Dyson Doubles Down: Hybrid Drip-Free Faucet + Hand Dryer

It is a small thing, but still, a strange moment when you have to bring your dripping-wet hands from the sink where they were freshly washed, and hover over at least a counter (if not the floor) on your way to the wall-mounted dryer or towel dispenser.

This combined design lets you skip a step and have less hardware to handle and hang as well – simply put your hands in front of the sensor to first get them wet, then dry them via forced air pushed through the same tubes.

It took tens of millions to develop the product, but the result is amazing: it spins up fromĀ 0 to 90,000 RPM in under a second, and pushes air through filters for a fully-clean experience, all part of a new line of leaner, cleaner, sleeker and eco-friendlier versions of old bathroom devices.

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