All-in-One Glass Sink + Countertop ‘Sinks’ into a Basin

glass counter sink combined

Word plays aside: a clever and singular countertop quite literally ‘sinks’ to become the basin portion in this sleek all-in-one bathroom sink idea. Modern Minimalism at its finest, a simple smooth modern gesture composed of a single line of curved glass serves several functions.

glass countertop sink

With the faucet set off to the side the composition of this entire fold sink construction from Exence is attractively balanced with Modernist planes and volumes, but it is clear that the main design move is the glass portion, revealed via a likewise transparent glass face. The rest of the plumbing, physical support and vanity storage spaces are set off to the side in a solid and dark structure that is clearly made to contrast with the light, clean and clear centerpiece of this cool contemporary sink-and-counter combination.

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