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Sweet 1600: 2010 Ends with 1,000,000+ Monthly Readers
31: Scrap Shelter: Welded Steel Home for the End of the World
30: Elegant Steel Spiral Staircase Reuses Scrap Wood Shavings
30: Urban & Rural Reuse: 2 Classy Carriage House Conversions
29: Etched Floor Decor: 5 Engineered Wood Flooring Patterns
29: Forest Facade: Bamboo Shoots Up, Shades & Fences House
28: Healthy Handle: Self-Sanitizing UV Door Knob Kills Germs
28: International Style: Remodeling a 700-Year-Old Farmhouse
27: Modern Vintage: Baroque Bookcase Carved in a Blank Box
27: Super-Fast Prefab: Flat-Pack Steel Home Frame in Just 1 Day
26: Sleeping Bag Coats: Makeshift Wearable Homeless Shelters
25: Make the Bed: Simple Stacked Comforters for Lazy Sleepers
24: Clutter Craft: Upcycling Vintage Drawers into New Dressers
23: Hold & Hide: Two Tea-Bag-Centric Ceramic Cups & Saucers
23: Wild Watchtower: Defensible Forest Studio & Library Space
22: Fashionably Fun: Plush Black & White Puzzle-Piece Furniture
22: Faux Foliage: Fake-Tree Facade for Privacy, Shade & Decor
21: Stop in Style: Bus Shelters Transformed into Living Rooms
21: Stunning Street-Level Loft in a Brick & Concrete Warehouse
20: Tiny 3D Tile Topography: Colorful Foam Landscape Carpet
20: Desert Dome: 360-Degree Home on a (Dormant) Volcano
19: Flip to Switch: Minimalist Clock Solves Daylight Savings Time
18: Paired-Down DIY: Elegantly Simple Space-Saving Shoe Rack
17: Futuristic Desktop: 3D Multi-Touch Computer + Desk Design
16: Curing Concrete: Engineered Bacteria Naturally Heals Cracks
16: One-Piece Prefab: All-in-One House for Off-the-Grid Living
15: 3D Textiles: Patterned Cuts Add Depth to Flat Interior Decor
15: Cold or Warm? Concrete Box Houses an Open-Plan Interior
14: Anti-Aircraft Faucet: Sink Fixture Inspired by Stealth Fighter
14: Deformed Dome: Bamboo Hut Builds on a Modeling Mistake
13: Street Furniture: 10 Stolen Signs Turned into New Designs
13: Living Library: Marvelous Home with Multi-Story Bookcases
12: Musical Minimalism: Table Lamp Cubes from Cassette Tapes
11: Marble & Wood Column Hides Secret Ceiling-Hung Storage
10: Post-Dated Design: Bedroom Interior of the (Faux) Future?
09: Living in Zen: Perfectly Simple 1-Story Lake House Property
08: Local Color: Brightly-Painted, Scrap-Wood Furniture Series
08: Light Industrial: Bright Modern Home in a Boxy Gray Garage
07: Moving Boxes: DIY Modular Cardboard-Recycling Bookcases
07: Fresh Cement: New Concrete Links Old Stone Barn & Home
06: Abstract Armchair: Trippy TRON Film-Inspired Art Furniture
06: Tokyo Parking Space Turned into a Tiny Three-Story House
05: Make Do: 3 Modular Pieces for Making Endless DIY Projects
04: Cool Bathroom: Hot Water-Saving Shower, Sink & Toilet Set
03: ExhibiTable: White Reading Table with Wood Storage Slots
02: Plan-Free DIY: Industrial Table Made of Wrenches & Glass
02: Hanging Out Over Manhattan: 7-Figure Cliff House for Sale
01: Folding Steel: New Floating Staircase for a Refab Attic Space
01: Contrast Cottage: Metal-Clad Prefab + Wood & White Walls

November 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Tunes in Tiles: Recycling Records & CDs into Roof Shingles
30: Tiny Teardrop Trailers: Vintage Camper Ads, Photos & Plans
29: Cut & Paste Chair: 4 Seats Spliced into 1 Piece of Furniture
29: Pixel House: Round Mound-Shaped Residence Built of Bricks
28: Not Just for Kids: 7 Space-Saving (& Adult-Sized) Loft Beds
28: Retro iPad Stand: Unique Holiday Gift Idea that Gives Back
27: Lost & Found: Comfy Chair Cushioned with Built-In Storage
26: Waterless Washing: Portable Clothing Dry-Cleaning Machine
26: Live, Work, Worship? Huge Converted Corner Church Home
25: Real Crystal Ball: Luminous Interior Sneak-Peak Door Knob
25: Coastal Cabin: Dynamic One-Story on the Shores of Norway
24: Real-Life Secret Playroom Through a Narnia-Like Wardrobe
24: Fashionable Fittings? Wearable Architectural Design Details
23: Bookmark Pens: Ultra-Slim, Multi-Use Tools to Read & Write
23: Capsule Campers: Mini Mobile Pod Trailers for Urban Travel
22: Shelving Inspiration: 3 Modular Modern Systems [Pictures]
22: Hiding on Plain Site: Contemporary Coastal Concrete House
21: Whole-Wall Art: Abstract Digital-Pattern Wallpaper Textiles
20: Modular Square Tiles: Custom Kitchen & Bathroom System
19: Escape Pod: Lost at Sea, Floating in an Underwater Retreat
18: Space Sculpting: Futuristic ‘Remote-Control Room’ Concept
18: Refab Retreat: Modern Rainforest Home in Rural Costa Rica
17: Secret Weapon Style: Umbrella Grip with Wooden Knuckles
17: Modular Makeover: Futuristic Open-Plan Trailer Home Ideas
16: Classy Trash: Antique Metal Objects as Modern Table Lamps
16: New Black: Bold Night-Club-Themed Condo in an Old YMCA
15: Stuck-in-Wall Storage: Semi-Shelf & Half-Hidden Side Table
15: Eco Systems: Footprint-Free Green Tree-House Resort Idea
14: Cuddling Chairs: Cute Seating + Anthropomorphic Meaning
14: Saving (Strange) Spaces: Small Under-Staircase Bathrooms
13: Emergency Exit Door Handles Definitely Deserve a Redesign
12: Modular Motorhome: Hybrid Camper Car + Caravan Combo
11: Breakfast Bookcase: Trick Shelves Hide Table + 2-Chair Set
11: Lumber, Cut & Dried? Wood-Like Recycled Newspaper Logs
10: Hidden Light Transforms Chair-by-Day into Table-by-Night
10: Rocky Cliffhanger: Monumental Luxury Beach Vacation Villa
09: Wood & White Swirl: Winding Up a Unique Spiral Staircase
09: Real Slim & Shady: Hidden Contemporary Courtyard Home
08: Turning Tables: Flexible Wood Seats Flip into Work Surfaces
08: Classic Caravans: 5 Vintage Mobile & Antique Trailer Homes
07: Bottled Brilliance: DIY Plastic Bulbs for Hanging LED Lights
06: Global Cooling: Solar-Powered & Ultra-Portable Mini-Fridge
05: Space-Saving Staircase Shelves for Floor-to-Ceiling Storage
04: Nesting Tiles: Red Roof Shingles with Built-In Birdhouses
04: Hideaway Bedroom: Crafty Built-In Wood & White Dividers
03: Suspended Story: Massively Cantilevered Ultramodern Home
02: Invisible Canopy: Convertible Classy Sofa + Modern Bed Set
02: Live, Work, Remodel: Bold Brick Home + Office Townhouse
01: Winding Designs: 7 Steps Up from Simple Modern Staircases
01: Fluid Kit of Parts: Flood-Proof Prefab Beach House on Stilts

October 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Ultralight Flex Chair: Flat-Pack Aluminum, Strong like Steel
30: Reverse Funnels for Stylish Spill-Free Glass Serving Carafes
29: Type Mismatch: Recycled Refrigerator + Car Seat Couches
28: Simple Surrounds: 3 Mantel-Free Minimalist Gas Fireplaces
28: Silver Sliver: Small Brick Townhouse + Skinny Metal Addition
27: Real Secret: Unique Storage Custom Cut into Classic Books
27: Dream-Like Desert Home Design for Wide Open-Air Spaces
26: Hybrid Heirloom: Wood & Plastic Fused to Fix a Family Chair
26: Livable Luxury Loft: Cheap & Creative Live/Work/Art Refab
25: Trick & Treat: 7 Huge Photo Prints Sculpt Impossible Spaces
25: Holy (Flipping!) Island Homes: 5 Upside-Down Boat Houses
24: Black to White: Coffee Table Transforms to a Leather Chair
24: Secret Spin Cycle: Self-Washing Sink + Built-In Dishwasher
23: Open & Shut? Stylish Knob-Free Doors with Built-In Handles
22: Partition Magic: Space-Saving Mobile Interior Room Dividers
21: Edible Dishes: Half-Baked Set of Flour-Based Place Settings
21: Timeless + Tradition: Timber Farmhouse Interior Remodel
20: Emergent Patterns: Game Wallpapers Beat Dull Wall Decor
20: Crazy House: Offbeat Organic Tree-Shaped Home in Vietnam
19: Saving Space: Storage-Filled Sofa has Secret Compartments
19: Half-Floating Home: Semi-Submerged Two-Story Houseboat
18: Real-Life Levitating Lamps Hover Over Tables, Floors & More
18: 747 x 450 Million = Whole Home Built from Airplane Parts
17: Angelic Architectural Lighting via Wall-Mounted LED Rings
16: Futuristic Fridge Coats & Cools Food in Nanorobotic Bio-Gel
15: Bed Jumping: Subversive Mid-Air Art of Mattress Bouncing
15: Unfolding Urbanism: 3D Pop-Up Paper Art of New York City
14: Dunk-In Design: Milk Mug has Side Slot for Dipping Cookies
14: Huge House Looks Suspiciously Like Star Wars Sandcrawler
13: Double Your Pleasure: Two-Headed Handheld Rain Shower
13: Fairytale Furniture: Set of 10 Storybook-Style Home Objects
12: Sand & See: Top-Secret Coffee Table Hides Layers of Color
12: Staircase-Shaped House Fuses Public Space & Private Living
11: 3D Laser-Sculpted Furniture Designs Drawn out of Thin Air
11: Fully Leveraged: New House Goes to Cantilevered Extremes
10: Unbreakable Mirrors: Bullet-Proof Tiles for Bathroom Walls
10: Big Rig Truck + Bus + Style = Deluxe Designer Mobile Home
09: Sliced into Pieces: Pie-Shaped Set of Nesting Cutting Boards
08: 2 Cups of Light: Table Lamps Shaped as Snapshots of Spills
08: Cocoon Chair: Duvet + Lounger Combo Looks Cozy & Warm
07: Rustic Retro Set: 5 Offbeat Wood & Metal Furniture Objects
07: Hover House: Striking Suspended 'Landscape Cube' Design
06: Stacking Up: Surreal Multi-Level 'House Shaped' Apartments
05: High-Tech Modular Clothes Rack Makes Line Drying a Breeze
05: A Modern Classic: Lovely Urban Factory-to-Loft Conversion
04: Classy Curves: Simple Handle-Free Contemporary Cabinetry
04: Eco Evolution: Stylish New Model of Cargo Container Home
03: Curved Escalators: Futuristic Mobile Metal Spiral Staircases
03: Before & After: Balancing Barn House, 3D Models & Pictures
02: Lazy Luxury Sleeper: Convertible Push-Button Couch + Bed
02: Revisiting Rope Lights: String LEDs Can be Subtle & Stylish
01: Dynamic Dinner Table Features Fun Swing-Set-Style Seating

September 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Chaos Wall Clock Tells Time in Constantly-Breaking Numbers
29: 4 Glasses in 1: From Water to Wine, Champagne or Cognac
29: Hempcrete House: World’s First Hemp & Paper-Walled Home
28: In & Around: Transforming Wood & Metal ‘Tree Ring’ Table
28: 1-Story Skybox: Small & Simple Open-Plan Summer House
27: Built by Dornob: A Single-Board, Solid-Wood Desk Design
27: Operatic Curves: Luxury Long Island Beach House Retreat
26: Time-Killing 'Chrono Shredder' is a Day-Dicing Wall Calender
26: Living Landscapes: Ant Farms Framed into Abstract Wall Art
24: Blank Writing Notebook Lined with Pages of Inspiring Paper
24: Shade Structure: Dynamic Wall & Roof Slats Filter the Sun
23: Built-In Beauty: 14 Floor-to-Ceiling Home Bookcases [Pics]
22: One-Legged Wood Chair Mod May Knock You Off Your Feet
22: Flying Saucer-Shaped Sea Shell House Looks Like Half a UFO
21: Windowless Daylight: Fiber Optics Project Sun & Sky Inside
21: Swiss Cheese House: Hole-Filled Box Home in Switzerland
20: Open Source: Free Flat-Pack Plans for Laser-Cut Furniture
20: Mobile Island: Man-Made, Free-Floating Luxury Beach House
19: Space Saver: Engineer Spends 7 Years Building Dream Loft
19: Niche Carving: 5 Ultra-Modern Plywood Furniture Products
18: Rain Rulers: Colorful Rubber Boots Measure Water in Style
17: 3D Interior Design Meets Futuristic Mediated Reality [Video]
16: Rules of Thumb: Ingenious Hand-Held Digital Tape Measure
16: Inflatable Mini-Home: 144 Square Feet in a 4x4-Foot Cube
15: Feast in the Round: Dining Table for Food-Sharing Friends
15: Cozy Mix: Heavy Concrete Home, Flowing Green Roof Forms
14: 3D Farmville Carpet: Colorful Wool Cut into Aerial Area Rugs
14: Fun House: Skip Stairs & Take a Two-Story Concrete Slide!
13: Exotic or Overkill? Series of 18 Extreme Leather Furnishings
13: 250,000-Liter Home: 7-Story Water Tower-to-House Refab
12: For Real: 1.6 Million-Dollar Magnetic Hover Bed Floats on Air
11: Double DIY: Invisible Shelf Meets Abstract Modern Sculpture
10: Endless Pens Never Run Out of Ink, Leak, Smear or Smudge
10: Ghost Chairs: Unique See-Through Polyester Sheet Seating
09: High-Tech Tumble: Vacuum Dryer Sucks Water from Clothes
09: Second Story: Modular Modern 'Puzzle Piece' Home Addition
08: Industrial Luxury: Chic Accessories Inspired by Tool Designs
08: Tiny Truck + Mini Trailer = Super Small Mobile Camper Car!
07: Vintage Vertigo: Wood Furniture from Scrap Doors & More
07: White Interior + Curved Walls = Wild Art Collector Condo
06: Iceberg Retreat: Cool Water Resort Features Floating Cabins
06: (Wood)Working Class: 50 Free DIY Furniture Project Plans
05: Math Bathrooms: Pictures of 3 Geek Bathroom Tile Patterns
04: Branch to Bark: Naturally Unfinished Set of Wood Furniture
03: Forget Fabric: Wood, Plants & Books as Chair Upholstery?!
03: Modular Boxes of Light = Infinitely Interactive Illumination
02: Vintage Reinvention: Sliding Multi-Plug Power Strip Solution
02: One Man Island: House vs. Massive Housing Development
01: Waterproof Paper!? Artisan Pottery of Waste, Wood & Sand
01: Buried in Style: 6 Chic Wood Caskets & Cool Funeral Coffins

August 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Oops, Sh!t … Help! 3 Ingenious IKEA Assembly Service Ads
31: Stealth Stone Summer Home Rises Right Up from the Rocks
30: Plumbing Furniture: 12 DIY Fixtures Made of Pipes & Fittings
30: Futuristic LA Loft: Like Living in the (Black & White) Movies
29: Floating Frames: 6 Hanging Bed + Swinging Mattress Sets
28: Kitchen Camo: Cutting Board Covers for Undermount Sinks
27: 11 Treasure Chests: Old Wood Drawers Set in New Dressers
26: DIY Dotted-Line Wall Decals Enable Cool Cut & Paste Decor
26: Thrice-Sliced Steel Silo Used as a Single-Story Solar Home
25: Mac Milk: Chic White Apple-Inspired Computer Desk Design
25: Private Home, Public Key? Scan, Copy & Print Real 3D Keys
24: Liquid Pencil: Lead-Free, Erasable-Ink Pen Dries over 3 Days
24: Modern Farmhouse Plans Expand 200-Year-Old Homestead
23: Puppet Furniture: 14 Photos Explore Scale Ergonomic Seats
23: Space Trailer: NASA Architect Now Makes Mini Mobile Homes
22: Face Facts: Milk Carton Designs are Missing Drink Handles!
21: Fantasy Forest Tree House Straight out of a Kids Story Book
20: Forklift Furniture: 10 DIY Projects for Used Wooden Pallets
19: Fold Down, Slide Up: Simple Wall-Mounted Wood Mini-Desk
19: Post-Fad Prefab: Retro-Modern Cabins for Neo-Rustic Living
18: Clutter Covers: Fold-Out Hide-a-Beds Conceal Messy Desks
18: Tree House: Small Square Home Hides a Wood Spiral Inside
17: 3D Furniture Font: Cool & Classy Animated Text Ads [Video]
17: Floating ‘Cloud House’ Interior Filled with White Platforms
16: Home Furniture, WTF?! IKEA Coffins, Children, Cars & More
16: Breathtaking: Waterfront Cliff House with a Beautiful View
15: CMYK-Colored Curtains: 7 Designer Digital Window Drapes
15: Hanging Bat House: Upside-Down Wood Birdhouse for Bats
14: Light & Clever: Tricky 'Carved Cube' Table Lantern Design
13: Floating City?! Futurist Ocean Frontiers & High-Seas Homes
12: High-Tech Hybrid: Hanging Lights + Digital Photo Frames
12: For Sale: 1 Rare Retro-Futuristic, Post-WWII Prefab Home
11: 6 Slices + 1 Suction Cup = The Ultimate Travel Toiletry Kit
11: Shadow Cubes: 3D Art of Augmented Reality Architecture
10: Gulliver’s Furniture: Giant-Sized Tables & Huge Scale Chairs
10: Rough Recycled Lumber + Exotic Modern House Design
09: Laser-Printed Furniture?! Draw It in 2D then Build It in 3D
08: Designer Trickery: Faux Floating Bed or Funky Fake Image?
07: Facade Printer: Robotic Muralist Spray-Paints Walls at 5 DPS
06: Fantastic Plastic Home: Modern Polycarbonate & Steel Refab
05: Spill Espresso in Style: Clever Coffee Cup & Saucer Maze Set
05: Factory Refab: Beautiful White, Steel & Brick Loft in Berlin
04: Better with Time: Beautiful Aged Wine Barrel Wood Flooring
04: Post-Travel RVs: Used Airstream Trailers as Art Campers
03: Private Island: Ultra-Modern Kitchen ‘Floats’ in White Space
03: Desert Tree House: 3D Metal Steampunk Art at Burning Man
02: Obviously Secret: 8 Great Hiding Spots in Ordinary Objects
02: Alleyway House: Small Space Living on an Ultra-Narrow Lot
01: 6 Hot & Cool Beds: Seaside Hammocks to Fireside Sleepers
01: Alphabetical Seating: Set of 26 Letter-Shaped Kids' Chairs

July 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Dream House? Unlikely Luxury Plans & Surreal Design Ideas
30: Nesting Chef’s Knives: Scary-but-Clever Kitchen Cutlery Set
30: Context Clash: New London Townhouse Rejects Tradition
29: 3D Door Decals: Photo-Sticker Decor for Inside-Room Doors
29: Transparent Trends: 5 See-Through Interior Design Ideas
28: Post-Steampunk: Timeless Industrial Metal & Glass Tables
28: Mobile Cities: The Future of Portable Flat-Pack Tent Towns
27: Narrow Refrigerator: Refreshing Depth in a Compact Design
27: Over-the-Top Duplex: Strange Set of Semi-Spanish Homes
26: Decked Out: Wood Patio + Above-Ground Swimming Pool
26: Concrete Conch: Spiral Shell-Inspired Fractal Beach House
25: The Future is Back: Real-Life, High-Tech Hoverboard Design
25: Not Photoshopped: Real 3D Vases Look Like 2D Digital Fakes
24: Cooking A La Carte: 4 Modular Mobile Kitchen Mini-Islands
24: Robotic Brew: Android-Based Musical Coffee Machine Idea
23: Liquid Wood: Fantastic 100% Organic Bio-Plastic Material
23: Trick Facade: Rad Refab Pad has Secret Sliding Curtain Wall
22: Heartbreaking? 3 Works of Modern Furniture Design Genius
22: Luxury Yacht + Portable Pool = Safe Deep-Ocean Swimming
21: Double Feature: Curved Bed Canopy, Built-In Projection TV
21: Urban Farm Design for Skyscraper Dwellers in Dense Cities
20: Triple-Take Attire: 3 Unique Ideas for Designer Accessories
20: Pod-Style Home Makeover Plan = Radical Realty Remodel
19: Futuristic Fold-Out Kitchen Wall Counter, Cabinets & Chairs
19: Residential Reservoir: Huge Water Tower-to-House Remodel
18: White & Glass Bathroom: Cool Makeover or Cold Design?
18: Chandeliers Cubed: 3 Playful Ceiling Pendants & Wall Lamps
17: Concrete Zen Garden Sink Waters Plants While You Wash
16: Ceramic City: Urban Street Pattern Floor & Wall Tile Design
15: Living Design Lab: Experimental Plan-Free Home Building
14: Ship, Plant & Grow: Cardboard Box Walls with Secret Seeds
14: 300-Year-Old Japanese House Wrapped in a Modern Home
13: Sans Stand: Modern Free-Hanging Chair + Hammock Design
13: Tropical Luxury + Green Living = Lofted Seaside Solar Home
12: Design Squared: 10 3D Function Tiles for Small Bathrooms
12: Rustic Remodel: Stone Farm House to Luxury Country Villa
11: Unfinished Furniture: Modular System of Wood Legs & Pegs
11: Fashion Fruit: 12 Wild Wearable & Edible Designs [Photos]
10: Bathe in Light: Adjustable 6-Color 'Rain Flow' Shower Head
10: Mobile Foam Office: Compact Computer Desk + 2-Chair Set
09: Ingenious Joinery: Plastic Shrink Wrap for Wood Furniture
09: Solar Shrub: A Green Car or Mobile Suburban Micro-Home?
08: Forget Fans & Lights: Clip-On Desk Vases & Cord Sorters
08: Tidal Retreat: Semi-Aquatic Submersible Sea Shelter Cabin
07: 4-Faced Contemporary Lamp Mirrors Vintage & Retro Styles
07: Rich Dark Space: Plywood as More than Mere Wood Veneer
06: Single-Serving Wine Glass is a Perfect Picnic or Party Ware
06: Trash Art: Shipping Container Sculpture Could be a House
05: Extending Bench/Table Inspired by Antique Roll-Top Desks
05: Rustic Hunting Cabin Converted to Classic Victorian Cottage
04: Precious Metals? Solid Silver Metal Diamond Ring Designs
03: B(u)y Extension: Modular Multi-Ladder Step Shelf System
02: Sculptural Stairway: Steel Treads, Curved Rail & Helical Core
01: 7 Functions, 1 Fixture: Modular Metal Bathroom Design Idea

June 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Beautiful Balance: White-Wall Interior + Pine-Wood Panels
30: 1-Minute Chairs: Wood & Wax Craft for Creative Amateurs
29: Metal 'Share Chairs' Transform into 3-Seat Wooden Bench
29: Subtle Subterranean House is Underground & Understated
28: Hand-Crafted by Robots: Unbelievably Curved Brick Walls
28: Human-Powered 'Rolling Home' Rotates as You Run Around
27: Cheap Class: Make Your Own Concrete & Wood Coat Rack
27: Bring it Back: 50th B-Day of the Beer Bottle Building Block
26: Contemporary Rocking Lounger, Couch & Chair Collection
26: Truth in Vanity: 'Magic' Wall Mirror Reflects the Real You
24: Forget Fire Pits: Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen Island Design
24: Power of Invisibility: 7 See-Through Electrical Cover Plates
23: Green Light: CO2 + Water Power 'Algae Energy' Eco Lamp
23: New Manufactured Mobile Box Home (Retro)Fits Old Spaces
22: 'Hidden Kitchen' Wall Transforms into a Dining Room Table
22: Art of Scale: 7 Full-Size Designs of Small-Space Structures
21: Pulp Projects: Recycled Paper Pots, Planks, Shelves & More
21: Climb On Home: 3-Story Prefab has Scalable Exterior Walls
20: Hidden Desk: Secret Spaces in a Simple Wood Dining Table
20: Spare Chair: Seat-Free Metal Frame (Really a Clothes Rack)
19: Floating White Wall Shelves Double as Abstract Home Decor
19: 3 Sizes in 1: Plastic Pot Grows Out as Your Plants Grow Up
18: Secret Seat: Soft 'Fake Sofa' Cover Hides 'Real Hard' Chair
18: Modern Masonry: Cool Concrete Cabin + Warm Wood Patio
17: Cool Summer DIY: 2 Project Ideas for a Hot & Humid Home
17: Full Stop, New Direction: Shape-Based Traffic Signal Design
16: Trashlight: Crazy Combination Garbage Can + Floor Lamp
16: Modern Highlights: Classic Interiors + Contemporary Colors
15: Espresso on a Stick? Machine-Free + Fast as Instant Coffee
15: 100% Paper Home: Inflammable Interior & Furniture Design
14: Virtual Light: 12 Faux-Natural Windows & Fake-Sky Ceilings
14: Chic Shacks: 6 Stylish Sheds, Barn Homes & Hermit Cabins
13: Photos of Parallel Worlds: 10 Creatively Spliced City Images
13: Recycled Rebar: Minimalist Metal Indoor/Outdoor Furniture
12: Loft Bed turns Single-Floor Studio to Two-Level Apartment
11: Crafty Core Carver: Cut Any Fruit into an Organic Shot Glass
11: TV Dish Disguises: 6 Stealthily Camouflaged Satellite Dishes
10: Out-of-Control Home Lighting Could Swallow You Whole
10: Spinning Solar-Powered Round House Rotates with the Sun
09: Sound Asleep: Silent Vibrating Alarm Clock, Deaf by Design
09: Pillow Fort Architects: 10 Sofa, Sheet & Cushion Structures
08: Dazzling Design: 3D Digital-Print Patterns on Clear Glass Tile
08: Defensible Space: Secret 'Safe House' in Bunker-Style Shell
07: Dry-Erase DIY: Slate-Black Paint for Full-Wall Chalk Boards
07: Cabin Fever: Skinny Little Garden Home is Only 3 Feet Wide
05: Cork Flooring Tiles: Quirky Circle-Cut Wine-Stopper Corks
04: Safety Second: Crafty Two-Headed Framing Hammer Design
04: Strange Change: 3 Lifelike Men's Clothing Valet Suit Stands
03: Clever Cup & Saucer Mods: Tea Time for 2 Hacked Ceramics
03: Huge-Plot House Made of Multiple Modular Mini-Home Plans
02: Paper-Thin Prom: Extreme Black & White Designer Dresses
02: Well-Rounded Retro Home: Curved Rooms & Circular Decor
01: LED Light Pots: Plant a Colorful Glow-in-the-Dark Garden
01: Green Giant: Huge Sustainable Hill Home Feels Nice & Small

May 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Futuristic Smart Fridge: Input Ingredients, Receive Recipes!
31: Home Base, for Sale! Huge Underground Missile Silo House
30: 3 Fake Log Rugs & Faux Wood Carpets Sure to Fool You
30: 100% Battery-Free, Human-Powered, Hand-Crank Eco Light
29: Just One Cup: Mega Water-Saving Clothes Washing Machine
29: Future in Ruins: Small Open-Plan, Concrete & Wood Cabin
28: Soaking in Style: 6 Freestanding Modern Bathtub Designs
27: Neat! Easy-Brush Dustpan + Flip-Handle Trash Bin Combo
27: 1 Room, 1 Color: Powerful Single-Tone Interior Paint Jobs
26: Classic Wood Cottage Gets Underground Concrete Addition
25: Black Labels, Bright Lights: 5 DIY Wine Bottle Lamp Projects
25: Patchwork Orange: Art of Fixing Buildings with LEGO Blocks
24: High-Tech Mirror: Touch-Screen Panel MP3 Player & Radio
24: Small Shoots, Big Shades: Beautiful Tropical Bamboo Home
23: Origami Style: Paper-Thin, Patio-Ready White Folding Chairs
23: All-in-One, Compact, Black & White Kitchen-in-a-Box Design
22: Wood 'Swarm' Screens: Dynamic See-Through Space Dividers
22: Hidden DIY Hydraulics: Convertible Custom-Height Benches
21: Novel, Not Novelty: Cool New Easy-Release Ice Cube Tray
21: Creative Mini-Cities: Print-&-Paste Urban Photo Art Project
20: Sticks & Secrets: 'Unhidden' Wood Desk, Chair & Shelf Set
19: Jungle Home: Green Tree-Filled Interior & Moss-Lined Walls
19: Wave & Smile: Concrete Cantilever Sets House Apart in Style
18: Prefab Home Office Interior-plus-Furniture Pod Design Idea
18: Meta-Housing: Super-Sized Hotel Made of Stacked-Up Homes
17: Backward Bowls: From Form-Cast Fruit to Inverted Veggies
17: Home Opener: Huge Garage Door Hides Whole Plane Hangar
16: 100% Faux-Natural: 3000-LED Interior Daylighting Illusion
14: Beds with Mattresses: 3 Bold Modern Platform Bed Designs
14: Prefab Camo Cabin: Modern Mobile Metal-Clad Trailer Home
13: Camouflage Bread-Shaped Loaf of Cork Breakfast Coasters
13: Falling Water, Revisited: Modern Green Pool-Cooled Home
12: X-Ray Kitchen: Custom Cabinets with Built-In Back-Lighting
12: Unlimited Additions: 4 Modular Prefab 'Flex-Plan' Home Kits
11: Old Clothes, New Threads: Color-Matching Sewing Machine
11: Floating Green Home Sets Sail w/ Solar Panel Power System
10: Sit Down & Strap In: Portable Seat-Free 'Folding Chair' Idea
10: 'Living Kitchen' Wall Idea Uses Multi-Touch Nanotechnology
09: Attractive Opposites: Extreme Black & White Interior Design
08: Mobile Box Office: Convertible Metal Desk, Chair & Cabinet
08: Heavy Reading: Concrete Table with Built-In Book Storage
07: Folding Felt + Floating Wood: Adjustable Wall Shelf System
07: Literal Beach House: Oceanfront Summer Home Sits on Stilts
06: V-Shaped Door Lock: Easy Key Slot for Secure Night Entry
06: Clickable World: Real Rooms, Robots & Augmented Reality
05: Hot or Cold? Faucet Head Glows to Show as Water Flows
05: Hay, Holy Cow! Bovine Eats Way into Buried Concrete Home
04: Geek Cooking: Desktop USB Microwave Scans in RFID Meals
04: Deadly Arts: Huge Climbable Sculpture Could Get You Killed
03: Combo Couch: All-in-One Lounger, Love Seat + Sofa Bed =
03: Pencil vs Camera: 8 Hybrid Works of [Drawing + Photo] Art
02: Huge Hilltop House: Picture-Perfect Luxury Forest Retreat
02: Mini Spin Washer: Super-Small Wall-Hung Washing Machine
01: 'Hook Wall' System: Multi-Use, Wall-Mounted Metal Storage
01: Beds in Bedrooms: 10 Furniture Pictures Set in Real Spaces

April 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Hot Shelves! Metal Fireplace + Modular Mantel Shelf System
30: Time to Watch: Wireless OLED Color-Changing Wall Clock
29: Ancient Architecture + Modern Costume Jewelry-Making =
29: 4,200+ Decks of Art: New House of 218,792 Playing Cards
28: 2D Hollywood Sign Redesigned as a Huge 3D Hillside Hotel
28: Modular Home Furniture: 7 Wood Bed, Chair & Desk Designs
27: Paper-Back Planters: Recycling Books to Pot Indoor Plants
26: Wild Edible ... Flavor Paper? 0-Calorie, Fat-Free 'Slim Chips'
26: Floating Steel: Bridge-to-Nowhere Cantilever House Design
25: Beyond Boxes: Cardboard Shipping in a New Dimension
24: See-Through Walls: 4 Clever Modern Sliding Door Designs
24: 7 Crafty New Chairs: Antique Techniques Make Unique Seats
23: All-in-One Design: Space-Saving Kitchen + Dining Table Idea
23: Flying 'Air Cruise' Ship: Luxury Living by Land, Sea & Sky
22: Glowing Green Cash: Designer Glow-in-the-Dark Currency
22: Art of Living: Mixed-Used Private Home + Public Museum =
21: Flip Furniture: 22-Piece Folding & Expanding Wood Table
21: Prefab in Paradise: Modern Green Concrete Orchard Home
20: Wood Waves: Bold Built-Ins + Secret Under-Floor Storage
20: Modern Mood Lighting: 8 Works of Wall & Ceiling Light Art
19: Light Wood, Literally: Glow-in-the-Dark Outdoor Furniture
19: 5 Amazing Homes: Cranes, Catamarans, Bridges & Towers
18: Literal Coffee Table & Recycled Java, Wood + Plastic Chairs
18: Bus Home or Mobile Converted Double-Decker Community?
17: Hot Modern Design: Cool Contemporary Mobile Fireplaces
17: Master Bathrooms Gallery: 10 Modern Design Idea Photos
16: Thin Veneer: Crazy Hardwood Finish for Plywood Furniture
16: Grow Home: DIY Modular Green 'Puzzle House' Seed Kits
15: Small Spaces in Style: Furniture Design & Decorating Ideas
15: Rustic Modern: 7 Natural Cedar Log 'Cabin' Furniture Pieces
14: Steel-Strong Floating Glass: Open-Tread Staircase Pictures
14: World Ending? Elite Apocalypse-Proof Underground Homes
13: Awesome Aquariums: 5 Cool Modern Fish Tank Designs
13: Porto-Prefabs: Modular Cabin Plans + Prefab Home Building
12: Burning Walls: 8 Modern Wall-Mount Art Fireplace Designs
12: Red + Green: Big Wood Barn Converted to Huge Farm Home
11: Wood Antiques Recycled into Crafty Contemporary Armoires
11: Birds on a Laundry Wire: Clever Outdoor Clothesline Design
10: Dirty Sheets: Bold Custom 'His and Hers' Bedding Designs
10: Extending Table Folds Into a Simple Backless Wood Bench
09: Impossible Wine Glass! 3 Clever Tableware Design Ideas
09: Two if by Sea: DIY Cargo Shipping Container Home on Stilts
08: Secret Sliding Wall: Double-Swing Door + Metal Hinge Decor
08: (Un)Believably Realistic: 3D Building Facade Projection Art
07: Grade A Plywood Plans: 6 'Puzzle-Piece' Furniture Ideas
07: This House Rocks: Hilltop Home Cut into Steep Stone Slope
06: Flat Light Bulb Idea: Compact Replacement for Round Bulbs
06: Round Home Design: Serene 360-Degree Spiral House Plan
05: Hydraulic Living Room Car Lift Rides Right into Your Home
05: Back in Time: Medieval Urban Design Meets Modern Living
04: Make Room: Small Space-Saving & Flat-Pack Furniture 'Mat'
04: Liquid Lighting: Bright-Glowing Recycled Light-Bulb Glasses
03: Flip-Free Light: Touch Switch Lamp Sensor, Dimmer + LED
03: 2 Stories, Straight Up! Hold-Out Home to be Raised & Saved
02: Eco Paper Party Plates: Disposable Dinnerware Goes Green?
02: Truck Home: Turn Oil Tanker Trucks to Slick Trailer Homes
01: Beautiful Recycled Bio-Glass: Super-Strong Surface Material
01: Free Delivery?! Flat-Pack Modular 'Pizza Box' Furniture Kit

March 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Funny Faux Bear Skin Rug Idea for Real Live-Animal Lovers
31: Bio Beam Bridge Home: 50-Foot Cantilever Green Roof Deck
30: Fantastic Fencing! Decorative Wire Mesh 'Lace Fence' Design
30: Brothels to Prisons: 8 Unique 'Home' Interior Design Photos
29: Recycled Shopping Carts: 3-Piece Living Room Furniture Set
29: Tiny Houses & Little Lots: Floor Plans for Very Small Homes
28: Meals From Scratch: Designer Read-Made-Ingredients Idea
28: Flat Pack Boxes Convert into 7 Styles of Storage Furniture
27: Sinks Made Simple: 5 Sink Consoles, Vessels, Basins & Bowls
27: Rainbow Flip-Book: Brilliant DIY 3D Illusion You Can Hold
26: Lounge in a Box: Modular Living Room Furniture Collection
26: Black, White & Brick: Victorian Home + Modern Deck Design
25: Low Ink! Colorful Square Pillow Covers for Graphics Geeks
25: Art & Architecture: 3 Beautiful Dream-Like Building Models
24: Couch + Backpack = Small Sofa with Super-Sized Storage
24: Steel Hide-a-House: Secret Storage Container Home Plans
23: Video-Projected 3D Optical Illusions in Real Time & Space
23: Divine White Interior: Church Remodeled into Modern Home
22: Flexible LED Light Strips for DIY Red, Blue & Green Displays
22: 9 Hours: A Small Boutique Pod Hotel with Minimalist Luxury
21: Cave Homes for Sale: 700-Year-Old Carved Rocks of Iran
20: Morphing Modernism: Minimalist Kitchen Island Design Idea
20: Radical Residential Remodel Flies in Face of Building Codes
19: Sporks & Foons: Top 12 Hilarious Hybrid Spoonfork Designs
18: Micro-Cities: Home Appliances into Mini Model Architecture
18: Little London Flat: Living in a 0,000 Closet (Literally!)
17: Double-Take Decor: 4 Fun, Frameless Glass Wall Art Mirrors
17: Suburban Camouflage: 14 Lifelike 3D Garage Door Murals
16: Suburban Nomad: Hybrid Igloo, Yurt, Tent + Tipi Home Idea
16: Fast Furniture: 8 One-Hour-per-Piece Wood Craft Projects
15: Art Imitates Life: Crisp 3D Photo-Realistic Pen Drawings
15: Japanese Home Cubes: 10 Neat Modern Box House Designs
14: Penthouse Slums: The Rooftop Shanty Towns of Hong Kong
14: Cool Chrome Centerpieces: 5 Sleek Metal Fruit Bowl Designs
13: Light House Lamps Look Like Little Model Modern Homes
13: Huge Tropical House: Super-Small Lot + Big Beach Home =
12: Double-Edged Duty: 3-Piece, 2-in-1 Steel Kitchen Knife Set
12: Let 'er Rip: Cool New Home Wallpaper for DIY Room Decor
11: Little Laundry: Portable Top-Loading Mini Washing Machine
11: New Luxury Mega-Yacht: 10,000 Sf. Floating Super-Mansion
10: Walk on Water! HydroFloors Hide Under-Floor Indoor Pools
10: Get the Lead Out! Cartridge-Free (& Erasable) Pencil Printer
09: A Side of Worms? Futuristic Auto-Composting Eco-Kitchen
09: Skinny Little Mini-Home Has an Even-Smaller House Inside!
08: Recycled Glass House: 6 Million Bottles of Beer in the Walls
08: See the Future: Real 3D Digital Building Holograms (Wow!)
07: OOoorly?! How to Build a Wood Chair Using No Materials
07: Modern, Mobile, Modular: DIY Slot & Slide Shelves System
06: Recycled Deck Furniture (the Other Kind of Outdoor Decks)
06: Media in a Box: Modular TV & Hi-Fi-Speaker Sound System
05: Picture Tile: Wall Murals & Floor Photo Tiles Mimic Nature
05: Musical Chairs: Rocking Set of Sound-Generating Furniture
04: Sleep Box: Modular Office Pod + Business-Travel Bedroom
04: Stylish House on Stilts has 360-Degree Deck & Spiral Stairs
03: You Are Here! 3 Real-Life Works of Digital Map-Inspired Art
03: Real-Life X-Ray Vision: 3D Digital Scans of Secret Spaces
02: Fruit (Bowl) Loops: 8 Circular Wood, Glass & Metal Designs
02: Way-Finding Flashlight to Project Mobile Maps & Directions
01: Plans in Motion: Shipping Container Home-Building Photos
01: Dream Home Design: Lush Landscape as Interior Decor Idea

February 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

28: (Voye)Urban Photography: Art of Spying into Skyscrapers
28: Hide Cords in Plain Sight: Clever DIY Phone-Line Cable Art
27: Office in a Box: Wall Furniture Unit, Desk & Shelves System
27: Interior Wallpaper Design + Graphic Art = 100% Ingenious
26: Real-Life 3D Wireframe: Interior Art Draws on Digital Design
26: A Beautiful House Made from Trash & Recycled Materials
25: Futuristic Home Shower Fixtures: Spa Luxury, Sci-Fi Style
25: Houseboat? Hah! Buy a Full Floating Cabin, Porch & Garden
24: Small Space Decorating + Artful Laundry Hanging Solution
24: Real-Time Travel: 15 Fantastic Photographs of Futures Past
23: Modern Prefab Metal Home (Re)Mixes Brick, Wood & Steel
23: Open House: 10 Modern & Spiral Staircase Design Pictures
22: Ultramodern Home has 100+ Windows with an Ocean View
22: Room Flips: 10 Pinhole Pictures Turn the World Upside Down
21: Subway Bathroom Tile: (A)Mazing 3D Floor & Wall Mosaic
21: Small Island Cabin Plan Conceals Wide-Open Interior Design
20: Old Pattern, New Paper: Vintage Scrap-Wood Wallpapers
20: Crafty Wooden 'Flex Chair' Uses Clever Flat-Folding Plastic
19: Upside-Down Decor: Loft a Little Living Room on the Ceiling
19: Modern Retrofit: Tiny New Home in Ten-Foot Tokyo Alley
18: Living Lawn Chair: Grass-Cushioned Outdoor Chaise Lounge
18: 15 Fantastic Full-Glass, Frosted & Frameless Interior Doors
17: Reseat: Cozy & Comfy Mobile Chair with Built-In Memory
17: Life in Ruins: Building a New Home on 250-Year-Old Stone
16: Laugh Now! Simple, Literal & Logo-Free Debranding Idea
16: UK Celebrity Plans on Building Huge Underground Eco-Home
15: Bedroom in a Box: Hideaway Guest Bed + Storage Spaces
15: Love this Seat: 13 Strange Old Sofas & Crazy New Couches
14: Flat-Packed Furniture: Fold-Out Table = Fold-Up Portfolio
14: Underground Living: Buried Secrets of a Stone Desert Home
13: Make Room! Cool Color-Changing Walls for Your Home
13: Floating Free: Dynamic Wood House Dock + Deck Addition
12: The Laundry Room: Pictures, Plans, Designs & Storage Ideas
12: Sloping House ... or Aftermath of a Huge Stone Avalanche?
11: Compact Kitchen: All-in-One Wall Cabinet & Pantry Design
11: 'Library Loft' Condo: 100+ Built-In Wall Cabinets & Shelves
10: Cool Curved Couch: Design Your Own Custom Sectional Sofa
10: Poor Houses: Post-Luxury Mini-Homes for the Formerly Rich
09: Fan Art Furniture: Star Wars AT-AT Walker Table Lamp
09: Secret Rooms: Cool New Condo Hidden in Old Townhouse
08: Furniture Arts, or: the Fine Art of Faux-Unique Furniture
08: The Ice House: Crazy Crystal-Covered, Fully-Frozen Home
07: Happy Pills!? Sweet Happiness in Sugar-Pill Supplements
07: Reclaimed Wood Furniture Cut Out of Old Bowling Lanes
06: DIY PVC: Colorful Modern Vases from Plastic Plumbing Pipe
06: 1000 Markets: Etsy-Like Art Market & Artisan Designs Shop
05: Modern Doorbell: Wired Musical Chimes Play Digital Tunes
05: Home Bathroom Fixtures: 10 Ideas for Tile, Tubs & Toilets
04: Next Generation: A Concrete, Steel & Wood Home Addition
04: DIY Plant Furniture: Green-Growing Organic Home Objects
03: Headphones Design: 100% Tangle-Free, Sport-Zip Earbuds
03: Homes Inside Houses: Pictures of a Multi-Home Mega-House
02: Sandwich Sack, Secure! Plastic Zip + Anti-Theft Lunch Bags
02: 2 Cool Twin Beds: Kids Bedroom Furniture to Bunk or Loft
02: Small Spaces: Less-Room Living in Under 100 Square Feet
01: Small Houses, Big Plans: Modern Model Home Design Ideas
01: Unique T-Shirts: Casual Tee Shirt Designs in Tea Bag Sizes
01: Underground Cities: 3500 Years of Cappadocian Cave Homes

January 2010 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: New Old Homes: 5 Neat Home Additions & Remodel Designs
31: Personal Fridge Set: Free Up Space & Add Storage Capacity
30: Kitchen in a Box: All-in-One Island, Cabinet + Sink Design
30: Towering Townhouse: Lofted Bedroom & Rooftop Garden
29: Hot Solar DIY: Make LED Lamps from Used Water Bottles
29: Architecture, Art & History: Hybrid Modern Building Design
28: Expandable Dining Table Doubles as Compact Kitchen Island
28: Time-Travel Photography: 12 Surreal Before & After Shots
27: Design Simplicity: Digital LED Compass, Easy GPS Directions
27: Hot House: All-Weather Mountainside Vacation Home Design
27: Unhappy Hipsters: Hilarious Dark Side of Designer Interiors
26: Urban Metrobowls: City Street-Shaped Metal Serving Bowls
26: Solar Pod: The Off-Grid, Eco-Energy, Portable Power House
26: Square Chairs: 10 Pretty (Painful) Rectangular Seating Ideas
25: Modern Mobile Log Cabin ... or Portable Prefab Pile of Logs?
25: Home in a Box: 5 Room Solutions for Living in Small Spaces
24: Hover Home Plan: Floating Floor Slides 6 Stories Straight Up
24: Self-Auctioning Art Object Perpetually Sells Itself on eBay
23: Toilet + Sink Combo: All-in-One Super-Sleek Bathroom Set
23: Functional Art: Fun Fold-Out 3D Wall Sticker & Decal Designs
22: Skipping Steps: 5 Slides that Beat Taking the Stairs Down
22: Short & Sweet Dreams: Sleep Suit for Portable Power Naps
21: 2, 3, 4 or More? New House Floor Plan has Split-Level Style
21: Color-Coated Design: 8 Products Made in 80+ (Pan)Tones
20: Seat-Back Stories: 7 Contemporary Wooden Chair Carvings
20: Ruins to Resort: Medieval Town Gets Postmodern Makeover
19: Deserted Dream Homes: Visualizing an Economic Downturn
19: Try a Byte: 3 Futuristic Food Printers to Produce Fine Cuisine
18: Light Fantastic: Colorful LED Strobe-Lighting Art is All Flash
18: Open Houseboat: New Sea-Shell-Shaped Lake & River Home
18: Suspend Disbelief: 7 Floating & Rotating Shelving Systems
17: Whole-Tree Building: How to Craft Super-Natural Eco-Homes
17: Time-Spanning Style: 7 Classic + Modern Furniture Designs
16: Small Bathroom, Big Idea: Space-Saving Fold-Out Fixtures
16: Reinventing the Rug: 6 Radical Redesigns of Classic Carpets
15: Flat-Packed Furniture Features Tool-Free DIY Construction
15: Rooftop Trailer Park: 7 'Mobile Home' Penthouses for Rent
14: Buried Alive in Sin City: Underground Living in Las Vegas
14: Colors of Design: 5 Pantone-Inspired Home Furniture Ideas
13: Switch Your Socket: Replace Light Bulbs with Music Players
13: Concrete Cantilever: Small Brick Home + Second-Story Box
13: 12 Complex 3D Sculptures Cut from Single Sheets of Paper
12: LED Sectionals: Living Room Sofas + Built-In Mood Lighting
12: Hip Green Gable: Tiny-Plan House Framed by Far-Out Roof
12: High-Res Rooms: 10 Photo-Wallpaper & Wall Mural Designs
11: Fold-Up Home Furniture: Flip-Flop Table Turns into a Chair
11: Metal-Clad Masterpiece: Modern Desert Home atop a Mesa
11: Cool Colors: 10 Crazy Painted Houses & Home Painting Ideas
10: How to Glow on the Go: Cup of Light-Up Neon Yellow 'Tea'
10: 2020 Vision: Floor-to-Ceiling & Wall-to-Wall Glass House
09: Stealth Bathroom: Wood Shelves Hide Secret Toilets & Sinks
09: Retro-Modern Mod: Metal Mansard Roof Adds Attic Space
08: Chair-to-Bed Blend: A Unique Fusion of Bedroom Furniture
08: Green to Go: 5 Mobile Gardens & Portable Garden Projects
07: Condo Conversion: Old Hospital into Hospitable New Home
07: Naturally Man-Made: 7 Hybrid Artisan Wood & Metal Chairs
06: Rugged '4x4' Rugs: Green, Brown, Round & Run All Over
06: A Well-Hatched Plan: Little Guest House or Huge White Egg?
05: Extreme Contrast: Concrete, White & Black Interior Design
05: Art of 3D Typography: 26 Dream Houses of 'Alphabet City'
04: Floating Metal 'Bridge House' Barely Touches the Ground
04: Scan This, Fast: 40 Designer 2D & 3D Barcode Solutions
03: Will Robots Assemble the Utopian Sea Cities of Our Future?
03: Retro Furniture Hacks: 4 Vintage Modern 'Monster Chairs'
02: Contemporary Vintage: Car-Inspired Retro-Futuristic Faucet
02: New Set of Change: 7 Coins Designed to Make More Cents
01: Timeless Design: Past Futurism, Post-Modernism & Beyond
01: D[o]or Way to 2010 | Over 1000 Design Ideas & Counting

December 2009 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Modeling & Drawing: Timeless or Dying Architectural Arts?
31: Level Up: Sloped Hillside Home has Super-Slanted Floors
30: Flat Kitchen Table Folds into Tiny Gable-Roofed Play House
30: Uniquely Unlucky: Custom-Cracked Decorative Wall Mirrors
30: Extreme Home Addition: Period House + Modern Makeover
29: DIY Work of CNC Art: 3D Topographic Wood Table Project
29: Stellar Styles: Home Product Boxes Reused as Table Lamps
29: Subway Cars I Desire: Tube Carriages into Rooftop Offices
28: Amazing DIY Art of Long-Distance 'Tape Measuring' [Video]
28: Picture This: 16 Seattle Houseboat & Floating Home Photos
27: Pick a Corner: Cool & Creative Prefab Home 'Office Pod'
27: Garbage City: An Unbelievable Real-Life Urban Wasteland
26: Wall-Hung 'Hover Oven' Cooks & Looks Like a Dumbwaiter
26: Erotic Human Furniture: Sexy, Sensual or Sublime Design?
25: These Spy-vs-Spy-Style Black & White Vases are The Bomb
25: DIY Grown-Up Toys: 12 Life-Sized 'Punch-Out' Project Kits
24: Seaside Secret: Simple Shack + See-Through Beach House
24: Packing UP: 12 Insane Space-Saving 'Storage Art' Projects
23: Translucent...Wood?! New Sibling to See-Through Concrete
23: 'Lego' Living Rooms: 15 Luxury Modular Furniture Layouts
22: Don't Jump! Dizzying Japanese 'Drop-Off' House Design
22: Classic Chair Remakes or 7 Deadly Sins of Furniture Design?
21: Tale of Two Stories: Modern Wood & White Home Designs
21: Post-Apocalyptic Art: 7 City Landscapes at World's End
20: Lights, Camera... Big Brother?! 3 'Security Camera' Lamps
20: Vintage Leather Belts Recycled into Rugs, Mats & Floor Tiles
20: Sweet Modernism: 6 Holiday Gingerbread House Designs
19: Water Balloon Luminary: Clever DIY Candle-Making Crafts
19: Space Making: 7 Living Room Storage Furniture Layouts
18: Weavers Nest: Tree House or the Work of a Very Big Bird?
18: 15 Hot Cups of Art: Magic Markers on Coffee-Cup 'Canvas'
17: Subtle Sunken Beach House, Shipwreck or Ruin by the Sea?
17: Craftastic: 3 Unique Works of Custom-Made Wood Furniture
16: Cases for War: Toy Soldiers Slinging Nuclear Shelving Units
16: 50-Cushion Couch: Super-Soft Convertible Sofa + Sleeper
16: Secret Garden: Sublime Japanese Green-Roof Deck Design
15: (Laser) Cutting Edge: Custom Built-In Wood Wall Shelves
15: Secure Your Cube: Lock-and-Leave-It 'Safe Desk' Design
15: Tree (in) House: Eccentric Elevated Los Angeles Hill Home
14: Room in a Box: Ultra-Portable Piece of Pull-Out Furniture
14: 'Pointless Carpet' - Inverted Area Rug Art Installation
14: Tilting Tower House + Sensational Roof-Spanning Skylight
13: Rotating Kitchen: Artist Turns an Entire Room Upside Down
13: Perfect Raised Circle Bed for Floating 'Round the Bedroom
13: Tiny Vintage Trabi: the World's Smallest Mobile Mini-Home?
12: Modern Nomadic DIY: Wild & Woolly Crochet-a-Yurt Project
12: Lights, City, Condo! Colorful Cinema-Style Interior Design
11: Sky Squatting: Vertical 'Wall Living' at 33 Feet Up in the Air
11: Outside In: Ultimate Underground Swiss Mountain Home
10: Portable Pop-Up Office: All-in-One Cardboard Furniture Set
10: Shockingly 3D Electrical Outlet Covers & Wall Switchplates
10: NURBan Design: Extreme Curved-in-3D Home Construction
09: Crafty Reuse: Cool Jewelry Recycled from Home Hardware
09: Contemporary Cool: Long & Flexible Swing-Arm Floor Lamp
09: 40-Foot Cargo Containers into Stylish Small-Home Spaces
08: Soaking Deep in Luxury: 8 Free-Standing Stone Bathtubs
08: Modular Wood 'Curtain Door' Features Fabulous Flexibility
08: High Modern Home: Minimalist Glass-on-Concrete Design
07: 3 Decades + 1 Million Toothpicks = Amazing Mini Model City
07: Incredible Collages Crafted inside of Tiny Toilet Paper Rolls
07: Used River Barges into Luxury Houseboat Rentals-for-Hire
06: Modular Meta-Shelves: 'Self-Storing' Home Shelving Units
06: Best Home Office Setup: Black & White + Cool Color Lights
06: Modern Organic Architecture: Hybrid Urban Housing Units
05: Angular Accommodation: Amazing Abstract House Design
05: Bathroom Design: 22 Designer Ideas & 3D Color Schemes
04: Crazy Compact Cottage: Small City-Style Countryside Home
04: Fork Folk Art: 10 Silverware Sculptures & Cutlery Creatures
03: Portable Fridge + Mini-Cooler = Mobile Refrigerators-to-Go
03: Wholly Concrete Home! Foundation, Floor & Much More
02: Wild Hybrid Walls: Decorative Wood & Plastic Wall Panelling
02: Huge Cave House: Unique Modern Underground Mega-Home
02: Driftwood Decor: 24 Dramatic Art Lamps & Lighting Designs
01: Death by Installation Art: Who Killed the Last Graffiti Artist?
01: Green For Your Home? Funky Fake Grass-Covered House
01: Bedroom Design: 20 Ideas for Your Own Designer Bedroom

November 2009 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Modern Interior Style (Hidden in a Converted-Tower Home)
30: Step On It! 10 Clever Works of Storm Drain Street Graffiti
30: 20 Tree House Pictures: Play-Club Plans to Big-Kid Houses
29: Invisible Chair! Disappearing Designs & Hidden Structures
29: DIY Holiday Decor Idea: Recycled Wood Wine Box Lighting
29: Vintage Metabolism: The 1st Prefab Modular Capsule Tower
28: Dead (Wood) Pixel: 3D Wooden Wall Surfaces, Art & Decor
28: Living on Waterworld: Floating & Future-Ready Eco-Home
27: 'Formed' Wood Furniture: Dining Table & Curved-Chair Set
27: Vintage Futurism: Retro-Modern Home & Interior Design
26: Hidden Luxury: Modern Underground High-Desert Home
26: Fine Art on Fire: Lighter-Wielding Wall & Ceiling Muralist
25: Color-Changing Cookware: Hot Pot + Serving Bowl Design
25: Relationship DIY: from Boyfriend Shirt into Girlfriend Skirt
25: New Urbanism Pontooned or Luxury Houseboat Community?
24: Picnic Basket for 2 Unfolds into a Dining Table + 6-Stool Set
24: Paper City: Cool Origami Island & Colorful Castle Complex
24: What the Fujimori?! 10 Eccentric Eco-Homes of the Far East
23: Traffic-Stopping Style: Clever Cone-Shaped Breakfast Set
23: Amazing Home Atrium & Multi-Level Interior Garden Design
23: !New & Improved! 5 Dynamic Additions to |Dornob Design|
23: Prefabricated Futures: 7 Stunning Small-Space Design Ideas
22: Wonderful! Our World Without Traffic [Full-Color Photos]
22: Bomb-Proof Wallpaper Built for Serious Home Security
22: World's Greenest? Cargo Container + Wood Pallet Homes
21: Bamboo(zle): Folding Dining Chairs + Room Divider Design
21: Tiny Camper-Trailer Converts into Huge Mobile Motorhome
20: Seat Back, Rocker On: Modern Curved-Wood Rocking Chair
20: Cool DIY Design Idea: Big Modular Blocks to Make Furniture
20: Real-Life 3D Wallpaper: Off-the-Wall Room Decorating Idea
19: Colorful Ceiling Shower Concept, Seeks Extra-Long Curtain
19: Rustic Modern + Rural Retro = 6 Forest & Mountain Homes
18: All-in-One Black-Clad Cookware Set Makes Table-Top Meals
18: Traveling Transformer: Convertible Couch + Suitcase Set
18: 3 Innovative Alternatives to Conventional Manhole Covers
17: Open+Hidden: Space-Saver Dining Room & Kitchen Concept
17: (Con)Fused Furniture Design: Hybrid Historic+Modern Style
17: Suburban Recall: 10 Futuristic Green Suburb Redesigns
16: Hotel in a Tree has Natural Camouflage to Reflect the Forest
16: Bright (DIY Project) Idea: Coiled-Cord Lamp Shade & Stand
16: Spectrum-Spanning Art: Home Objects Organized by Color
15: Super-Tiny Homes Trend: Semi-Mobile Small-Space Living
15: Pot a Picture? Grow-Your-Own Home Polaroid 'Photo Plant'
15: House in a Can: Prefab Metal Off-the-Shelf Grain Silo Homes
14: Futuristic Bathroom Layout: High-Tech Space-Saving Design
14: Room for Two? Artsy Addition to Historic One-Story House
13: Cool Color-Anything Crayon Rings & Other Creative Things
13: Going Green Underground: Eco-Retro Earth House Designs
12: Old Red Goes Green: Recycled Wall Brick Built to Save Water
12: Architecture & Art of Illusion: Mind-Boggling Wall Mural
12: IKEA Gone Insane: Funny & Strange Hacked Furniture Set
11: Amphibious Footwear: Swimming Sandals + Fold-Out Fins
11: High Art Ceiling? Stunning Material Made from Millions of ...
11: Concrete Home Shows Design is in the (Absence of) Details
10: Debranding by Design: Brand-Free Package & Product Ideas
10: Natural Illusion: Unique Art & Craft of Hand-Hollowed Logs
10: New Green Prefab Idea: 500K Billboards as Modular Housing
09: Fantastic Floor-to-Ceiling, Whole-Wall Bookcases & Shelves
09: Cheap Plastic + Posh Curves = Clever Clothes Hanger Set
09: Ultimate Underground Home: Converted Nuclear Missile Silo
08: Redesigned: 3-Prong Power Cords into Flat & Portable Plugs
08: Wooden Bench Planter Built to Bring Two People Together
08: Incredible Courtyard House: Modern Home + Garden Design
07: Cheap Metal Hooks Turn Sticks to DIY Wooden Coat Hangers
07: Contemporary Kitchen: Simple Modern Black & White Design
06: Eating Thin: Extremely Skinny Dining Room Table Design
06: Swimming Cities: Floating Trash or Modern Pirate Treasure?
05: Dead Houses: Crafted in Memory of Lost & Destroyed Homes
05: How to: Recycle a Rubber Hose into a Cheap & Comfy Chair
05: Artists Rework Waterworks into Live-&-Work Studio Space
04: Modest Modern Living: Laid-Back Luxury Loft Space Design
04: Photo Furniture Turns Tables (& Chairs) into 3D Facebooks
04: Home in the Round: Curved & Corner-Free Cylinder House
03: Cool DIY Tile Design: Make-it-Yourself Modular Decor Kits
03: Naked Bedrooms: Interior Designs Dressed Down [Photos]
02: Urban Oasis: Rustic Modern Rooftop Garden & Deck Design
02: Appli(anc)ed Art(s): Weird Metal Water-Heater Sculptures
02: Small Remodel, Big Ideas: Tiny Townhouse into Cool Condo
01: Bathtub Shelves: Bizarre Built-In Bathroom Storage Space
01: Rammed Earth House: Brown, Red & Brilliant Green Design

October 2009 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: 10 Coffin Furniture Ideas: Caskets Couches to Death Desks
31: Classic Storybook Home Designs that Really Came to Life
30: Beautiful Overhead Bookcases: Space-Saving Shelving Ideas
30: 10 Cool Lifeguard Towers Could be Converted Beach Homes
29: DIY Area Rug + LED Floor Lamp = Bright White Carpet Light
29: (Dis)Appear Invisible: Uncanny No-Reflection 'Ghost Mirror'
29: Small Mobile Homes: Bike Trailers & Shopping Cart Campers
28: Ingenious DIY Idea: How to Declutter a Desk or Workspace
28: Apocalyptic Accessories: Fashion for the End of the World
27: Modular Amoeba: Contemporary Hanging Ceiling Lighting
27: Space-Saving Design: Collapsible Coffee & Dinner Tables
27: (Art) Gallery Hotel: Postmodern Mobile Room-as-a-Museum
26: Industrial Interior: Intense Modern Metal Apartment Design
26: Real Rustic Contemporary Craft: Solid Wood Furniture Sets
26: Concrete Fortress: Contemporary Home-as-Castle Design
25: Minimalist (Re)Model: Modern Warehouse Loft Apartment
25: Laser-Cut Styrofoam Seats: Solid 3D Polystyrene Furniture
25: Rock the House: Bizarre Rural Boulder & Stone Home Design
24: Small, Medium & Large: Three-in-One Interior Door Design
23: (Metal) Stairway to Heaven? Shocking Sky Staircase Design
23: (Little) Luxury Living: Small Space Vacation Rooms for Rent
22: Corner or Central: All-in-One Kitchen & Dining Furniture Set
22: Clever Hardbound Loaf of Small Sliced-Bread Sketch Books
22: Merry-Go-Round: Simple but Clever Modern Vacation House
21: Unique Stone Table Combines Natural Edges & Custom Cuts
21: Free Legos, No Sale: Sad Saga of the Full-Scale Lego House
20: Doll-Scale PC Decor: Super Small-Space Living Room Design
20: Wooden Rocking Chair + Rocker-Powered LED Lamp Design
20: Minimalist House: 'Simple' Architecture & Interior Design
19: Redesign, Remodel, Recycle: Rustic Modern Home Interior
19: Shelf With Soul: Home Bookcase Unit + DIY Coffin Design
19: Inside-Out House: Angular Interior & Exterior Home Design
18: Rural Modern Renovation: Big Barn-to-House Conversion
18: Wall-to-Wall Art: Realistic Mosaic Bathroom Tile Patterns
18: Retro Lampshades: Vintage Tapes into Table & Floor Lamps
17: Simply Modern: Nice Modular Home Plan, Design & Decor
17: All-in-One Glass Sink + Countertop 'Sinks' into a Basin
16: Demure Desk: Compact Corner Computer Workstation
16: Industrial Loft 2.0: Recycled Concrete, Steel & Wood Home
15: Camping Cookware: 10-in-1 Steel Pots, Pans & Platters Set
15: Cheap Wood Folding Chair Doubles as a Double-Use Hanger
15: Mural Artwork on Acid: Surreal Optical Illusion Architecture
14: Literal Tree House: Hollow Log Cabin + Huge Mobile Home
14: Rough Reflection: Natural-Edge Wood-Framed Wall Mirrors
14: Futuristic Floating & Flood-Powered Public City Park Design
13: Super-Sized DIY 'Knit' Floor Furniture, Cushions & Blankets
13: Small Upright Suitcase Converts into a Folding Travel Chair
13: Giant Industrial Gasworks Turned into Domed Indoor Town
12: Creative Recycling: Old Tin Cans into Functional Furnishings
12: Hanging Furniture: Modular Wall Sofa, Shelving & Storage
12: 1 Man, 10 Stories, 100 Feet: Tallest Treehouse in the World
11: See-Through Bathtub: Sexy Spa or Privacy Down the Drain?
11: Grilling to Go: Flat-Folding, Ultra-Portable Outdoor BBQ Grill
11: Natural Curves: Organic 'Wood Wave' Floating Home Design
10: Upcycled Skirts: Umbrellas Converted into Colorful Clothes
10: Green Prefab Shed Homes: Small Space Living by Design
09: Modular Memories: Prefab Architecture & Precast Concrete
09: All-in-One Dinnerware: Bowl + Plate + Place Setting Design
09: Double-Take: Small Home Remodel + Ultramodern Addition
08: Vinyl Wall Stickers: (Info)Graphic Art & Decor Room Decals
08: Spartan Living: Warrior-Worthy Transforming Table + Bed
08: Fantastic Flood-Proof House Designed to Break Free & Float
07: All-in-One Modern Kitchen Eco-Island & Worktop Station
07: Hard Wood Gone Soft: Creative Way to Cushion a Chair
07: (Un)Believably Photshopped: Best Photo Editing Tool Ever
06: The Most Luxurious Hand-Woven Rug Money Cannot Buy
06: Eco-Friendly Coffee Table Grows Greener With Every Spill
06: Wholly Solid Wood Home! Totally Hardwood House Design
05: Small Apartment Design + Dramatic Interior Decorating =
05: Ultramodern Twist on Ancient Underground Home Tradition
05: Photos of Invisible Men: How to Camouflage in 21 Contexts
04: Labware Lighting: 3-Lamp Set Inspired by Modern Science
04: Kitchen Composter Converts Food Waste to Clean Powder
04: Edge Living: Dizzying Cliff-Top, Ocean-View Vacation House
03: Modular Portable Bathroom for Small Space Interior Design
03: Green Living (Room) Walls: Home Indoor Decor Gone Wild
02: Historic Farm House Building + Modern Home Addition =
02: GrafFurniture? Graffiti-Inspired Chair, Table & Mirror Ideas
01: Japanese Minimalist House + Symbolic Postmodern Home =
01: Creative Custom Log Craft: Rustic Modern Wood Furniture

September 2009 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Small Space Living + Giant Interior Design & Decor Ideas =
30: Love Seat + Sofa Set = Colorful Puzzle-Piece Couch Designs
30: Cast Concrete Art House Turns Space & Solid Inside Out
29: Pattern Light Fixture Designs Cast Stunning Wall Shadows
29: Wall Carpet Gone Wild: Interactive Hanging Rug Design
29: Steel Bridge Cantilever Home: Suburban Living on the Edge
28: Best of BLU: Famous Stop-Motion Graffiti Artist in Action
28: (Re)Cycling Bike Parts: 8 Unique Metal Furniture Designs
28: Stylish, Sustainable & Self-Sufficient Solar Home on the Sea
27: High-Tech Minimalism: Mechanical Ring Hides a Jewel Inside
27: Picture (Window) This: Bay Windows Meet Modern Design
27: Funky Modular Furniture: Contemporary Kit-of-Parts Bench
26: Say No to Low Flow: Shower Head Adds Air, Saves Water
26: No Lake Needed: Perfect 'Floating Home' Design Concept
25: Rough (Framed) Door (Art): (De)Con(Struction) of Wood
24: Twisted Wooden Boxes Work as Wall Shelves & Bookcases
24: Houses Gone Wild: Haunting Photos of Abandoned Homes
23: Radical Winter Retreat: Private Ski-In Mountain Home
23: Falling Furniture: Tilted Wood & Glass Coffee Table Design
22: Inverted Art House Designed Upside-Down, Inside & Out
22: DIY Table Crutches: Transform Flat Surfaces into Tables
22: Street Style: Fashioning Colors from Pedestrian Clothes
21: Skyburbs: Suburban Skyscraper Living in City Centers
21: Art of Torture: 13 Mutilated, Maimed & Massacred Chairs
21: Vintage Houseboat Community: Slightly Used, Not For Sale
20: Tent Cities in America: Unin(Tented) (Sub)Urban Centers
20: Why Buy Cutlery? Used Plastic Cut into New Flatware Sets
20: Old Barn & Farm Buildings Converted into a Modern Home
19: Rustic Modern: Concrete & Rammed Earth House Design
19: Killer Wine Glass Set: 7 Unique Glasses for 7 Deadly Sins
18: Cool Stools: Wood Sawdust Upcycled into Funky Furniture
18: Weird Whirling Ceiling Fan + Lamp Inspired by Car Wash
18: (Park)ing Day: City Streets Turned into Pedestrian Parks
17: DIY Seed Bottle Idea: Plant an Instant Indoor Herb Garden
17: Stylish Salvage Sets: Unique Upcycled Furniture Designs
17: Modern 'Garden House': Living Green Walls Gone Wild
16: Bathroom Design Gallery: Pictures, Layouts, Tips & Ideas
16: Clever Custom-Shape Modern Magnetic Window Curtains
16: Extreme Home Remodeling: Beautiful Modern Brick House
15: On the One Hand: Clever Single-Handed Kitchware Design
15: 3D Blueprint Art: Visual House Plans into Real-Life Models
15: Painfully High Fashion: 6 Insane Women's Boots & Shoes
14: Aircraft + Boat + House = Eccentric Wooden Tree Home
14: Box Kitchen: Clever Portable Counter, Cabinets & Cooker
14: Eating at Work: Transforming Dining Room Desk & Table
14: Rooftop Deck Designs: 8 Great Urban Green Roof Gardens
13: Modern Townhouse Design + Postmodern Art Theory =
13: Interactive Mirror Flips into a Laundry Ironing Board
13: Culinary Computerization: Cool Kitchen Computer Design
12: Twisted Tower: Creative Curved Wood Bookcase Design
12: Comfy Chair Cushions Change into a Bedroll & Floor Pillow
11: Magic Mushroom: Private Retro & Rustic Mountain Lodge
11: Leather Furniture Collection Upcycled from Used Suitcases
10: Magnetic Refrigeration: Futuristic Green Home Cooling
10: Modern Kitchen Design: Colorful Rustic Wood Crate Reuse
10: Convertible Furniture: Cool Couch, Desk & Bed Designs
09: Edible Cups & Bowls: Garden Grown Green Tableware Set
09: Upcycled Art: Cardboard Craft from Empty Paper Rolls
09: Rustic Modern: Earth, Wood & Steel High-Desert Home
08: Quarter-Round Lamps: Cool Interior Corner Design Idea
08: 'Invisible' Set of Green Homes to be Hidden Underground
08: Modular In-Home Office: Small Live & Work Space Idea
08: Best Deck Ever: Contemporary Cantilever House Design
07: Inverted Indoor Planter for Hanging Plants Upside-Down
07: Radical Remodel: Warehouse-to-Home Renovation Project
07: Modern Desks, Make Room: Wonderful Rotating Workspace
07: Fine Art of Living Large: Scale Outdoor People Photography
06: Minimalist Design: Open-Air White Home Without Windows
06: Extendable Wood Dining Room Table Set ... With a Twist
06: Manual Toothbrush Handle + Toothpaste Tube Squeezer
05: Greenhouse Design: Solar Heat-Trapping Prefab Home
05: Nice Home Garden Patio & Wood Path Design Idea
04: Bridge Building Idea: Modular Mobile Green River Homes
04: Vintage Lumber Recycled into New Wood Furniture Designs
03: Private Condo + Natural Light = Luxury Townhouse Living
03: Roll & Grow Gardening: Great DIY Vegetable Garden Idea
03: Home Furniture Collection from Recycled Airplane Parts
02: Fake Wood Grain + Sticky Note Pad = Cool Desktop Idea
02: Modern Modular DIY: Design & Build Your Own Bookcase
02: Traditional + Contemporary = Modern Metal & Glass Home
01: Bathroom Designs: Pictures, Ideas, Interiors & Inspiration
01: Night Biking Gadget: Mobile Laser Lane for Safer Cycling
01: Scrap Metal Furniture: Incredible Industrial Art & Design

August 2009 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: 500 Distinct Colors: Stunning Set of Artistic Color Pencils
31: Underground Home Design: How to Build & Bury a House
31: 5 Offbeat Outlet Plates & Strange Cord-Hiding Solutions
30: Novelty Bedside Rug with Cozy Built-In Bedroom Slippers
30: Organic + Nomadic = Green Floating Home Design Idea
30: Upcycling Furniture: Brilliant Bench-to-Chair Conversion
29: Contemporary Modern Home & Garden Revisits Modernism
29: Sliding Wall & Door System: Modern Interior Space Divider
28: Organic Architecture: Living Tree Building Designs & Ideas
28: Hanging Furniture: Suspended Bed, Chair, Table & Shelves
27: Modular Modern Design: Do-It-Yourself Bathroom Faucet
27: Anthropomorphic + Futuristic = Fantastic Floating Homes
27: Modular Office Furniture: Wood Box Storage, Desk & Chair
26: Colorful Decor: Designer Art Furniture 'To Be Continued'
26: Interior Door Design Flips & Doubles as Ping-Pong Table
26: Ocean Beach-Front Home & Rooftop Patio Pool Design
25: DIY Design Inspiration from ... the Prison Population?
25: Plywood Tension Furniture Needs No Nails, Screws or Glue
25: Houseboats + Holland = Floating Apartment Complex
24: Bio-Accessories: Funky & Eco-Friendly Fashion Designs
24: Wall + Bed + Sofa = Stylish Convertible Stealth Furniture
24: Free Plywerk Giveaway: Win Wonderful Custom Wall Art!
24: Interior Design + Wall Art = Incredible Optical Illusions
23: Built Despite Tiny Site: Small Stone Hillside Home Design
23: Twisted Storage: Wall-Hanging Wood Corner Shelf System
23: Casual Dinnerware Set to Go: Perfect Party Plate + Bowl
22: Urban Camo Clothing: Street Fashion & Stealth Disguises
22: Modular Floor Pillows: Creative Connectable Cushions
21: Power of Photos: Radical Remakes of Remarkable Places
21: Blind Windows? Faux City Views on Fabric Window Shades
20: Futuristic Fixture: Chrome Faucet Head & Handle Design
20: Folding Wood Table Top Drops to Reveal a Rustic Bench
20: Modular Building With a Twist: Prefab Concrete Block Home
19: Home of Cool: Kids Bedroom Design with 100" Ceiling TV
19: Flip-Open Sofa Shelves: Combined Couch & Desk Design
19: Literal Flatware: Terrific Wooden Tableware-in-a-Book Set
18: Space-Saving Double-Swing Doors Pivot on Hidden Hinges
18: (Sub)Urban Camouflage? Crazy Cool Green Mobile Home
18: 5 Cities from Space: Amazing Aerial Night Photography
17: Deformscape: Fantastic Free-Form 3D Deck Design Idea
17: Modular Wood Furniture: Craft Your Own Custom Designs
17: Mini-Luxury Living: 10 Small Homes Built on Tiny Islands
16: Natural Architecture: Home-Grown Artistic Tree Houses
16: Cardboard Craft Gadgets: Disposable Design Statement?
16: Bathroom Layouts + Living Room Interior Design Ideas =
15: All-in-One Home Computer, Kitchen & Dining Room Table
15: Light-Up Living Room Accessories for Dynamic Decorating
14: Look Out!!! Old Fire Towers into Modern Mountain Homes
14: Organic Cooling: Naturally Tree-Shaped Air Conditioner
13: Double-Take: Self-Reflecting Surreal Table Lamp Design
13: Solid Wood Furniture Set: Sculpted Desks, Tables & Chairs
13: Super-Natural: Green Shower & Graywater Reuse System
13: DIY Garden & Deck Furniture: Grow a Natural Wood Chair
12: Holy Hideaway Beds! Best-Kept Bedroom Design Secrets
12: Drawer Deck Design: Convertible Interior & Exterior Space
12: Cheap Luxury? DIY Round Floor Tiles from Glazed Pennies
12: Modular Desert Home Design for Modern Nomadic Living
11: Ink + Capillary Action = Dynamic Wall Calendar Design
11: Sci-Fi Sculpture: 5 Amazing Miniature Metal Model Cities
11: Sick of Spoiled Milk? Sustainable Shrinking Milk Jug Design
11: Creative Stone Home Conversion, Renovation & Addition
10: Topoware: Geography-Inspired Designer Dinnerware Set
10: Knit Leather & Wood Contemporary Lounge Chair Design
10: Custom Caravan: Motorhomes for Modular Modern Living
10: Custom Tree House Plans, DIY Ideas & Building Designs
09: Creative Custom Contemporary Area, Art & Accent Rugs
09: Easy Recycling: Combined Paper Bin and Recyclable Liner
09: Modern Kitchen Design: Futuristic & Eco-Friendly Remodel
08: Unusual Furniture Materials: Crystal Chairs to Paper Sofas
08: Recycling Pine Trees into Natural Wood Furniture Products
08: Nice Bedroom Idea: Fun Fold-Out Double-Loft Bed Designs
08: Luxury Guest House: Private Steam Sauna & Pool Design
08: Contemporary Single-Blade Indoor & Outdoor Ceiling Fan
07: Shape It Up: DIY Bending Desk & Table Lamp Design
07: Daylight Design Idea Drives Contemporary Home Interior
07: Transforming Fashion: Multifunctional Clothing Designs
06: Design Your Own: Dress Down in Street Fashion Style
06: Green Luxury: Futuristic Off-the-Grid Forest Home Design
06: Upcycling Furniture: Custom Whittled Wood Craft Chair
05: Modern Retro: Home Storage Furniture Design & Decor
05: Corner Home Office? DIY Modular Custom Interior Design
05: Fantastic Photo-Quality Wall, Fridge & Laptop Stickers
05: Minimalist Living: Stark Modern Home & Interior Design
04: Natural Home Patio Pools & Outdoor Wood Deck Designs
04: Upcycled Art Furniture: Faux-Antique Painted Wood Table
04: Religious Conversions: Old Train Cars Turned into Churches
03: Dumpster Diving & Other Creative Urban Upcycling Ideas
03: Steel House: Modular, Prefab, Off-the-Grid Green Design
03: Furniture Fashion: Chair-Inspired Wood Clothing Designs
02: Historical Tree House, Fort, Restaurant & Resort Designs
02: Space-Saving Furniture: Home Office Desk & Storage Idea
02: Artistic Home Heating: Creative Modern Radiator Designs
01: There, I Fixed It: Creative & Crazy DIY Home Repairs
01: Modular Laundry Room Cabinets & Storage Design Ideas

July 2009 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Eco-Friendly Urban Center: Sustainable City of the Future
31: Cool Interior Tree Home: Best Kids Bedroom Design Ever?
30: Luxury Home Water Lounge: Two-Person Bath & Hot Tub
30: DIY Dish Design: Create a Colorful Set of Custom Plates
30: Bizarre Bathroom Decor: Toilet Seat Cover & Lid Designs
29: Electronic Ruler with a Fun & Functional Digital Display
29: Portable Living Room: Study, Sofa & Storage on Wheels
29: Guerrilla Art Gone Wild: DIY Hardware Store Projects
29: Modern Rustic: Modular Underground Forest Home Design
28: Watts This?! Typical Incandescent Light Bulb with a Twist
28: Exhibition Architecture: Artist Live, Work & Gallery Space
28: 10 Clever Under-Stair Storage Space Ideas & Solutions
28: Mobile Fold-Out Home Office, Desk & Work Station Design
28: Cool Floating Futuristic Bed & Modern Headboard Design
27: Swiss-Style Organization: Clever Kitchen Storage Solution
27: DIY Decor: Removable Decorative Vinyl Wall Stickers
27: DIY Cardboard Craft Idea: Cheap Modular Building Blocks
27: 5 Uncanny Urban Pools & City Swimming Space Designs
27: See-Through Screens: Cool Invisible Laptop Concept Art
26: Driverless Self-Parking (Post)Modern Mobile Home Design
26: Bizzare Bookcase Design with Crazy Cool Curved Shelves
26: Upcycled Hardware: Hockey Pucks into Door Knob Sets
25: DIY All-in-One Transforming Modular Wood Furniture Idea
25: Luxury Day-Lit Home Library & Living Space Layout
24: Artistic Furniture: Creative Custom Wood Benches & Chairs
24: Modern Kitchen Design: All-in-One Cooking Island Idea
23: Recycled Glass Countertops & Colorful Upcycled Surfaces
23: Old Meets New: Radical Remodel & Exterior Home Addition
23: Strange Red Wine Glasses Set or Bloody Brilliant Design?
22: Upcycling Old Grain Silos: Houses, Homes, Hotels & Inns
22: Bedroom Designs: Modern Interior Design Ideas & Photos
22: Traditional Tree House & Home Design, Building & Living
21: Vintage Wallpapers: From Black & White to Floral & Retro
21: Shelving Units as Functional, Sculptural & Graphic Designs
21: Fixed & Floating Cities: 5 Futuristic Artifical Island Designs
20: Unique Ceiling & Table Light, Lamp & Bulb Designs
20: Inhabitable Toys: 5 Inspiring Interactive Furniture Ideas
20: DIY Dress-Up Ideas: 5 Sexy Ways to Upcycle Old Clothing
19: High-Tech Bed Has Built-In TV, Computer & Game Systems
19: Shipping Eco-Friendly Products in Mulfunctional Packages
19: Literal Treehouse: Modern All-Wooden Home in the Forest
18: Luxury Living for Pets: Creative Portable Dog Houses
18: Elegant Convertible Wood Coffee & End Table Design
18: Futuristic Interactive Living Room Interior Design Idea
17: Creative Portion-Control Plate, Bowl & Cup Designs
17: Small not Simple: Minimalist Modern Modular Home Design
17: All-in-One Kitchen, Dining & Living Room Furniture Set
16: Urban Travel Messenger Bag & Folding Chair Combination
16: Upcycled Furniture: Creative Chopstick Stool Design
16: Simple, Modern & Green: Desert Dream House Design
15: Flat-Pack Furniture: Eco-Friendly Cardboard Chair Designs
15: Modular Modernism: Space-Saving Kitchen Cabinet System
15: Portable Potential: Mobile Urban Emergency Housing Idea
14: Creative Cardboard Hanging, Floor & Table Lamp Designs
14: Only in LA: Ultra-Hip Offbeat Hillside Home Design
14: Fold-Out Furniture: Combined Kitchen Island & Work Table
13: Modular Convertible Chairs, Table & Storage Furniture Set
13: Urban Prosthetics: 10 Interactive Public Furniture Designs
13: Countryside Church Building Converted into Luxury Home
12: Nowhere: Eerie Photography of Isolated Environments
12: Funky, Fun, Flexible & Foldable Home Lighting Fixtures
12: Unique Upcycling: Custom Recycled Furniture Collection
11: Multifunctional Mouse Flips Open to Reveal Number Pad
11: Strange Set of Clever, Fun & Multi-Functional Coffee Mugs
11: Easy Home DIY Project: Green Landscape in a Bottle Idea
11: DIY Used Cargo Homes & Shipping Container House Plans
10: Manual Shredder Works Even When They Cut the Power
10: DIY Subway Swingers Turn the Underground Upside Down
10: All-in-One Creative Children's Bedroom & Playroom Design
09: 3D Printer + DIY Home Factory = Real-Life Replicator
09: Clever Multi-Purpose Modern Firewood Storage Furniture
09: Turning Trash into Public Sculpture & Installation Art
08: Beyond Drawing: Creative Colored Pencil Art & Sculpture
08: 3D Industrial Design: Incredible Metal & Glass Staircase
08: Stacked City Camping Structure for Portable Urban Shelter
07: Creative Dinnerware Designs & Offbeat Tableware Sets
07: Wood, Stone & Glass Home Brings the Outside Indoors
07: Upcycling Vintage Furniture into a Modern Office Interior
06: Space Saving Ideas: Extending Dining Room Table Tops
06: Dressed (Not) to Kill: Strange & Silly Stuffed Animal Jacket
06: Historic Preservation + Urban Landscape Design =
06: Modern Sculptural Graffiti: London Street Art Photography
05: Modified Bike Trailer Doubles as DIY Mobile Camper Home
05: Digital Hourglass Stopwatch Tells Time in Sand Pixels
04: DIY Solar Lamp: Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Sun Jars
04: Interactive Tumble Chair Transforms for Fun & Function
04: Modular, Modern & Minimalist Convertible Sofa Design
03: Hobbit Home Blends Forest Fantasy & Structural Reality
03: Futuristic Furniture For Post-Apocalyptic Interior Designs
02: Extreme Industrial Design: Heavy-Duty Metal Storage
02: Futuristic Flooring System Generates Dynamic Patterns
02: Recycled Furniture: Industrial Chairs from Metal Studs
02: Extreme Concrete Home Designed for Desert Heat & Cold
02: Impossible Installations: Massive Fake Art Exhibitions
02: Lofted Luxury: All-in-One Modern Home & Office Design
02: Coloring Pencil Shoes Create Artwork While you Walk
01: Literalist Flat-Pack Chair Cleverly Spells Out the Obvious
01: Large Luxury Bathtub or Small Interior Swimming Pool?
01: Modular Tile Fixtures for a Flexible DIY Bathroom Design
01: Asymmetrical Style: Unique Expanding Dresser Design

June 2009 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

30: Hot Water to Go: Portable Battery-Powered Drink Heater
30: Creative Conceptual White, Wood & Steel Home Design
30: Stylish & Functional Combined Dishwasher & Sink Design
29: Creative Outlet Wallpaper Celebrates Electrical Sockets
29: Small Hold-Out "Nail Houses" Versus Huge Developers
29: Ghost Buildings: Accidental Art of Demolished Architecture
28: Liquid-Cooled Combined Computer-and-Desk Design
28: Uncanny Craftsman Carves Incredible Wood Art & Design
28: Wooden Wonderland: Massive Lofted Treehouse Design
27: Chiwawa Lamp & More Creative Industrial Design Ideas
27: Clever Combined Bathroom Faucet & Flower Vase Design
26: Industrial Redesign: Factory Converted to Condo Complex
26: Digital + Analog = Dynamic Retro-Futuristic Clock Design
25: Interior Design Illusion Brings Beauty to a Bathroom
25: Simple Modular Wooden Bunk Beds to Stack or Stagger
25: 80-Foot-Tall Tower House & Office Has Amazing Views
24: Retro Returns: Modern Remake of a Vintage Desk Design
24: All-in-One Portable & Transforming Gardening Tool Design
24: Flip-Over Furniture: Convertible Chair-and-Desk Design
23: DIY Sound System: Grow Your Own Stereo Speakers
23: Interactive Interiors: Convertible Kids Bedroom Furniture
23: Stylish & Modern Shipping Container-Sized Prefab Home
22: Creative Custom Curved Wooden Bookcases & Dressers
22: Customizable Clothing: Unique 120-Zipper Dress Design
21: Lofted Living: Elevated Home Literally Sits on the Water
21: 3D Pixel Furniture: Modular Transforming Table Design
21: Stunning Staircase Spirals Out from a Single Spine
20: Small-Space Living: Simple Loft Bedroom Design Idea
20: Crafty Concealed Cabinet Door Hinges & Hinge Systems
19: Garbage Bag Urban Art Animals Animate NY City Streets
19: Compact All-in-One Furniture Design for Kitchen Dining
18: Eccentric Aesthetics: DIY Eco-Friendly Earthbag Homes
18: Transforming Drip-Free Umbrella-in-a-Handbag Design
18: Road Kill Rug: Creative & Disturbing Carpet Design
17: Colorful, Creative & Customizable Tile Shelving System
17: Artistic Photo Editing of Everyday Built Environments
17: Read & Roll: Clever Combination Chair & Bookcase Design
16: Comfort Clothing: Creative Scarf with Built-In Speakers
16: Radical Redesigns: Bridge-to-Home Building Conversions
16: Bizarre Bulbs: Unique Lighting Design & Art Installation
15: Green in 3D: 16 Vertical Farm & Skyscraper Park Designs
15: Portable Prefabs: Location-Independent Modular Homes
15: DIY Dress Design Idea: Create Your Own Color Scheme
14: Portable Solar-Powered Modern Office in a Retro Suitcase
14: Rustic Modern: Comfortable Wooden Bed Frame Design
14: Cheap-but-Clever: Brilliant DIY Basement Renovation
13: Mixed Media: 3D Photography or Photographic Sculpture?
13: Modern Minimalist: Transforming Steel Table & Chairs Set
12: Functionally Rustic: Fold-Out Wooden Desk & Chair Set
12: Creative Contemporary All-Wood Hillside Home Design
11: Shape-Changing Shoe Design Grows as Your Feet Grow
11: DIY LED: Creative & Customizable Greeting Card Design
11: Hidden Room: Fold-Up Luxury Kitchen Interior Design
10: DIY Custom Calendar Tape Sticks to Any Surface
10: Beyond Graffiti: Clever Guerrilla Urban Art Installations
10: Wood Textiles? Creative-but-Confusing Wooden Carpets
09: Transforming All-in-One Car & Camper Home Design
09: Suspended Solid Steel Staircase Seems to Float on Air
09: Surreal Storage: Curved Cabinets, Dressers & Bookcases
08: Convertible Crib: All-in-One Chair, Table & Bookshelves
08: Home-Grown Home: DIY Living Tree House Design Idea
08: Occupied Elevator: Living Life in a Lift for One Day
07: Torn Lights: Creative Peel-Away Interior Lighting Idea
07: Futuristic Furniture Design: Floating Cloud Couch Concept
07: Affordable, Simple & Stylish Fold-Out Bedroom Design
06: Outdoor Obelisk: Stackable Patio Furniture Designs
06: Futuristic Fixture: Elegant Adjustable Shower Design
05: DIY Color Your Own Eco-Friendly Cardboard Speakers
05: Portable, Prefab & Recycled Cargo Container Home Plans
05: 21 Rooms in 1 Flat: Creative Space Saving Condo Design
04: Found & Built Typography: 10 Real-Life Physical Fonts
04: Green Conversion: Religious Space to Spacious Loft Condo
04: Modern Portable Prefab Version of a Classic Log Cabin
04: Accidental Aesthetics: Photography of Floating Trash
03: Art of Invisibility: Clever Camouflage Car Paint Job Design
03: Creative Candles: Multiple Wicks Make Chaotic Patterns
03: Futuristic Prefabricated Home Plan for Living on Rooftops
02: Lofted Bedroom-in-a-Box Design Hangs from Ceiling
02: Extreme Modern Hillside Home with an Amazing View
02: Creative Industrial Design: Literalist Product Packaging
01: Frankenstein Furniture? Wood, Metal & Plastic Chair
01: Convertible Camper: DIY Japanese-Style Mobile Home
01: All-in-One Insulated Portable Party Platter Design Idea
01: Rooms in Boxes: Space Saving Bedroom, Office & Kitchen

May 2009 | Click to Expand or Click for Full Preview

31: Books of Lights: Creative Fold-Out Coffee Table Lamps
31: Modern + Green = Unique Underground Home Design Plan
31: Kinetic Green Gadgets Generate Eco-Friendly Energy
30: Retro Kitchen Appliance Designs: Cool, Cliche or Kitsch?
30: Creative Furniture Sets: Colorful Pixel Couches & Chairs
29: Space Saving Furniture: All-in-One Multi-Use Desk Design
29: Camouflage Female Forms Make Beautiful Bodies of Art
29: Sustainable Style: Prefab Futuristic Green Home Design
28: Bathroom Waterfall? Combined Sink & Bathtub Design
28: Sculptural Stories: Delightfully Disturbing Miniature Worlds
28: Water Beds, Take Two? Funky 'Liquid' Furniture Ideas
27: Room in a Box: Transforming Fold-Out Furniture Design
27: Amazing Angles: Unique Urban Townhouse Design
26: How to Make Your Own Recycled Cardboard Laptop Stand
26: Twisted Toothbrush: Clever Industrial Design Invention
26: Clever Recyclable Pizza Box Transforms into Tableware
25: Simple, Stylish & Modular: Wood & Glass Coffee Table
25: Coffee Lid Design Doubles as Sugar & Creamer Container
25: Recycled Paradise: Amazing Man-Made Floating Island
24: Sushi Roller: Functional & Elegant Kitchenware Design
24: Creative Material & Ink Innovations for Markers & Pens
24: Pet Purrrfect: The Ultimate Cat-Friendly Interior Design
23: Portable Flat-Pack Pocket Light Fits Right in your Wallet
23: Custom Curved Bench Conforms to Human Comfort
22: Reversible Sink Faucet Functions as a Water Fountain
22: Artist-Designed Interiors: Art Hotel Bedroom Designs
21: Modular Storage Space: Interlocking Urban Shelving Units
21: Aerogel: See-Through, Strong as Steel & Ligher than Air
21: Open House: Modern Fold-Out Mobile Home Design
20: Optical Illusion Furniture: Creepy Shadow Chair Design
20: Full Circle: Compact All-in-One Kitchen Station Design
20: Never-Ending Stories? Infinite-Loop Bookcase Design
20: Time-Lapse Photo Reveals Robotic Vacuum Paths
19: Functional Storage or Funky Artistic Furniture Designs?
19: Modern Houseboat Design for Sea-Worthy Luxury Living
19: From Retro to Modern: Cool Adjustable Fan Designs
18: Creative Combination: Live-and-Work Building Design
18: Interactive Furnishings: Posable Human Figure Lamps
18: Make-Your-Own Puzzle-Piece Tetris Furniture Designs
17: Fashion to Freak out Friends: Fake Shark Attack Wetsuit
17: Heat-Activated Paint for Color-Changing Interior Designs
17: Architecture + Nature = Unique Tree House Design
17: Design Inspiration or Insane Interior Art Installation?
16: Ultra-Luxurious & High-Volume Modern Shower Design
16: Creative Scan-and-Draw Color-Changing Pen Design
16: Modern Rustic Home Weathers With Colors of Nature
15: Dangerously Real Trampoline Coffee Table Design
15: Grass as a Material? Green Design Takes to the Streets
15: Powerful Interior Design Based on Pattern and Color
14: Miniature Portable Pillow Ring Perfect for Desk Napping
14: Green Mountain Home Mixes Modern and Rustic Style
14: Convertible Modular Couches for Collaborative Spaces
13: Urban Architecture and the Photography of Density
13: Luxurious Custom Desk Designs from Converted Cars
13: Useful & Stylish Multi-Functional Drain Stopper Clocks
13: Complex but Contextual: Unique Curved Modern House
12: Colorful & Creative Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas
12: Made of America: Bookcase Shaped Like the 50 States
12: Eco-Friendly & Extra-Small Portable Dishwasher Design
11: Creative Ergonomics: Hand-Sized Curved Plate Design
11: DIY Paper Dress Design: Creative Fashion for Tax Season
11: Rough and Ready: Artistic Wood-Block Chair Designs
11: Classic School House Converted into Contemporary Home
10: Secret Agent Style: Stealth Lift Patio + Car Elevator
10: Custom Metal Handrail Designs for Staircases & Balconies
10: Traditional & Modern: Colorful Custom Hand-Made Rugs
09: Retro Wireless Phone Handset Looks Like a Land Line
09: Colorful Furniture Sets for Creative Living Room Interiors
08: Boat House or House Boat? Futuristic Home on the Water
07: Transforming All-in-One Wooden Table-and-Chairs Set
07: Artistic Luxury: Creative & Classy Office Interior Design
06: DIY Traditional Tree House Design with a Twist
06: Compact Hand-Held Extra-Portable Espresso Maker
06: DIY Modular Furniture: Create Your Own Custom Bench
05: Complex Curves: Beautifully Smooth Basin Designs
05: Stylishly Simple Modern One-Story House Design
05: Creative DIY: Make Your Own Vase Out of Anything