Air-Molded Recycled Paper Tiles Redefine Wallpaper

recycled paper pulp wall tiles

Wallpapering from design studio Dear Human is a sculptural wall covering that combines the best attributes of wallpaper, 3D wall hangings, and traditional tiles.

recycled paper wall tiles

Using recycled leftover pattern paper from a local garment factory, the studio creates a slurry which is pressed into air release dies. The process is similar to that used to create ceramic tiles. Forming the paper tiles this way makes them exceptionally strong and durable but keeps the best attributes of paper: it can be printed and painted on easily.

air release die formed paper tiles

The finished product makes entire walls into canvasses, with the jauntily printed paper tiles intermixing with traditional ceramic tiles made from the same molds. The paper tiles have natural sound dampening qualities, making them useful as well as uniquely lovely.

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