Analog Fan: Wall-Mounted, Pulley-Powered Cooling System

Wall art meets weighted wind-up clock in this clever wooden fan design that requires no electrical power to run. Of course, winding it up every few minutes is not ideal for full-room cooling, but does add a bit of a breeze when one enters the room (and works as decor when not in use).

Luc von Hoeckel is a dutch designer who enjoys simple objects executed with elemental craft techniques. An elegant system of visible weights, pulleys and gears makes this a great example of what-you-see-is-what-you-get woodworking.

The user simply pulls down on one side and lets the machinery take over, rotating slowly and creating modest interior winds for a matter of minutes before grinding back to a halt. Certainly no replacement for a high-powered ceiling fan or air conditioner, but not bad for awarm summer day.

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