Abstract Modern Nest House Mimics Twigs and Branches

Nest House 1

A woven lattice of timber and aluminum bars leads this striking abstract house in Singapore to resemble a nest perched in a tropical forest. The stacked volumes of the house itself are made of concrete and stone in a bark-like texture to mimic trees lifting the living spaces into the sky.

Nest House 3

Nest House 2

The home is part of a family compound, situated so that it opens up onto the gardens and separate home of the owner’s grandfather.

Nest House 6

Nest House 4

Layered terraces on various levels of the house step down into the walled garden, with spaces separated via blade-like walls that provide a striking sliced effect when viewed from the east or west.

Nest House 5

The ‘twigs and branches’ of the wood and metal screen not only make this home stand out visually, but also serve to provide privacy and filter sunlight and air, protecting the large glazed walls and open balconies.

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