All-in-One Insulated Portable Party Platter Design Idea


It looks unassuming enough at first: some kind of salad bowl or serving dish with side handles and a glass cover, – simple, stylish and great for guests bringing food or for trips and picnics. This onion of a design by Vicki Runnegar, however, reveals new functions as each layer is pealed away from it.


The top section stores edibles in various compartments and can be kept cold-but-dry with ice added on the lower layers, all insulated by the outermost shell of the platter – each layer slotting neatly into the next. The intermediate layer serves as a serving dish or platter for the food upon arrival at its destination (or it can be left separated in the top divided section).



A combination of cork and bamboo, this stackable dish set is sustainable but also designed to be pleasing to the eye and functional from a thermal standpoint – each piece essential to the whole, this design is more than the sum of its parts.

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